FEEDBACK for June 12 NXT

Hellllllo! Recording upNXT Thursday around noon, post any comments or questions for the show here!

Harry from Houston,

Meh episode of NXT with a head scratching DQ finish in the first match to protect Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke who they have not been nervous about jobbing out at all so far. The Kushida/Gulak match was great and the tag match was pretty good, but the distraction finish was nonsensical and I hope we get an explanation for it soon.

Also, have you guys noticed the absolute silence from Gargano on social media? You would think he would’ve said something about the takeover match by now but he hasn’t tweeted a thing since last Saturday. Do you think he’s done with NXT?

Speaking of Gargano, I have a suggestion for something you guys might have fun doing on the show. My wrestling buddy and me recently tried to rank all of Gargano’s takeover matches including the DIY matches. It was actually extremely hard to rank them once you get to the top 10 or so because they are all so excellent and putting Black vs Gargano at 8th hurt my soul. Anyways, just something I thought of that could be fun for you guys to do at some point.

Jesse from the 6

I cancelled my WWE Network subscription again before the Saudi show so I won’t be watching NXT for a while. I’ll probably re-subscribe in August to get caught up before TakeOver North.
Until then I must rely on the dulcet tones of The Bray D and Dragon Dave to keep me abreast of all the doings on the black-and-yellow brand. Thank you for your hard work and I look forward to hearing what this big announcement of yours is.

Take Care

P.S. Davie, I hope you feel properly ashamed for wanting to see that Goldberg-Taker Match.
Not for any political reasons. Just because it was bad and you should feel bad.

Dave from Sydney

Been a while between posts, but I had today off and thought I would dig into NXT early rather then watching it on the weekend. Not a bad show, lots of filler sadly.

Submission was a bit of a let down, however hopefully this means Kushida can move onto a new storyline now.
The two horsewomen are still struggling in ring. They don’t seem to get the flow of wrestling and it’s more so moves with no sequence between.
By god Aaliyah is still terrible, that close by promo was proper trash.
Tag match main event was fine until ‘dad reicker’ decided to show up and demonstrate his non wrestling ability.

I don’t read ahead but seen Regal has announced a cool tournament coming up soon featuring the fresh meat at the performance centre, including a few Aussies. This tournament is such a good idea to showcase talent before making the jump from performance centre, shows to then the main screen. Good way to also test some of these outrageous names they have been given also.

Ps Brayden I hope Godzilla didn’t destroy you too much

I like Beth Phoenix but Nigel and Mauro are so perfect together that they don’t need anyone else.

PS: Like Davie, I’m a huge Goldberg fan, he’s in my Mount Rushmore, but that match with taker was utter shite. Too bad because his mania match with Brock was an excellent finish to his career.

Howdy y’all
Sorry I haven’t been posting cuz I’m usually late watching NXT and don’t think of anything clever to say until Friday

So anyway here’s my random non-wrestling question: Braden have you played City Girls for Davie and what are your thoughts?

Also what are your early G1 predictions?

Brendan from Connecticut

I liked the women’s match quite a lot, Io doing the arm stomp was a good spot, and builds her rivalry with Shayna. Though I think better booking (which it looked like they might do) would have been to have the other horsewomen really lay out Candace as it would make Io look so focused on Shayna that she doesn’t help her partner, and plays into the “heel” turn she seems to be having.
The Horsewomen are still green but I think having them play more to their MMA moves was a good idea, and I could see them moving up with Shayna basically in a thug role, where they are just her posse and not a big deal themselves.

Best Kushida match so far, I had yet to be really impressed by him, this was a great match. Though I still hate calling a Kimura “the Hoverboard lock” there is nothing hover board about it.

Tag match was good, I think having Burch and Lorkin win was the right move. Now you can go into a feud with UE and the Forgotten Sons, and have the Street Profits defend against Burch and Lorkin, which they should win giving them a successful title defense. I think you want them to have a good run ending with a loss probably to UE later in the year #Prophecy