FEEDBACK for Jan. 23 NXT

Hellllllo! Recording upNXT with Davie tomorrow around noon, post your comments or questions here!


Hey! NXT was pretty good tonight, apart from the stuff with Candice at the end

I don’t know if this is unpopular or not but ‪I will never understand why it’s so hard to separate Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae. Candice is miles better than just being Johnny’s moral compass. Give her a storyline in the women’s division please

Other than that, how can someone married to Roderick Strong dress and sound like a wooden board? Jesssmyn and Marina have both been speaking English for 30+ years each, yet Io who has been speaking English for about 9 months can put her emotion in her voice for a coherent promo

1-2 vs European Union was fantastic and I can tell wait to see what the two teams do next. Are you two expecting a Rumble appearance from any NXT superstars this Sunday? I’m willing both bet money on Dream and Black being in

Have a good weekend you two!

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Hey guys, 2nd time writing in after I wrote in 2 weeks ago and I’m just going to go over the final segment and talk about the takeover card.

I’m kind of conflicted of where this gargano/ciampa story has gone because I think the crowd dynamic, at least in full sail, has become a bit ruined with them very clearly cheering for the DIY reunion, which makes me think whenever gargano inevitably turns back babyface he might actually get booed. I was also iffy on Candace interrupting it because they were teasing a heel turn with her also but it seems like that’s just been dropped. If I’m booking this I’m looking for a way to get ciampa back to the super heel he was earlier last year where even the super smarky full sail crowd will have no choice but to boo him.

Anyways, this ricochet/gargano match has the potential to be as good as the Almas match last year if they are given a lot of time. Gargano can’t have a bad match and I have very high expectations for this. After watching this episode it feels like gargano is winning but if you ask me tomorrow I might say ricochet will win, and that’s something else this match has going for it.

Belaire vs Baszler feels a little cold to me and I’m curious what the crowd reaction will be like. I’m pretty sure baszler is winning.

The main event feels very much overshadowed by the North American title match but similar to dream vs ciampa this will almost certainly over deliver. Ciampa is obviously retaining, the only real question is how.

Overall I’m not looking forward to this show as much as I was wargames but I’m pretty excited regardless. This actually might be a rare time where I’m more excited for the main roster ppv then I am for the takeover.

Keep up the good work guys.

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Hope this isn’t for the jan. 3 NXT but tonight’s episode.

I love this show! The flow of The show and diversity of talent makes it my fave show hands down.

The dream is so over in full sail I’m afraid of Luke warm responses on Raw or SD with failed booking.

Bianca Bellaire overflows with charisma and I hope she wins on Saturday.

I Have no words for how great that tag match was between oney lorcan with the foreign talent. I’ll let Mauro 's call say it all. These teams should be feuding over the tag belts by end of year. The ciampa gargano feud was my feud ofthe year in 2018. I think it could be my feud of the year again if it continues to evolve this year.

How would you guys book takeover? Do you see any belts changing and what NXT talent appears at the rumble? Thanks guys!

Hey everyone! I get to talk about something that isn’t Belair/Baszler for once. How exciting.

Kairi and Io have insane (heh) chemistry as a tag team, which makes it all the more upsetting that they’ll inevitably break apart and feud over the title (NXT would be real dumb to not run that match at some point at a Takeover).

Do you think that they should be called up as a team however? And I’m probably in the minority when I say this, but I REALLY am not looking forward to Kairi/Io vs Marina/Jessamyn next week. Maybe because Jessamyn and Marina have been the polar opposite of impressive in every single regard.

Honestly I would have Kairi and Io go over them in a fairly quick and decisive fashion. Jessamyn and Marina going over Kairi and Io would be an absolutely massive mistake from a booking perspective, simply because neither Marina or Jessamyn are credible at all in the ring, and I struggle to think of anything they do well. Not to mention that I can’t shake the feeling that if Jessamyn and Marina mess up, the Phoenix crowd is going to show them absolutely no mercy. And from a kayfabe perspective, Io pretty much destroyed Jessamyn and Marina on her own, so I don’t think Marina and Jessamyn are the sharpest knives in the drawer.

Finally, I would like to mention that for Io, the crowd absolutely loved her, and I feel like she should be the one to dethrone Shayna, should Bianca fail to do so on Saturday. Thanks and I’m looking forward to most of the Takeover card this week!

Tonight’s episode was solid. I thought the promos to promote the women’s and NXT championship matches were well done as usual with Black’s being the weakest in my opinion.

The men’s tag match was pretty good. However, I can’t tell white people apart so Danny Burch and Fabian Aichner both having basic black trunks fucked me up.

Kairi and Io looked great but I am dreading next week. Shayna henchwoman 1 and 2 make me want to turn off the tv. They are not even close to being ready for this. Also forgotten sons are next week as well. The only way it could get worse is if Kona Reeves shows up.

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Charbel from Victorville

The men tag team match was lit ! The father of oney is really a bad ass dad ! For me that match is nxt tv match of the year so far !

How can the dream improve every time i see him wrestle , is it me or this guy is always improving even if we don’t see him wrestle that much on tv !?

Bray is in love with every women wrestler on nxt … plz tell me your in love with Candice , tonight she was so beautiful , dressed like a teen discovering some pop punk emo band at high school like paramore

Question for you guys !
Do you think we will have a nxt mania of some sort like all nxt brand collide a little bit like the worlds collide show ? I don’t know maybe 3 match nxt us 3 match nxt uk 2 match 205 on Wrestlemania weekend ect ???

Thank guys for being with me at work !

Chris from Queensland, Australia.

Back for the first time in a long time, finally watching regularly again after the holiday season.

205 Live
“Gran Metalik vs. Humberto Carrillo” was a good match & Carrillo’s finisher was amazing an Aztec-Arabian press. Main event was a 3-way “Kalisto vs. Akira Tozawa vs. Hideo Itami” with Buddy Murphy on commentary. A good match and Hideo won after Buddy interfered.

  • Overall 4/5.

Can WWE please pay CFO$ to redo the theme song because it still sounds horrible. Amazing opening segment between Dunne, Gallus & Walter, then it all went downhill from there. “Nina Samuels vs. Lana Austin” & “Eddie Dennis vs. Jamie Ahmed” were nothing matches followed up by a main event of “Jordin Devlin vs. Travis Banks” to a double count out. Here’s hoping Walter’s debut next week can cure this NXT UK Hangover, and the filming of 3 episodes in Phoenix over Royal Rumble weekend should be interesting to see.

  • Overall 2/5.

Fun Fact: Pete Dunne now at 610 days as WWE NXT UK Champion, the 15th longest championship reign in WWE history (7 days away from tying the 14th longest: Tatsumi Fujinami 617 days as WWF Junior Heavyweight Champion - 1978/JAN/23 to 1979/OCT/02).

A great go-home edition on NXT, even next weeks Hangover looks good. Without repeating what’s already been said it will be interesting to see how NXT builds going into Takeover: WrestleMania following this weekend. Will Undisputed Era be challenging for all the gold? Will Bianca be Un-De-Fea-Ted? & Will D.I.Y. re-form? NXT continues to deliver and remains a must watch.

  • Overall 4/5.


  1. Has the air date for “WWE Worlds Collide” because I found it interesting that people on NXT UK mentioned the event while no-one on either 205 Live or NXT mentioned it? I know that their taping it this weekend.

  2. Braden, what are your thoughts on “POPPY” for NXT LOUD? While it’s not really my style of music, in her interview with Ryan Satin she just came across as weird A.F. like is this all a character, just saying.

DavidGeorge91 from Manila:

Tonight’s episode was Great, a relief go home show to me. I only criticize the promos given by aforementioned superstars about the Womens and the NXT title, in short, mediocre.

Awesome men’s tag match, there is no question about it. However, i got confused who’s Burch and Aichner, all thanks to Black briefs, also the Tag team finisher of Lorcan and Burch kinda reminds me of the one from MNM (Mercury, Nitro , and Melina).

As for the womens match, instead of muting it or skipping it, rather I just listen to it while I am doing some Work from home assignments, smh.

Supposedly I don’t have questions for both of you my friends, but I have two; who will be an NXT superstar as a surprise entrant on the Royal Rumble?

Will the Forgotten Sons of Anarchy become champions?

Overall Verdict: 4/5

God bless you all!

Dave from Sydney

Holy fuck that men’s tag match was wild! Like seriously that was so fast paced that Mauro had a testy pop.
Great show, pumped for Takeover. Predictions wise I legit have no solid idea of who is going over. Surely Bro goes over Ohno but everything else is so 50/50.

Keep up the goods fellas and see you on the other side of Takeover :heart:

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205 Live

I thought Aiden was good on commentary, perhaps better than Percy. Carrillo vs Metalik was good. Carrillo is an excellent hig flyer. I loved Metalik’s hurricanrana with the jump over the top rope.


Very very good show. What a slugfest between the 4 white guys ! Sensational match. I also loved the ending but I am against a straightforward DIY reunion. It has to be more complicated. I love how Ciampa is using Johnny. Last week he said Aleister was his favourite puppet. It made me smile because obviously it has to be Johnny.

Io and Kairi’s promos are painfully cute.

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Andre from Edmonton

First post in a long time. Haven’t watched nxt yet. Brayden we want Pinder. You have to make the app. Wrestling fans would go crazy for it

Jalen from Pickering,

It’s true, Dream really is a prodigy. This guy already has everything you want out of a wrestler, yet he still has so much potential. This guy needs to stay in NXT until Papa Paul is in charge of main roster. Protect this man at all costs! I really enjoyed his match with Fish, and I like that Fish is being presented as the ruthless member of UE.
The closing segment was great for the most part, but I do agree with the complaints people have about Candice’s role and the babyface reactions of the DIY reunion. I feel that Ciampa has to do something sinister to Candice, or turn her against Johnny (which he might already be doing) to get that sweet heat back. And for the love of God, can someone teach Ricochet and the Horsewomen the importance of delivery in promos.

WHAT UP DOE! I know I’m late with feedback so I’ll keep is short , nxt was great as always, fabian aichner and marcel barthel are my new favorite team, they will be champions mark my word. Question , I have a new girlfriend and I wanna bring her into wrestling, so we are watching takeover together this weekend, but what other matches should I show her too get her over, (davie I know what you would suggest lol) ps she from Canada so we will defiantly be in the six with you guys this summer gettin high as a five star frog splash. CHEERS BROOOOOOS