FEEDBACK for April 10 NXT

Hellllllo! New upNXT Thursday morning… post comments or questions for this weeks NXT (and for any of the mania weekend shows we’ve attended!)

Hello gentlemen! Jake from The Windy City here! Hope you both had a wonderful trip.


I really hope that Candice LeRae eventually has a bigger presence in the women’s division in NXT because she is just so talented and she still proved it against Aliyah. Also, she’s my wrestling crush right now and I love her.

G1 Supercard:

Great to see you both make your cameos at G1 in MSG on Saturday. History really has been made as ROH/NJPW held the first non-McMahon family wrestling show at Madison Square Garden in over 50 years. It was a really superb show, especially with the two intense main events with White vs. Okada and Ibushi vs. Naito despite the Enzo and Cass crap that left a bad taste in my mouth.

As great of a show as it is, ROH and NJPW need to understand that they will be put under a bigger microscope that they’ve never been put under before. They either just do this as a one & done or they can make this a regular thing. After selling out 17,000 seats at The Garden, they can’t go back to a smaller building and not sell it out. From both of your gut instincts, do you think this will open doors for other promotions to have a presence at The Garden? Or will Vince not let his guard down again next time, especially in his own backyard?

Cheers dudes!

Ahoy! I watched takeover at 3am on Friday so I didn’t get to do feedback. Takeover was nuts. In my opinion, there isn’t a worst match on the entire card. My favorite moment was the kairi v io dynamics. Kairi looked genuinely hurt by hurting her friend. It made me sad. What heels can fight Johnny at the next takeover? The war raiders should beat the ascensions record title reign. I don’t even see another team beating them anytime soon.

Paul from New Jersey

Pleasure meeting you gentlemen over the weekend. So much in fact, I thought I would leave some feedback.

I totally figured Aliyah would have been future endeavored by now. I’ve been slacking on the Wednesday show though. Has she improved over the last year?

I truly believe at this point we have to start talking about Mauro as one if not the greatest announcer of all time. He added so much to an already impressive Cole/Gargano main event. There are no words to describe what an excellent performer he is. Educating the fans, Putting over all of the talent while being an absolute poet. Well done and what a weekend.

P.S. I used to write in every week putting over a certain iconic duo. I got to watch my favorite act in all of Wrestling win the championships in my backyard. Life is good. MY BABIES MADE IT!

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Charbel form Victoriaville

Hope you had a wonderful trip guys … im so jealous ! I always talk to my wife and my 11 yrs old daughter how WrestleMania is a dream for me I would love to go there one day !

I’m just a little bit piss off about those hangover shows ! I think they should really do something about it and change the format , all the match are 0 important and I don’t give a shit !

Buddy vs dream wow … can’t wait to see that match

Just two small question, you know how I watch. Nothing but Wwe , just wanted to know should I be exited for kushida. ?

And the first time I saw balor was when he was Introduce On raw and fought Seth Rollins at summer slam when they were talking of a new era coming to Wwe and shit …do you see an other nxt star going up and being sky rocketed like Finn was ?

Candice is lit af

Patrick from Toronto.

Welcome back boys! Seemed like you guys had an awesome trip!

Not a bad show tonight considering it was a hangover episode. Very excited to see KUSHIDA in NXT, I am a huge fan and teared up a bit in his last match vs. Tanahashi a couple of months ago. Who should be his first feud??

Dream vs Murphy should be fantastic. I wonder if Buddy will stick around NXT after this match or will he be back to obscurity with 205 Live?

I ended up watching the Takeover replay and didn’t get my feedback in on time Friday night but what an amazing card. Top to bottom it was probably one of the best wrestling events I watched. Johnny Champion is a wrestling wizard and one of the best big match wrestlers in the world at the moment.

Take care gentlemen! All the best!

Harry from Houston,

I hated the new NXT intro, the wrestlers singing along to the theme music was super corny and looked like a bad music video.

Aliyah has been in developmental for so long and she’s still one of the most unremarkable wrestlers on roster. She’s NXT’s carmella and I see multiple main roster championships in her future, including beating Asuka multiple pay per views in a row. Also my girlfriend walked into the room while I was watching the women’s match and asked me if Candice was a lesbian, so yeah.

Montez Ford is a star and as much as I get a kick out of the street profits, I’m starting to wonder if he would be better off on his own. I’m not saying they’re the next DIY because god knows I do not want to see Angelo Dawkins in a 30 minute takeover main event, but Montez seems to be stuck in the lower mid card and I think I’m ready for him to become a regular takeover talent. ,

I’m interested to see what they do with Kushida. I think he’ll have a feud with Dijakovic and then move on to have a match in takeover Toronto for Gargano’s farewell match.

Imagine a world in which Alexa Bliss hosts WrestleMania and has multiple segment. Elias has a major segment with a John Cena, the Iiconics win the Women’s Tag Titles, and Kevin Owens, Sami Zayn, Asuka, Bobby Roode, Andrade, The Revival, Nakamura are hardly parts of the show.
At least the Demon got a big spot.

In 2021 who will we be shocked is in featured spots at Mania?

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Firstly if the intro or the outrol of this podcast doesn’t feature Braden rapping to basic thuganomics i’ll be most disappointed. How about a review of the John Cena you cant see me album??

Ahoy! Have you noticed the pirate theme their going with for Wrestlemania next year will you be tempted to dress up? How excited do you think Kairi Sane was when she saw this she might main event the whole show.

I’m gunna make a bold prediction if she doesn’t get called up next week for superstar shake up which I really hope she doesn’t Candice Le Rae will be the most over person on nxt by this time next year!

So Takeover Toronto what’s the dream match you want? Walter vs Keith Lee is my go to match.

Hi there.

Just a quick question for Davie and Braden!!!

How do you guys feel about the announcement made on the NXT social media page that next week we will have Kairi vs Shayna for the NXT Women’s Championship, where if Kairi loses, she can never challenge for the title again? Do we need to set up a prayer circle for Kairi? I don’t want her to be called up, but this match seems to have callup written all over it. Unfortunately.

Hi Guys - I hate the hangover episode. I loved Takeover and as a listener from the UK I may not watch Mania live anymore and just watch the Takeover. Myself and another Patron James Rose watched Mania and a 5:30am finish was too much. Its lucky I booked Monday off work. Takeover is so much more manageable and enjoyable
My question for you guys is do you see many of the currebt crop being called up during the shake up? Or have the recent call ups been more than enough? I was surprised not to see Undisputed Era on Raw or Smackdown after Mania