Hello! Recording new upNXT Thursday afternoon, post any comments or questions here!

NXT Thoughts:

  • Io squashed a jobber. But Candice being a sore loser (just like her husband) chased her away afterwards. Also Harajuku Clutch is a great name for her new submission move.

  • Big Boy Battle Brawl was amazing.

  • I am incredibly mixed on Rhea getting any sort of push. On one hand, Shayna’s reign absolutely needs to end. But on the other hand, Rhea absolutely shouldn’t be pushed considering she’s made some incredibly terrible remarks off camera that has soured me entirely on her.

  • With TUE winning the tag titles, does that mean they have to recap RAW now instead of the Profits?

As an aside, the WWE Japan twitter account uploaded this backstage segment with Io after tonight’s NXT (its subtitled):

Ari from montreal
You know what was amazing about lee and dijak match? Not that they dijak did a moonsault or a fosberry flop… Not even cuz of that fuckin avalanche spanish fly. what was amazing is how dijak grew from 6 4…to 6 5…to 6 7 in matter of minutes by the announcers…im serious go check it out. Okok in all seriousness what a match!
Ripley and bazler? Take my money now. And the realll main even of next week…THE FINEST VS DREAM. Reves will have a cult following like the room does mark my wordss.
Also its always good to see a father and son win titles together
Two questions:

  1. where does dijak go from here
  2. will johnny stay on nxt or do u see him on raw or smackdown? You gotta feel after tht career highlight pack his time up, his time is now…you can see him on the main roster?

Eva from London

Cuddled up with my cat to watch this weeks nxt and it was a barnburner. I love the heel tactic where they clearly have the babyface pinned, but lift their head up at 2. Io is just a natural heel. Im confused why Candice is still feuding considering she lost fair and square in Toronto.

Lee vs Djakovic…just wow. Excellent match. Amazes me a man Djaks height can be as highflying as he is. Only second time i saw him wrestle (went back last week to watch their first clash) and i am very impressed .

Like i said before i read ahead so i knew this Rhea thing was happening but still it made me pop. Ripley is one of the few people id be okay with shayna dropping the belt too, and the intensity level of them staring daggers at each other for a minute was more heat than the entirety of the Yim feud. Totally metal.

Main event solid action cant get enough of that chasing the dragon finisher.

  1. will you be watching Cardiff Live?
  2. Do you see Djak translating well to primetime tv?
  3. Do you think with NXT becoming the third major WWE brand, do you see the possibility of NXT matches taking place on a main Wrestlemania card?
    Keep up the good work B and D


Mauro: “I don’t think anyone in the NXT-universe was ready for Io Shirai’s descent into darkness”
All of us Joshi lovers: YES, YES WE WERE.

The announcers work so hard to make us hate Io, but who can hate Io? She’s great. And the crowd loves her as a bad-ass. This is typical of WWE with the scarcity of real heel heat, something which in NXT only Shayna seems to produce, especially now that Ciampa has transitioned to a beloved NXT legend.

I hate the shaky-camera gimmick that WWE now uses. It detracts from matches, especially here in the Io match as they don’t have to cover up for any weakness on Io’s part.

Shane Underwear-Model Thorne still seems out of place; he’s being forced and I don’t appreciate that.

Great to see Ripley. But how can Beth say Ripley is “the bad ass” of NXT when there’s Io?? And Ripley makes such a great heel, is NXT missing an opportunity by presenting Ripley as a face? If the idea is to head to a Rhea-Io match at the next Takeover (still a long ways away and I’m assuming either Ripley or Shirai soon takes the title from Shayna) then that is great. The world will be a better place with Io-Rhea going one-on-one. But I really think the problem now in NXT, like the rest of WWE, is the lack of solid heels, heels that get real heat.

Montez Ford has amazing leaping ability, but he’s too sports-entertain-y for me, but Vince McMahon probably loves him. A feel good moment for U-Era to win… but this gets back to my takeaway from this entire episode - that real heel heat is rare, as U-Era are clearly loved by the crowd (and why not, Red Dragon is great.)

Overall, this was the best episode of NXT in several weeks.

Ahoy! (She’s gone, but not forgotten.)

Keith Lee and Dijak are like Chad Gable and Jack Gallagher. Their styles complement each other to perfection, like peanut butter and jelly. Can you think of other perfect pairings that will always deliver no matter what ?

Hey guys! Been far too long since my last feedback.
•Watching Io stretch out the jobber, I couldn’t help but think how much Bray would like to be in her position!
•The big bastards wrestling and doing Spanish Fly’s was mental. Hopefully this will give them the platform to push on if they can both stay healthy!
•Fuck off Shane Thorne.
•Rhea Ripley is a badass.
•Can’t wait to see the GOAT next week against Dream.
•UE vs SP was a good TV match but surely the right move was changing the titles at Takeover? If SP were being called up it was surely the obvious call to make. Great episode of NXT.


Great show.

Io destroying a jobber seems like the right move, and having Candice still want payback makes sense, I never get how losing to someone would satisfy someone wanting payback. Not a fan of her finishers name as Harajuku has very specific connotations as far as fashion, look etc. They billed it as where she is from, but that isn’t true so it just feels like typical WWE: “Here is a Japanese term people in the US have heard” See Kabuki Warriors.

The Lee/Dijak match made me wish WWE and Wresting in general were not so caught up on finishers ending matches, that Spanish fly would have been a much better end than the kind of Weak looking Feast your Eyes.

Rhea Ripley V Shayna sounds great and Rhea already brings more interest to the match than Shayna has had in a while as she is a new opponent.