FEEDBACK for July 24 NXT

Hello! Recording a new upNXT tomorrow, so post any comments or questions for the show here!

I was sitting here thinking about NXT tonight, and it was fine.

  • Very sad noted smug asshole Garza lost.
  • I have no clue what they are trying to do with Bianca right now. There’s no room for her in the title picture at all right now.
  • The Takeover match stips for Cole/Gargano are…not good.
  • Dying at Candice LeRae getting booed when she crashed the Io/Kacy match. I don’t think this heel turn is working out the way that creative envisions it. That being said, Candice/Io needs to be a Takeover match.

I dunno if you guys saw it or want to see it, but someone uploaded the entire Kacy/Io match from a recent house show to YouTube (it was a fun little watch). If you want it, let me know and I’ll see about sending it to you on twitter or something.

Also I have a little theory, but I feel like if Gargano loses at Takeover, he’s getting called up. If so, could you see Candice being called up alongside him?

Charbel !

The breakout stars are awsome !

Miles has everything ! I love his facial expression !

Am I the only one who thinks Garza looks like a Mexican version of tjp ?!

Dream just dethroned jo po for Vince impersonation! Seriously dunne , roddy and dream … take all my money … my credit card … my house … and if I have too my wife for damn sake !

Regal is shit on tv and why did they paired a segment with the worst promo on the planet Roderick strong !

No question … just on thing you guys are awsome

Shirai gets me high

Conti gets me horny

Eva from London. I’ll try to keep this short because I slept funny last night and now have a muscle spasm in my right shoulder.

Breakout match was solid Garza with great heel work and Myles with sick german suplex bridge for the win.
Is it just me or does Dream seem more heelish than usual? His ducking of Roddy and then Dunne came off cowardly. Regal had to put them in the Toronto match.
Lee vs Priest was awesome. Great back and forth
Question: did either of you catch the twitter furor Tuesday involving trans wrestler kaci dillon and a transphobic aspiring wrestler that saw the likes of Mercedes Martinez, Kevin Blackwood, and Jordynne Grace come and support Dillon? It was wonderful.
Congrats on the tailgate sellout.

Braaaaaaaaaaay D

Io Shirai was the 3rd most attractive woman in that segment. #KacyMakesMeHazy #SweetAsCandice

What’s shakin’, William Regal?

Myles of smyles is flashy but he lacks depth of character for me to care for him. Myles is someone who would benefit being part of something like the New Day.

Garza’s pants are too bright for the lighting in the studio, or another way to look at it, the lighting isn’t very good in the studio. NXT has intentionally chosen a darker look than the Vince McMahon produced shows, and sometimes that is a good thing, but I find it problematic here. [Aside: The problem is the dark mat. Something similar happens when ROH shows up every year at Korakuen on a NJPW show and use their dark ring mat, but the director doesn’t change the lighting in Korakuen, at least for the first night, and so the lighting always seems off. I’d like to see NXT switch to a mid-tone gray (note that NJPW often uses a mid-tone blue instead of white), with the gold and black NXT logo in the middle.]

It may seem out of place to go on about production values, but with AEW starting on Wednesdays in October there is going to be a lot of comparisons between the WWE product and the AEW product, including how the look of the shows line up. If WWE decides to run NXT on FS1, opposite AEW on TNT, then NXT with their current production will seem a bit down-market. Another example: not having a mic nearby Io during her Japanese rant after the Candace attack, depriving us of the fun of angry Japanese cursing.

And watching this episode the question in my mind is how NXT will continue with the “developmental” branding if they go on FS1. The talent on this episode are fine for a cable show, so it’s not a lack of talent. But who on tonight’s episode can really be thought of as developmental other than Kacy? Even Xia Li already is better than some of the Raw/Smackdown talent (read: IIconics, Carmela.)

Mia Yim’s recidivism (of the crimes of assault and battery) calls out for a parole officer.

Roderick Strong’s promo was weak in the ring. Whoever wrote it really lacked passion. This doesn’t help Roddy as he already comes off as a lesser star compared to say Dream or Dunne and especially against the great William Regal. And whoever directed Strong to say “title opportunity” should be shot, because the last thing the Undisputed Era should sound like are Vince stooges.

This episode was all about setting up the next Takeover, which is fine but nothing memorable.

Ahoy! (Admit it, you miss her.)

… I feel like if Gargano loses at Takeover, he’s getting called up.

Gargano was already put on Vince’s show, with his tag team partner, who got injured, so Gargano is now just parked till they figure out what to do with him next.

Mj coming to the 6 in 2 weeks!!!

Undisputed Era is leaving Toronto draped in Gold and that is as Undisputed as a BDE sell out!


Hey gang!

I don’t know about you guys, but tonights episode has made me extremely excited for Takeover. So much so, I considered selling my current ticket and buying a better seat. I love Johnny’s new street fight fetish and the smugness of Adam Cole wanting a traditional match.

I was very happy to see Pete Dunne return and I think the triple threat has the potential to steal the show. Hoping we manage to see Candace vs Io on the card in some form as well.

See you lads at the Tailgate,
Brae in Newfoundland