FEEDBACK for June 19 NXT

Hey yo! Post comments or questions for this week’s upNXT here!

I dig the shorter shows but when you get all these entrances twice in an hour it feels alittle ridiculous. Thats all

Tonight’s episode felt sorta underwhelming to me.

  • The Mia Yim video package did not get me any more interested in her as a wrestler. But it seems like she’s being positioned for a title shot (against the winner of next week’s match). I cannot imagine her being a champion any time soon. And if she does become champion somehow, I can’t see her holding the title for long either. She just has transitional champion written all over her if she does win.

  • It was great for Mia the person (and I feel her plight there), but as the wrestler, it just doesn’t click with me and doesn’t make me want to see her as champion any more than I did before.

  • The main event was fine for what it was.

The rest of the stuff just felt like filler.

Paul from New Jersey

I find video packages like the featuring Mia Yim very effective. Her discussing things like the LA riots and not being accepted by the black or Asian cultures because she‘s mixed are real life hardships that make her sympathetic. Surprised they don’t do it more with Lacey Evans.

I’m a big Tyler Breeze fan so I’m really glad to see him being utilized somewhere. If you had to take one underutilized male talent and one female talent from the main roster and bring them back to NXT, who would you gentlemen choose?

So, did we all just see NXT do a main roster show start better than the main roster? That is how 90% of Raws start isn’t it? Just a train of entrances, promos, and a match announcement.
Good to see Taynara and Xia Li with some tv time. Not sure im sold on them yet but we are gonna need fresh faces sometime. On a similar note, I’m anxious to see how this tournament plays out.
While we’re on the subject of fresh faces, can anyone tell me what Damian Priest’s gimmick is? Judging by the vignettes, I had an impression of the devil who wants to corrupt you. A bastard child of the Devil’s Advocate Sean O’Haire and Limousine Ridin’, Jet Flying…ect Ric Flair. Instead he comes out as…a gothic bowhunter? I’m all about the dark characters so Im sure I’ll love him, but I just don’t get it.
The main event was everything you expected it to be, for good and bad. No way the mishmash team of Dream, Breeze, and Riddle were ever going to take down the robot clones of Undisputed Era, which is what they were cause lets be real guys, these dudes working so hard after those TakeOver matches, they gotta be cyborgs or something and the real UE is out getting new backs and arms and whatever. Only logical explanation.

Jesse from the 6

I have some questions about the UpNXT tailgate party to be held at Wide Open at 139A Spadina Avenue, Toronto, ON on Saturday, August 10th.

  1. You said there will be Mario Kart. On what console? And are we talking Versus or Battle? I can probably take y’all in battle mode on N64.

  2. Will there be Smash Bros.? WrestleMania 2000? If so, I’m def winning those.

  3. Do we need to bring our own kendo sticks with which to hit Braden or will you be supplying those for us?

Take Care

Harry form Houston,

Man for a first proper full sail episode since takeover this felt very mediocre. They threw every singles guy not named Johnny in a 6 man tag that felt like it didn’t need to happen at all. Sure you can argue that Strong pinning Dream sets up a title match but there are other ways of doing that and the match just felt unnecessary to me. The match also felt like it was well below the level you would expect from these guys and a lot of the match felt like everyone was just a little bit off. I would much prefer to see a singles match with pretty much any combination of these guys. Maybe Breeze vs Cole in a non title or something.

Damian Priest seems interesting. I think they need more pushed acts in NXT right now so I’m glad to see this tournament being announced and I’m sure it will be a coming out party for a lot of guys.

Mia Yim actually seems pretty talented but good god the nicknames have to go. This is a problem in wwe in general but “head baddie in charge” is just the worst.

I was just happy to see Taynara Cutie do some character work but the match was bad. She lost her footing on different occasions. A martial arts match is always hard to do.

Not a great episode of NXT.

Brendan from Connecticut

I like the Mia video package but it makes me wish she hadn’t already faced Shayna. I mean she talks about protecting the locker room, but didn’t you already get tapped out by Shayna?

Damien Priest was ok, I just wish they hadn’t tried to sell him as a striker as his strikes were the worst part of his arsenal to me. He could take a punch but his striking moves looked slow and clumsy.

Lastly I like the tournament Idea, but the reveal of the participants was like “look at all these people whose names we’ve changed!” with every wrestler having a formerly known as below their name.

Soooooo many great one-liners in that opening segment…NXT has the perfect blend of characters at the moment


Beautiful kneebar by Riddle in the main event😉