Hello! I’m going to be doing upNXT tonight with SCRUMP filling in for Davie! Post any comments or questions for the show here!

Paul from New Jersey

As a Sicilian from New Jersey, you think I would love the bro gimmick, but I find it kind of stupid. I enjoy Riddle, but that opening was cringe for me. Kacy is adorable, UE is hilarious & Tyler is gorgeous. Smoking a indica/sativa hybrid & made genius of the skyline chili. You gentlemen started a Wednesday night revolution.

Hey guys, love the show tonight but I see a Riddle turn coming soon. Looking forward to Keith Lee and Dijakovic running it back on a bigger stage at takeover and hopefully will have something similar to the awesome one in PWG.

I was wondering what you guys think of the signing of Timothy Thatcher and should he be used in NXT or with WALTER

Eva from London
Since this is the first time I’ve submitted feedback with Scrump filling in I feel i have to submit a random Baszler fact nobody asked for: when she was in high school, she worked at a chuckee cheese knockoff called gigglebees where she controlled the animatronic mascot coyote Wilbur via remote control.
Four quick notes/questions

  1. Breeze/Devlin was mint and i think i might be finding Devlin more attractive than Finn.
  2. I loved the unity Bianca and Rhea showed against Charlotte. Would guys rather see Charlotte rhea one on one at mania or throw Bianca in for a triple threat
  3. Assuming Charlotte vies for the NXT title at Mania, what womens matches do you see at Takeover Tampa?
  4. 6 matches so far have been announced for Takeover Portland. I think Roderick Strong vs Velveteen Dream will make 7. Which two matches go on the preshow or do you think WWE is testing the waters with a more than 5 match takeover card?
    Keep up the good work Bray D and thanks for subbing in Scrump.

Hugh from Melbourne.
Fantastic show tonight. I’m amazed at Pete Dunne’s ability to keep a straight face at Riddle’s antics. I really hope the NA title is the opener for Takeover. That spot usually goes to the tag match but I think they should put Lee and Dijakovic in front of the crowd at their freshest and hottest.
Garza and Swerve had a great match with yet another new use of the tearaway pants for Swerve’s near fall. Devlin and Breeze was also great but I think Devlin needed a quicker, more dominant victory to establish himself in front of Full Sail.
Main event was good and I’m glad to see Dream back but I wish Bronson and Kushida could have gotten some payback as well.

Glad see Dream back and loved that he had Marina’s name and face on the tights he had on under the ones he ripped off.

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Harry from Houston,

Another solid episode, even if the main event was kind of pointless and the kind of thing you would see on the main roster. Although I suppose sacrifices must be made to fill 2 hours of tv every week. However I feel like every week they have been able to do something big. 2 weeks ago you got the Keith Lee title victory, last week you got the ciampa/cole segment, and this week you got Dream coming back.

Speaking of Dream coming back, do you thing they should put Strong vs Dream on Takeover? There’s already six matches on the card but personally I’m fine with them extending the card to seven matches as long as the show isnt much longer then 3 hours, and all of these matches deserve to be on this card.