FEEDBACK for Feb. 27 NXT

Hey yo! Brady here and I’m doing upNXT Thursday morning with John Pollock! Post any comments or questions for this weeks show here!

Thought Mia Yim and Shayna got down tonight, but I’m still shocked at how many of my followers - women AND men - want to “get the strap” from Shayna. But hey, to each their own… my favorite match (BY FAR) was Vanessa Borne & Aliyah vs. Xia Li and Taynara Conti. I like that NXT is putting some of the ladies who don’t stand out by themselves into tag teams, giving them opportunities and strengthening a young division that desperately needs more faces. Two final notes: If Candice is fighting Tommaso for her man, she just leave already. I mean, come on… how much can a girl take?.. and can they just change his name to DIJAK and get it over with? We know the inevitable is coming…

Hi there John and Brady. Here are my thoughts on NXT from tonight:

  • I’m very suspicious about DIY forming again.
  • Xia Li and Taynara Conti have potential. Vanessa Bourne and Aliyah do not.
  • I want to see more Keith Lee vs Dijak. Which I will refer to from this point forward as the Big Boy Brawl (B3).
  • Bianca vs Io should be a fun little match, but I think Bianca may have bitten off more than she can chew by pissing off Io. I also wish she would seriously stop with the whole “undefeated” thing. I know its supposed to be a “mindset”, but its not good at all.
  • Sasha and Bayley showing up was a great moment, and makes me hope we’ll see matches like the Sky Pirates vs Boss N Hug Connection at some point. Although I think its more likely that their first challengers end up being Jessamyn and Marina.
  • Shayna vs Mia was also a fine little match, and no J&M Security in sight. That being said, that also pretty much removes Mia from title contention any time soon. And now that I think about it, the only name (that actually matters) Shayna has yet to beat on NXT is Io Shirai.

I’m not a fan of Mia yims new music. I liked the siren much better.
Jessimund and marina remind me of Corey and Trevor.
Ciampa reminds me of Xehonort from kingdom hearts
I hope they don’t drop the ball on Conchi.
UDE needs to be the main focus of the brand. They’re starting to be forgotten like those other guys I can’t remember. What’s their names again?

Harry from Houston,

This Dusty Rhodes Classic looks unbelievably stacked other then the forgotten sons it should be an awesome tournament. I’m not sure why they haven’t just been dropped from tv never to be mentioned again yet but I’m sure they’ll be out quickly.

The DIY segment was kind of weird since Gargano and Ciampa had already been tagging together on the main roster but I liked the foreshadowing when Gargano told Candice that he knew what he was doing, and I actually felt like he was actually telling the truth.

The Undisputed Era didn’t come across well to me this week. They’re on a gigantic losing streak and they’re cracking jokes and making sarcastic comments. They should be desperate and going full scorched earth, killing anyone that even looks at them the wrong way.

Hello guys, and welcome to Mr. Pollock this week!

Very glad to see more out of Dominic and Lee than we have before. I wish either would get the push that was planned for Lars Sullivan before he disappeared. Lee’s new theme is a nice fit too.

Otherwise, a lot of women working hard on the show is great to see, even if with such a wide range of skills between them. I just want to beg WWE to not do anything more with Izzy. I don’t want to live in a world where she is more famous than me.

Have a great day guys, and thanks as always!

Pappy in Dallas

Remember when Tye Dillinger gave his farewell speech in NXT? He said he was on to bigger and greater things, and the Full Sail crowd started chanting, “ROY-AL RUMBLE. NUMBER 10!” I’m SURE Brayden remembers this.

Well, tonight I was a bit disappointed with Full Sail crowd. You have Sasha and Bayley return to the NXT ring, which is great, but then when they said that they would be defending the Women’s Tag titles in NXT, that’s when we needed the crowd to do a “SKY PI-RATES” chant. I have faith that NXT is going to go this route, but it’s often said that Full Sail is the most influential focus group WWE has, so I’m a little disappointed that Sasha and Bayley opened the door for this, and Full Sail just wanted to keep chanting “WELCOME BACK” instead of making it clear that we all want Sasha and Bayley vs. Kairi and Io.

After all, what if they aren’t going that route? Do we really want to see Sasha and Bayley vs. Jessamyn and Marina? Come on Full Sail! We count on you to speak on behalf of NXTNation!

P.S. Too bad Davey is back next week. That means no chance of Jason Agnew returning to shit all over NXT as he did most of the run of WhatsNXT.

I really enjoyed this episode.

I was eagerly waiting for the Keith Lee vs Dijak rematch as they had a 5 star match in PWG. They work really well together.

I do not like Aliyah and Borne together. Aliyah’s finish looked really sloppy.

Very very good idea to have Sasha and Bailey defending the tag championship everywhere. It makes the title really special and it means we will have some stellar matches in NXT with them again.


It is Brad from Halifax first time in a while

Hi guys
good to have John join you today however I think this may be the rare occasion where NXT may not of been the best show of the week cause Raw and Smackdown were good to.

Lots of good matches and story progress for DIY and Women titleW program. I especially love the idea that the women’s titles givet you a portal back to NXT.

NXT will always hold a place in my heart as long as the undisputed era is here and my son marks out for them every time they’re on screen and now he can’t wait for his favouritef Adam Cole to take out the Dream

Two quick questions
Who is in the performance center that has not gotten TV time that should get some now that we have a bunch of call ups?

Is there anyone on either the main roster or 205 live that you come back down and get the NXT Are you fresh?

Stay warm guys we the north is cold

We have briefly seen Brennan Williams as he walked past the Undisputed Era in this episode. He has just done one battle royal in 2016 in NXT.

She currently wrestles in indy promotions.

DavidGeorge91 from Manila, PH


  1. *Is the reformed DIY turning faces or still a heel/tweeners?

  2. *Any possible Title changes in the following months?

  3. *Is the Forgotten Sons of Anarchy still making a Push to the Tag Team scene?

Verdict 8.0/10

Have a great day guys, and God bless as always!