Hellllllo! Recording a VALENTINES upNXT with Scrump & myself tomorrow morning… post any comments or questions for the show!

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Hi guys this is my live review lol:

DD v SHane was good, i like shane thorn but he needs the old look .

Io is beautiful.

Kassius Ohno to AEW? oh , just to uk

Montes ford needs to be a singles soon , WTF that backdrop!! , Humberto Carrillo is like a very good luchador, like fuck he is good! like único or andrade good,


waifu taynara and the best song on nxt v the performance centers resident n1, waifu is always amazing. Nooo!!! she lost Noooo WTF!!

coche v baybay its always insane, buy whays next for BayBay?

thank you guys , i enjoy your show every week, happy V day, says goodbye from Chile, GUILLE

Listen the talk is jericho with Khan , guy is for real!
What is LoVe??

Brief NXT thoughts for tonight:

  • I’m glad the Street Profits are displaying some edge. They need it.
  • I’m glad Io is declaring her intention to become NXT Women’s Champion (and I think she’s the right choice to be champion). However I am not a fan of Bianca still acting like she’s undefeated. I know its a mindset and all, but it also shows she hasn’t learned from her mistakes.
  • I never want to see Aliyah wrestle again. That match was horrid. And what in the hell was that finisher of hers?
  • Jessamyn and Marina are…so goddamn rough in the ring. I know they are still learning, but watching their beatdown on Aliyah, Vanessa, and Taynara was…rough.
  • Adam Cole vs Ricochet was real good, but I would hope that was obvious. I hope we get more matches between them in the future.

Davie From Pearson Airport

Ello, ello, ello! First time, long time! Currently trying not to fall asleep in the boarding lounge whilst waiting for my delayed flight back to London.

Dijakovic looked impressive. Did Roddy say that him and Cole are going for singles gold whilst leaving REdragon for Tag Titles?

Kairi and Io might be the cutest thing on TV.

Humberto Carillo and Stacey Erving Jr are un-de-fea-ted? Keith Lee vs Ohno doesnt really do much for me although Keith seems to have a nice singing voice. Im sure he would pull off a mean Marvin Gaye at Toby’s on a Sunday night. Humberto looks like a stretched version of Jacob from Twilight. He continues to impress me. Montez Ford showed a new side of him tonight. His aggression was super impressive. That back body drop looked fucking deadly. Beautiful moonsault from Stacey JR Ewing Kiebler. Fun tag match. The tag division looks awesome. We should see some fun combinations in future weeks.

Did Taynara Conti change her music? Is that Aliyah’s first win ever? Poor Taynara :frowning:

Fantastic main event, with a great story being told. I love an axe kick! Solid episode. Will probably watch again.


P.s. I think Kim’s head is ok…


Ari from montreal
What the hell is shane thorns gimick? Is he just a dirty fighter? I dont want to offend anyone but he looked drunk.
Conti should be a heel…her crazy malicious work during the Mae Young Classic was good…ans why is Aliyah still in nxt? Shes horrible and how random is this Vanessa borne partnership?
Shana looks like a bad ass however week by week…i rather just see her face ronda rather than see 4 horsewomen…i really dislike Shafir.
Also one last negative…i just truly dislike the ring announcer…she is just horrible and i cringe anytime she announces names.
Question: do these types of loses tarnish Adam cole as a legitimate contender and a joke without his faction?

Hi guys, first feedback. I’ve enjoyed your recaps for a long time and thanks for your efforts.

To comment on Dijakovic’s Feast Your Eyes finisher… If he lets the opponent land on his feet before connecting, there was no point to picking the guy up in the first place? A really solid enclosed knee strike without a throw would look far better I think.

Did anyone else think that Carrillo was teaming with Xavier Woods for about five seconds?

Bald middle aged Street Profits fan lip syncing the theme is a highlight of each show.

After the group brawl, I think the NXT tag division could switch places with the one on Raw and it would be better for everyone.

I see Aliyah took the gimmick and costume from 205’s Daivari once he abandoned it. Do fans in Toronto think of her as anything special?

The main event was great of course, but very pleased to see the merch stickers still on the UE shirts in the beatdown! Wrestlers should never pay for their own shirts and it’s clear they just ripped them from the merch table on the way to the ring.

Have a great day, guys!

DavidGeorge91 from Manila:

Ello there BFFs, before I give thoughts to the opening match I have a;


Tensions are starting to rise as Io Shirai and Bianca BelAir are arguing over the spot to become the contender of a next NXT Women’s Champion. Which of these two ladies will come up on top?

Now going back:

The opening match is quite good. It looks like Dijakovic got some light pop from the crowd aside from improving his in-ring skills, keep it up Shamrock 2.0.

Is it me or Aliyah performs so badly that makes a runner-up to become minus 5-star match. I hope the técnicos (babyface in spanish) Taynara will get her a revenge next week.

I have nothing else to say about Jessamyn and Marina, other than those two needs improving.

I was thought that Kassius Ohno is about to retire but, he is still expressing his frustration towards the crowd and the two inside the ring. Gladly Keith Lee shut him up.

The male Tag team match was superb, and this is the best moonsault ever, there’s no question about it, Mama mia! Also i’m very surprised to see Marcel Barthel of the Axis Powers performed his first promo, sehr gut (very good in German). Let’s just hope that his in-ring skills will remain the same.

Gargano, N.A. champion vs the Dream next week? This is gonna be a Slobberknocker match.

And the main event was Excellent, totally a Main roster quality. I want more of that next week!

No questions as of now, probably next time.

Thanks, more power, and God bless.

I was really pleased to see Taynara Cutie. Then Carmella’s little sister arrived and she beat her. Seriously ? Really bad booking. Please have Aliyah beat young girls from the performance center but not someone who is clearly more talented.

PS: The performance center youtube channel is great. There’s this video of Ricochet talking about Kacy after the Rumble with tears in his eyes. Very sweet.