FEEDBACK for Evolve 10th Anniversary


Davie & I are going to be watching Evolve 131 tonight And we will be doing an upNXT later tonight!
and will be going live on our youtube page right after the show:

Post any comments or questions for the show here!

Terry from Colorado

I watched the show based solely on the episode of the wrestlers where they focused on evolve. Had never watched the product before. Was really impressed with some of the talent on the show. While the stand out matches featured guys from nxt and 205 I still enjoyed the show. Austin theory is a star in the waiting. Was also very impressed with Shotzi Blackheart that dive into the chairs had me screaming out holy shit.

Jesse from the 6

I had never watched Evolve before. Here are my takeaways:

Favourite match - Ruas vs Henry
Austin Theory clearly has “it”.
Wtf is Harlem Bravado’s gimmick?
I hope Ruff doesn’t kill himself. Dude’s gotta take it down a notch.
And Shotzi Blackheart, bless her black heart, should maybe work a little more on the fundamentals of wrestling before she goes diving into piles of chairs. But hey, I’m not a worker, what do I know?

Question for Braden: Do you have any thoughts on Brandi Lauren?
Question for Dragon Dave: What are you going to eat?

Take Care