FEEDBACK for June 27 NXT (and NXT UK Shows)


Davie & I will be recording upNXT Thursday morning- post any comments or questions you have regarding this week’s NXT or any of the WWE/NXT UK Special events!

Martin from London

I didn’t attend Day 1 in London because of the first England World Cup game, which was the case for many fans given the lower attendance.

The final and the six man tag were by far and away the highlights here, but Gibson was built up incredibly well, and the show did a great job of putting over the Shankly Gates as a finisher you have to exert all your energy to escape. Good use of Joe Coffey as a heel going forward for NXT UK, and surely there’ll be something with his brother too.

The only mistep was them not editing out that the women’s match was originally a four way - it was a shame Jinny got hurt, but I’m confident she will be a major player once NXT UK gets underway. Some of the crowd editing was odd too, including their censoring of the “Travis Fucking Banks” chant.

I was at Day 2, and the live pop for Moustache Mountain’s title win was one of the loudest I’ve ever been a part of. They even took the belts to PROGRESS the next weekend and took pictures with fans there with them. Was also fun to see Noam Dar back, even with Johnny Saint calling it a Four Way Fatal match. The last two matches were great in different ways, with Toni Storm’s great selling against Shayna Baszler, and Pete Dunne getting everyone hyped up against Gibson.

I’d say a combined 8 out of 10 for both nights with different viewing perspectives.

Jesse from the 6

What up The BrayD and DvP?

I’ve yet to watch this week’s NXT but I do have some responses to last week’s upNXT.

  1. Davie got one point in the Sample Sale, enough to tie him for second last, not last place.

  2. Sorry to say, but the main event of Wrestle Kingdom 13 is unlikely to be Kenny Omega vs. Kota Ibushi. Since they’ve instituted the policy of the G1 winner challenging at Wrestle Kingdom in 2012, the winner of the tournament has never faced the champion he went on to challenge at WK during the course of the tournament. It’s just not how Gedo books.

  3. “Dilemma” is by Nelly feat. Kelly Rowland, not Ja Rule. C’mon Braden, you should know that.

  4. Davie, do you think England should/would try to lose against Belgium tomorrow or at least pick up a red card to come second in the group on fair play? A loss gets them into the “easier” side of the draw, so…

Take Care

Mark from Vaughan

Undisputed Era and British Strong Style have had a huge 3 straight nights on the Network this week. Loved the 6-man from Monday’s show. It was like an answer to the question of “What would happen if you put WWE performers in a PWG ring?” Just awesome workers - everything was so crisp.

Question: I think it would be great if Ciampa went into Brooklyn as Champion for a Hell in a Cell main event against Gargano but how would you book our way there to try and protect Aleister during what has already been a lacklustre reign? Or do you think Ciampa’s pursuit of the title is just so Gargano can screw him out of it?

P.S. What did you think of Kane and Daniel Bryan’s Golden Lovers reunion on Smackdown?

So much great stuff from three days of wrestling and I don’t even watch the main roster!

Zack Gibson is the greatest heel in wrestling right now. How do you stand there, in the final of the UK tournament, as an English man facing a New Zealander, and still get that amount of hate from the crowd? The man is a bonefide star and has been for years, he’s just getting to do it on a major scale now. His matches with Jack Gallagher, Travis Banks and Pete Dunne were all amazing and his finisher, the Shankley Gates, is made after that first night. So proud of Liverpool’s Numbah Wan. I called it when the tournament was announced and I don’t care that it was predictable, it was the right decision. The UK show will be in steady hands with him as the top heel on the brand.

As for NXT, who knew that Ricochet would have that level of chemistry with Moustache Mountain!? What a match! As Braden would say, that was lit AF! I could watch those guys wrestle each other forever. Awesome stuff.

Did you guys get Neville vibes off that Gargano promo? When Neville dropped the cruiser title he came out the next night looking ill, Gargano looked like he hadn’t slept since TakeOver.

kona reeves is meh. he’s not the worst but i see him being a discount bobby roode. his finisher sucks though.
candice lerae has a lot of potential. there was an awkward moment where it seemed like she didn’t know what was next before she went for the pulp friction (not unprettier/killswitch) into a lionsault finish.
i think gargano should’ve played injured for longer.
i’ve become a bigger fan of kyle o’reilly each week and want to see him eventually get a singles run. his flying knee to the scrubs reminded me why i love this fucking show and hate the main roster. everything they seem to do is exciting and creative.
fuck main roster creative. fuck vince. rip almas and sanity.
ricochet is too ridiculously good, i bet he has a gargantuan dong.

Omri from Israel,
I hope I made it in time, could someone tell NXT to stop doing stupid main roster name changes to their jobbers? the guy that went against Kona was referenced as Max Humberto but on his tights it says Max Castellanos. Also, could they stop changing Lacey Evans’ music? decide on one and stick with it. I’ve had enough of Nigel McGuiness’ WHAM claim. It was all over the British tournament as well.
The main event was nuts, the escape of ricochet from the hi low and O’riley’s dumb face after he saved Cole from the 630 were the highlights.
Finally, with all the respect to Davie I hope England loses or else I will shame myself as an Argentinian.

Love the show guys, continue the great work.

Jalen from Pickering,

The UE and BSS boys have spoiled us with all the great wrestling this week. While NXT was strong, my biggest critiques are aimed at the champ and the top feud on NXT. Aleister is nowhere near the most interesting or over act on the brand, and Gargano is back way too soon. I feel like Ciampa winning the title while Gargano was out injured would’ve been better for the title and their feud.

Carlos from sunny Scotland.

Solid NXT episode with some interesting storyline threads. I get the sense that Tommy Champion vs Black for TakeOver has Gargano interrupting…Though TC winning would be so much fun.

Reeves just sucks…Pair him with EC3 and we could have some fun stuff. Pet hate reared its head with Bourne. Hiw many times do you need to say your own name?!

Assume Ricochet vs Cole at TakeOver judging by the wee look they did via camera shot as he entered the ring.

Loved the UK stuff this week and think the new show has a strong roster of fresh faces based on what was shown. Looking forward to going to the tapings.

Question…They have made Black feel like a backseat champ since winning the belt so would it be better to beat him via the Gargano/Ciampa stuff and have him chase both men? That feud is NXT so far this year so makes sense to have the third match involve the belt…

Cheers and C’mon England tonight!!!

Michael from Newfoundland

I spent about 6 hours this week watching both the UK shows and this week’s episode of nXt.

Night one of the UK shows was a good tournament. As someone who watches PROGRESS on a regular basis these days, they’ve seemed to have flipped the script on a couple of guys (Travis Banks as a babyface is a bit jarring since he’s a chicken-shit heel champ in PROGRESS) but I guess that’s normal with guys switching territories.

Night two had a couple of good matches. The Pete Dunne match is, of course, worth checking out if you’re short on time. The tag match with Mustache Mountain is worth watching as well.

I really like that Trips gives his talent time to actually have matches. All matches on night two were lengthy and they benefited from the edtra time.

It seems as through, a couple of 205 guys have switched teams. From the looks of it, Noam Dar and Jack Gallagher will be joining the UK team. I have no problem with this since both of them will do much better in a smaller Vince-less pond.

This week’s nXt was good as well. A couple of new programs set-up and had an excellent six man to end the show. All in all, combined with Takeover and Money in the Bank, I feel I got my worth out of my WWE Network subscription.

Eric from North Dakota

Great episode of NXT, Kona Reeves is the ultimate Johnny Tsunami / John Morrison crossover I never knew I needed! That moonsault from Candice was insane but I can’t get over the fact that her music sounds like something I would hear on a Christian radio station. The 6 man tag just was just as great as it sounded and I’m 100% sold on Mustache Mountain having the tag belts now, also we NEED more barbeque vignettes from Heavy Machinery because that was easily the best part of the show.

Davie, I remember Three Lions On A Shirt - we’re taking down Belgium!

I’m assuming you both watched the UKCT / NXT UK launch, so just for fun let’s say you were able to book a hypothetical first NXT UK Takeover for February 2019. With a WWE United Kingdom Championship match, a WWE United Kingdom Women’s Championship match, a WWE United Kingdom Tag Team Championship match, and two other men’s matches. Ready go!

I haven’t been super high on Lacey Evans OR Candice LeRay yet, but that was a fantastic match between both. Loved Candice’s selling so much. I’m now fully on board.

Thought Ciampa’s promo to start the show was strong, really liked Johnny’s as well. I love that they are now on completely different mind sets.

Seven needs to do something with his hair. Once he gets going, he looks like a super-sized Enzo, and nobody wants that.

I liked that EU learnt not to fall for Bate’s pointing to the roof schtick. Kinda didn’t like that they fell for it twice in the uk tourney, showed they didn’t learn from the night before.