FEEDBACK for Jan. 16 NXT


Post any comments or questions for this week’s upNXT!

Hey hey, I know you guys like long-time first-times so here I am!

As someone who really fell off the NXT train in 2018, I decided to start back watching this year and I’ve really been enjoying it

I personally don’t get the hype of the War Raiders and think that the Street Profits should be the ones to dethrone the Undisputed Era, but that’s just me. Montez Ford is fantastic and he’s Angelo Dawkins’ free ticket to that main roster money. Also… were they facing JC and Chris?!

Humberto Carrillo’s stock has risen so much in the past 48 hours it’s insane. He had that crazy match with Buddy Murphy on 205 and had a really impressive match with Gargano tonight. I assume he’ll be filling the role Mustafa once had on 205

Bianca Belair is a star but does anyone else think that calling her overrated is a bit trashy of Full Sail considering this is Bianca’s third(?) year of wrestling and her first championship match?

Anyways, why do you think Triple H gives his superstars (Dominik Dijacowhatever the hell it is) long ass names knowing Vince is going to say “What the fuck is a Dijacovich?”

Have a wonderful rest of the week you two!

Charbel from Victoriaville Quebec
( sorry for my English )

Not first time but long long time , I think first time on up nxt!!

I’d stop watching nxt because I had too much Nintendo switch games to finish and you kept me up with everything so I just decided to watch what you told me ! you were talking about nxt with so much praise so I decided to come back !

Honestly I know there’s a lot of buzz about Keith lee but man i dint like the match … I watched with my wife tonight and she thought that match was boring af and so slow for nxt standard . I know nothing about him should I keep watching his stuff or not because to me he is becoming a jobber of some sort !?

Question for Davie! I listened to bwe and there were not that much into the blackpool show but I thought it was so awsome and even online the critics were good ! Is that because there so much good stuff on the indie that we don’t know about that you guys do ! Or that show was ok to
Good at best ? Does Coffey suck that bad … was funny how they compared him to hhh don’t even notice !

Love you guys plz keep up work but up next I want you to review video games that would be awsome and like I said on Twitter … Zelda breath of the wild each a single joy con in hand … can’t wait for Davie to be mad at you all the time ! Twitch it !

DavidGeorge91 from Manila:

I personally supported to sir Nohuhs on what he said about that the Street Profits should be the ones to bring down the Undisputed Era for good. I also like Montez and Dawkin’s energetic hype which gives me good vibes while I am working and a potential pick for the main roster, keep it up.

I also Impessed the effort of Humberto Carrillo against Johnny Wrestling which improves his card status a big, I just hope he has more in store for him in the coming days. We’ll done.

S.S.D.D for Bianca Belair, and if you read this Ms. Belair, please listen to the crowd, it’s time to flip the switch (turn babyface).

*sigh, Dijakovic, I just hope that he will give him a decent push.


Is Shane Thorne will give him a push someday?

What are the current status of other injured NXT wrestlers as of now.

Is the Street Profits a successor to Cryme Tyme?

Any upcoming signees?

God bless and more power of both of you :blush::blush::wink::wink:

Hey guys I’ve only started listening to upNXT since you’ve been apart of POST Wrestling but I appreciate and love this show so much I really feel like I know you guys. This is my first feedback so I guess that would make me a…#LONGTIMEFIRSTTIME :joy:
What an episode I chose start off on because we got the return of JC and Chris!

Also “We forgot you” clap clap clapclapclap is the 2nd best chant of 2019 only behind “Are you watching Vince McMahon”

Also what’s your take on the release rumors for The Revival and the Kanellis’s?

Jalen from Pickering,

Montez Ford, fire! Forgotten Sons instantly make my eyes glaze over. Keith Lee should be cutting his own promos, not having a stoner talk while he makes weird faces. I found all the Horsewomen terrible, meanwhile Belair came off nicely and had that great 2020 vision line. Dijak’s new name is the wordiest name in NXT history. It looks like Johnny really got to relax for the holidays, he’s not as ripped and had some chest hair. But it’s good to see he’s still the second best wrestler in NXT. And Lee and Dijak have terrible themes.

Question: Who in NXT has the best chance of becoming genuine main event stars on main roster? Dream, Belair, and Ford seem like money to me.

Davie, are you done with 205 Live now that they’re back on Tuesdays?


Nice to see Deuce and Domino back in action.

I think Montez will someday go to the main roster and be a star, probably without Angelo Dawkins. It’s nice that they are teasing a break-up.

So I’m back again, with my weekly feedback on the whole Bianca/Shayna thing, since I’ve been tracking it since it started.

I really didn’t like how either woman came across here. From looking at the other feedback posted, I’m definitely in the minority when I say this, but I feel like neither woman came across as someone you should root for.

This feud feels like one of the weakest ever for the NXT Women’s Championship. Nothing feels personal. Bianca really didn’t stand out last night as she came across as fairly green on the microphone (she had a couple of good lines, but otherwise was incredibly rough and hard to listen to). And if NXT was trying to get the crowd 100% behind her, they failed when Shayna got that dig in at the end about her (Bianca) being overrated.

I guess my big issue with this entire thing is that NXT probably feels like they have the female Velveteen Dream on their hands, except unlike Dream, Bianca hasn’t had an absolutely amazing match yet, and is still acting like a full fledged heel. I feel like NXT’s goal was to get people firmly behind Bianca, but expecting people to turn on a dime and support her immediately is…not great planning. Especially when you have her come out and brag about sending Nikki Cross packing (a beloved babyface), and the fact that she had to “cheat” a few weeks earlier to even win the #1 contender’s match (technically it wasn’t cheating, but its definitely not scrupulous either).

I’m going to stick with my initial prediction when I started posting about this entire thing, and say that Shayna should retain at Takeover: Phoenix. I think a good way to handle it is to have the MMA 4HW interfere in the match, costing Bianca the title. Because the thing regarding Bianca’s character is that she has no friends or backup at all, considering she’s went out of her way to piss off literally every other female in the locker room. I think the only other people who would even remotely think about helping her are Kairi and Io (due to their issues with Shayna and the MMA 4HW). And I don’t see that happening because Bianca was the one who sorta screwed Io out of the title shot in the first place.

As for who actually dethrones Shayna? Like I mentioned just above, I think it will be an actual babyface, and considering the only big babyface that Shayna has yet to face in NXT (after Takeover: Phoenix) is Io Shirai, it would likely be her getting the next title shot. All Io really needs is a big win to launch herself into the title picture. And I think she would get it by beating Bianca Belair clean in the middle of the ring.

Hopefully this is the last time I have to talk about this feud. I apologize for ranting a bunch about this, but this feud in general just irritates me, because everything surrounding Shayna has been very poorly handled since Takeover: War Games.

tl;dr: Neither Bianca or Shayna are likable in this feud (and this is a very poorly built, incredibly weak feud). I still see Shayna retaining because Bianca has gone out of her way to piss every other female in the locker room off (and has no backup or friends as a result). I think an actual babyface will be the one to dethrone Shayna, and the only person who fits that bill right now is Io Shirai.