Hellllllo! Recording upNXT thurs morning! Post any comments or questions- a best/worst of NXT is coming this Saturday!

Jalen from Pickering,

HA! The Finessssssssssst got a nomination! But my god, NXT managed to put on a money show that should’ve been throwaway. This show felt like if your grandma saved some of the best foods from every family get together this year, and threw it all into a pot to make a great stew, and then still made you a fire sandwich on top of it. My biggest takeaways are that I wanna see Burch and Lorcan put on bangers with everyone, and Ohno’s air needs to grow ASAP. He’s in the Styles soccer mom phase. Happy New Year!

Question: Any chance this is Ohno’s last NXT program before becoming a trainer or something? I feel like he’s gonna lose again and is just doing everything he can to put Riddle over.

George from Manila

Hello guys When i heard about Mean Gene’s passing, I wasn’t surprised, I was just sad :pensive: Anyways, this week’s NXT throwback show is like a giving me a relief from Raw & Smackdown period :+1::blush:. My takeaways is I want to see Burch and Lorcan to become champions even though Heavy Machinery have a chance, they couldn’t get the job done. And Ohno’s push needs to improve a big.


*How do you compare Lacy Evans to Sgt. Slaughter.

*Will EC3 and Velveteen Dream be Champions anytime soon?

*Any chance of bringing back former LAW shows in the coming months? I miss Jason Agnew’s voice (especially his rant :grinning:).

*If Adam Cole was called to the main roster, will he given a storyline as Michael Cole’s son? Kinda similar to the one by Kurt Angle and Jason Jordan.

God bless you all :blush: