FEEDBACK for Apr. 24 NXT

Hey yo! Post up feedback for this weeks upNXT!

Paul from New Jersey

Big Kacy Catanzaro fan. I expect big things from her and I like the pairing with Candice. Hope they keep these two together. Oh Aliyah and the other one we’re also there

I bit hard on that Street Prophits/Minnesota Raiders New Rockers false finish.

while on the subject, I know there are those out there who feel like the Berzerkers would have been a gimmick killing name, but I think it’s the greatest choice. I feel like those T-shirts would sell like hotcakes. What say you gentleman?

P.S. The Perfect 10 is marrying Peyton Royce. Lucky bastard.

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Harry from Houston,

Good episode with some solid story progression and a great main event.

I think a lot of people thought after Takeover that Adam Cole would win the belt, but I really don’t think they are headed in that direction. He probably gets the title shot at the next Takeover but I think Gargano will retain and then feud with Riddle after Riddle turns heel on Gargano. I personally think Cole hasn’t been booked strongly enough to hold the belt and would feel like a pretty weak champion that can’t win big matches without the era so I don’t mind if he never wins it because I’m pretty sick of that type of heel champion.

Jake from The Windy City

A good main event tonight. The finish was a bit overbooked, but it was calculated enough to combine Matt Riddle, Adam Cole, Roderick Strong, and Johnny Gargano into one storyline web. I have a feeling there might be a humongous swerve on whenever the next Takeover is.

Qs: What are your “Endgame” plans?

How are you guys feeling about Double or Nothing so far?

Charbel the sushi Chef

Like I think Davie said last week … even if I dint understand a shit what io was saying my god she is a good actor and with just her acting I can feel for her and I can get behind her .

Seriously riddle promo is shit
Man ohno promo is shit as well at least he is a good wrestler compared to the shit of bros , I don’t know why I just don’t like riddle for now. Last time I said the Bromission was shit I think you dint agree , plz bray try it on Davie and send me your feed back .

The last two matches were awsome … just some quick notes! Was the street profits a handicap match cause à the end of the match the only thing I remember was Montez is so amazing , who the fuck can take the tag titles
From war raider , honestly I see no one no fucking one … and I don’t want to see them drop the belts like asuka did in nxt .

I like rodrick strong so much he is one of the greatest wrestlers in wwe , Really underated cause this guy is in the top 5 with aj / gargano / buddy / Seth Rollins ect ! The sad part is he is so bad with is persona … even when he talks thrash in the ring I’m just laughing , he should take talking thrash while wrestling class by Kevin Owen !

I’m seeing end games tonight I just can’t wait .
I’m so happy you guys I reviewing the phantom menace on May 4 ! Rogue one is one of my favourite Star Wars movie by the way !

One question for tonight you know how I like Kacey but do you think her offense should be more fast or more hard hitting . Yes she is amazing but her move set looks all weak … even if kairi is so small she put so much in every single move she dose that it looks good , Just asking :)?

Thank guys for reading my feedback with my amazing bad English writing

DavidGeorge91 from Manila, PH

Hey there BFFs it’s been two weeks now since my last Feedback. I will try my best to leave my thoughts in the tonight’s show while I’m recovering since the Big earthquake happened (if you watched the news).

The opening match is Good but not the best. But I can sense Jaxson Ryker to become a champion anytime soon, on or off the Forgotten Sons of Anarchy.

I’m impressed about the ring performance between Kacy and Candace Wrestling in terms of execution with slight to no awkwardness. And the finish is the Lioness Sault? *jaws dropped

I have nothing else to say about those three Jackals (Jessamyn, Marina, and Shame-na Breaks-her). But i have a quote to them “Trying to backstab Io Shirai? Shame on you!”

I’m excited to see KUSHIDA to see competing in WWE. Let’s hope that he will not end up the same faith sa Hideo Itami a few months ago.

Solid main event there is no question about it. Hmmmmmm something fishy around here between the Undisputed Era. Will have to wait and see what the outcome be.


Who is this new ring announcer in the NXT Brand?

Now the War Machine is in the main roster, did they have the plans to drop the Tag titles in the upcoming TakeOver special?

Take care, God bless, and please Pray for my speedy recovery.

Jesse from the 6

Any time we are blessed to with the presence of Aliyah from the 6, you know it’s going to be a good show. Did you see that knee drop she executed? Better than Harley Race. Her ground and pound? She could be a UFC champ. She woulda won, too, if Vanessa Borne weren’t such a weak partner.

I look forward to your review of The Phantom Menace. Braden, I know you think Attack of the Clones is the worst Star Wars movie, but I’m confident that, at around minute 47 of the asinine and completely pointless pod-racer sequence, you will be disabused of that notion and see The Phantom Menace as the pile of hot garbage it truly is.

Take Care

Andrew from chino Cali,

just wanted to start by saying i love listening to you guys each week. Do you guys think Matt riddle would be better as a heel? Also Davie, who do you think the knight king is? And did Arya’s “little scene” weird you out like it did to all of twitter? Thanks guys!

Patrick from Toronto.

Another solid episode this week with a pretty strong main event. I like where this story seems to be headed, leaves lots of options on the table now with Riddle in the mix.

Speaking of Riddle, the stoner bro schtik is starting to get old. His in ring is incredible but his promos are pretty weak…

Can’t wait for Kushida next week. Gargano vs Kushida in the 6 possibly?

Have a great rest of your week and weekend boys!!! Bleeeessss