Hellllllo! New upNXT tomorrow morning! Post any comments or questions for this week’s NXT here!

Also- suggest/let us know what you’d like to see as categories for an “all NXT best/worst of show”!

Jake from The Windy City:

Thanks for doing an exclusive NXT best/worst show this year. There are some suggestions for categories that I have in mind:

-Best NXT Takeover match
-Best NXT TV match
-Best Fan Chant
-Best & Worst Male Wrestler
-Best & Worst Female Wrestler
-Best & Weakest Takeover event
-Best & Worst Tag Team
-Best Transition Into Main Roster
-Best Theme Music
-The Person who SHOULD be Released
-Best Mauro Ranallo Line

Also, I really appreciate that the both of you are joining the Movie and TV review bandwagon here at POST Wrestling. Loved the MMPR review, are you guys fans of the DC TV Universe shows such as Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Gotham, etc? And would you be interested in reviewing any of those? They just went through the best crossover they’ve ever had with Superman finally becoming involved.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, Gentlemen.

the opening segment & match was great. ec3 is still boring but i’m looking forward to heavy machinery going after the tag titles. the undisputed era can do no wrong.

the one/two vs the mighty match was fine but yeah the mighty have nothing to them and i’m pretty sure they’re just gonna be jobbers now.

Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir have terrible facials during interviews. I just see cringefests coming from these two. I hope their in-ring work makes up for it but i’m pretty pessimistic about it.

Reina Gonzalez’ cowbell was awful. Am I the only one who thinks Mia Yim is just OK?

main event was alright. it was nice to see tyler breeze get to wrestle again. hopefully bayley shows up one day.

suggestion: best chance of succeeding in 2019


Guys how great was it too see prince pretty work again. I almost forgot how good he is, But pretty good show over all. I’m really digging NXT uk, but I don’t understand why we hate Gibson so much , but fuck that guy right? Question with Ricochet already in nxt, do you think triple h will go after Will Ospreay one day? I would love to see those guys in a nxt ring before ospreay’s neck gives up on him. Side note, i hate EC3’s vest, he looks like the bad guy from the flintstones viva rock Vegas


What’s up guys! Long time, first time here. People have already provided feedback on the big topics, but did you see the shirt Dakota Kai was wearing during her interview? Nice little nod to her defeating Rollins in the League of Legends tournament a while back.

Main event was cool, nice to see Breeze back in NXT where the audience still appreciates him. Hopefully they can bring in some of the main even roster to NXT every now and then for one-of matches.