FEEDBACK for July 17 NXT

Hello! Recording a new upNXT with Davie & I chatting about tonight’s NXT, post any comments or questions for the show here!

Hey guys, I mentioned a while ago about NXT possibly doing Imperium vs Undisputed Era in War Games and after watching how both groups are on either show. It seems very likely to happen. Would you like an NXT UK vs NXT takeover at some point

Eva from London

Its a bird its a plane, itttttttttts SUPERFAN!!! …and this was a great episode minus the feud that needed heat strapped to its back more than the rocketeer.

Ruas and Riddle was a fun MMA style opening quick back and forth. Though I Like Ruas more i loved the high knee followed by ground and pound and ref stoppage. dains arrival was dope and that slam through the stage was better than lashley/strowman.

Then we get to the shitty shot quality of mia yim beating down shafir. The majority of this feud is building off camera or not at all and it is not working. Shirari gets more focus and she isnt even in the title picture(nor should she as long as Shayna’s champ, the Queen of Spades has already beaten her 3 times) yet the champ is completely off tv. Reed Loomis was decent but it just couldnt grab my attention.

Apologies to Kushida and Apollo for last week, they blew my expectations out of the water. It was a barnburner and the huge reaction crews got shows me nxt fans dont forget. Keith lees promo was decent and im looking forward to his match with Priest.

saw Cole’s fakeout coming a mile away as soon as those commercials began airing about him defending the belt . … but twon was a pleasent surprise. Expected but good beatdown between cole and Johnny G.

Question: do you see anyway anytime Ruas moves up the card into any of the NXT title pictures? Keep up the good work. In the words of Ron Burgundy, Stay Classy BDE

Harry from Houston,

I have a few problems with this Gargano/Cole angle.

The first one is the crowd reaction. Now, I wasn’t at the tapings so I don’t know this for sure but I think it’s a fair guess that they were not shown the video package of Cole going to Gargano’s and the wrestling school. So from their perspective Gargano is being a total dick and a sore loser by attacking Cole without Cole doing really doing much to anger him other then…giving his friend a shot at the title. No wonder there were loud boos towards the end.

The second one is Gargano coming back with no real explanation for why he left. I assumed he was mentally defeated after the XXV match but none of that was ever explained. He just took a vacation and happened to come back one week for all we know. Maybe this will be explained later but the return feels meaningless when we don’t know why he left in the first place.

The Yim/Baszler stuff still isn’t clicking for me.

But anyways, just wanted to let you guys know you are in for a real treat next week when Io Shirai wrestles Kacy. Friend was down in Florida this past weekend visiting family, and he managed to sneak out long enough to catch a house show. Io was on it, and he mentioned she was very sadistic and unhinged in her attacks. Also no more moonsault. :frowning:

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Was that Queen Cathy with the flaxen hair and light blue summer dress? Her loveliness is distracting as I’d rather gaze upon her than her interviewees.

Speaking of which, Keith Lee’s dissertation seemed a bit out of place for a quick standing backstage interview. His thoughtful demeanor seems more fitting for a longer sit-down cross-examination.

Mia commits felonious assault and battery and presumably gets away with it. All Jeff Hardy did was sleeping while drunk in a stairway and he gets charged. Life is not fair.

Just couldn’t buy into the Kushida match. Bringing in wrestlers from the other WWE shows comes off as too forced. Kushida needs to be in a regular program.

Tuan (spelling?) has a future. Not in NXT, but he has a future somewhere.

Ahoy! (this episode would have been better with Kairi.)

Kinny from Bristol, UK

Good start to the show with Riddle and Arturo having a different style match. Happy to see Killian Dain return on his own and man handle Riddle. They had some great matches on the indys and i expect this feud to be :fire:

Lets make this clear, Bronson Reed won but the match was all about Dexter Lumis! Firstly with his rip off Stranger Things theme song and secondly the debut of his Samuel Shaw gimmick on NXT TV. I like this gimmick and i think there could be some really good promos and vignettes on the horizon.

Kushida is having good matches but I’m ready to see him in a feud now. Tyler Breeze throwing shade at Ryker calling him Buddy Murphy was hilarious. Ain’t nobody gonna point out the blatant daylight assault by Mia Yim. Just casually fucking people up in a Walmart car park!

Gutted i can’t make the 6 for Summerslam as i’m trying to avoid a curb Stomp from the wife for spending so much money on wrestling related things. Sugs on the other hand is on a YOLO mission so try and hook my boi up with a place to crash :facepunch:t5:

Two questions

  • Are you interested in another match between Adam Cole and Johnny Gargano?

  • What’s your thoughts on the use of The Street Profits on the main roster?

Peace :v:t5:

Charbel !!!

I hate mma , ufc and all that kind of shit ! But what I hate even more is the original bro … but you know what I loved that match , it was so different so awsome maybe just a bit slow , ruas really looks like a final boss in a video game like you mentioned !

The streets profit promo was so different … and I loved it ! Seriously after weeks of tez doing other wrestlers catch phrase I thought the impact of Angelo delivering it was nice !

Yes you already know I only watch , wwe all those breakout star are new for me and their freaking awsome ! maybe not 5 star matches but give them time !! Dexter is the shit why the fuck did he lose to Otis with the black hair … Btw last week we saw miles and dose he beat the canoe size teeth of Kona just asking :joy: … if I was the Wwe , boom reset in nxt bring everybody up and some people down and start all over ! In the same time it’s a big reset for the main roster to help Heyman and Eric

Never saw apolo in nxt … he’s tremendous!

Would have been so funny if gargano’s friend would have wrestle ! Adam cole is such a dick !
Shirai gets me high ! Conti gets me horny !

DavidGeorge91 from Manila, PH

I’m Back besties :wave::smiley:

The first match, not only is Magnum Opus but it is a shocker because the Beast from Belfast is back, to squash.

Welcome to NXT Dexter Lumis, or should I say Samuel Shaw.

It looks like Jade[Mia Yim] is on a hunt mode by simply taking down Shame-na’s stooges before she gonna cut the head of the snake, :clap::clap::clap:.

Apollo vs KUSHIDA? Wow, just wow, welcome back btw, Apollo Crews.

Jenkins!!! Johnny Wrestling is on a Beast mode after that Bay-Bay man wen’t on his “Championship Tour” days ago, Chillax man you will get your revenge someday :+1::slightly_smiling_face:.

Before I forget, Io Shirai’s aggressive heel persona, and different attire kinda reminds me of Hitokiri while she was in Lucha Underground years ago :thinking::thinking::thinking:.


*How do you compare Damian Priest and Baron Corbin.

*Any plans for Street Profits to drop their NXT Tag Titles very early soon?

*Is Prince Pretty gonna be a Champion soon?

Take Care and God bless both of you UpNXT Besties.

Ange from Cali,

Hey fellas. Women’s wrestling has been very weak for a while now and it’s sad to see the fans in the crowd chanting “this is awful” on raw and AEW has a very weak women’s roster. What can save women’s wrestling from this downturn? You guys are the best thanks.