FEEDBACK for May 16 NXT - upNXT

Hey yo! Davie & myself will be recording a new upNXT late Wednesday night- so post any comments or questions! for this week’s episode of WWE NXT!

Charbel from Victoriaville Quebec

What a wonderful episode of nxt , first time I watch live and before I knew it it was already over ! Would love to say the same about raw !

I was waiting form some physicality from Ciampa , it was thee only thing missing for that segment to be perfect , Is it me or Wwe don’t want anything to do about man vs women not even pushing a women ?

Btw davie I’m the one who tag you on kairi sane twitter post for mother’s day !! Just wanted to tell you my kairi sane is Dakota kai she is lit af

Raul is the best jobber ever !! Move him to SmackDown !!

We were laughing about strong gimmick being a dad but my wife likes Lacey evens just because we saw her daughter on the Mae young Classic last time ! Just wanted to mention she had a good showing tonight !

And just to finish my feedback what a insane elbow shot pete gave to cole the sound of it and how Cole sold it like a pro was out of this world !

Question : i heard Wwe signed the two last 4 horse women of mma ! Dose that mean shayna will move to the main roster faster then we think to start the build up for the mma vs wwe’s four horse women matchup !?

Sorry fo my English

Chris from Vancouver.

Pretty good episode tonight. I’m very intrigued and confused on where they are going leading up to the next Takeover. Loved the opening segment with Ciampa, I actually bought in to the point where I thought he was going to hit her.

I was very disappointed that Dream/Ricochet turned into anything related to Sullivan. Hopefully this is just something to overcome for Ricochet to get to his real program at Takeover, either an actual match with Dream or a title shot.

Main event was really good. Not sure where they go from here, if this was New Japan, Lorcan & Burch would automatically get a title shot at some point, but since it’s the WWE, they probably won’t even get a pre-show match.

Quitting Smackdown & Raw and only watching NXT and NJPW has been a great choice.
The opening segment was great as Tommaso continues being a brilliant piece of shit. The Dream and Ricochet match was amazing while not giving everything away and leaving us wanting more. The Dakota Kai/ Nikki Cross interaction was little cringey not sure what to think of that yet. The main event was full of good action and Pete Dunne continues to use fresh moves. Love it.
Fuck the main roster.

Pappy in Dallas

1.) Bray, hopefully you have insight in this since you’ve been to Full Sail: Does someone tell the audience to only do PG chants? I ask because of the “Mess him up Ciampa” chant. Mess him up and not “fuck him up?” From a rabid fanbase like the Full Sail crowd? Feels like they either have been told to keep their chants PG or they so aim to please NXT that they go along with PG.

2.) Did you see the sign on Regal’s door? It read, “Mr. Regal’s NXT Office.” How hilarious is that? Shouldn’t it just read “William Regal” and maybe list his title, “General Manager”? That sign would be like the President having a sign outside of the oval office that reads “Mr. Trump’s White House Office.” “Mr. Regal’s NXT Office” looks like a project done by a student at Full Sail University which the NXT producers used as a easter egg joke.

Brendan in BC.

Longtime listener, first time feedbacker.

Really enjoy the show guys. Thanks for your work every week.

Braden, I know you’ve said the past few weeks that you think Kona Reeves is a rib, but I’m pretty sure it’s not, which for me makes it that much funnier. I can’t take a guy with those teeth and that awful grin seriously when he’s trying to pull off a “high society” style gimmick.

Also, let me preface this by saying that I love Mauro. He’s one of the best play-by-play guys in the business and I’m really looking forward to seeing his upcoming documentary. That said, when he uses lines like “The NXT Universe has more electricity than Thomas Edison’s basement!” or other shoehorned pop culture references, he loses me completely.

6-man tag was really good. I’ll be interested to see if Lorcan and Burch get a TakeOver match with Roddy and O’Reilly for the titles. Probably not, even if they showed they probably deserve it tonight.

Question: What would you make the stipulation for the inevitable Ciampa/Gargano blowoff match? Candice on a pole?

Cʜᴀʀʟᴇs ɪɴ Lᴏᴜɪsɪᴀɴᴀ

1st time leaving feedback in the Bray-D × Day-V era of UpNXT. I’m late so I’ll make this quick.

Holy crap! Velveteen Dream vs. Ricochet made me feel like I was watching 2015 NXT all over again! I haven’t watched NXT on a weekly basis since Nakamura was called up.

Raul Mendoza was more impressive than Hawaiian Morrison.

I dig Lacey Evans’ look. She can be a future superstar, but then again, we also thought the same thing about Bayley, and look at how that turned out; I’m not optimistic.

• Is Ciampa the best heel in NXT’s history? If not, then who is?

• Will Pete Dunne drop the UK Championship against the winner of the UK Tournament next month so that he can compete for the North American Championship? If not, then who will be the next #1 contender for Adam Cole’s title?

• Braden, can you end this episode by playing one of your beats? Promote yourself dammit!

Jalen from Pickering,

NXT is putting on some of the best wrestling television I’ve seen in my 10 years watching. The Ciampa/Gargano feud is at the level of Jericho/Michaels, while Velveteen Dream and Ricochet make magic - That sequence THO! Then we get treated to Kona Reeves who’s gimmick is somehow a rib on him and us at the same time. And then it gets capped off with a fire main event that involves a faction on their way to becoming WWE’s best since The Shield. The one negative is that Aleister is nowhere near their top star or priority. PS Cathy Kelley is :ok_hand:t5:

Carlos from Sunny Scotland…

Every week 1 hour of NXT outshines 5 hours of Raw and SD and this week is no different.
Ciampa is the GOAT of WWE heels. Is there nothing he can’t do well? Enjoying Lacey Evens but needs a better finish that a punch (Braiden, where did her opponent rank on the women of NXT list?) Nikki Cross continues to make me laugh. How about this…Reeves had a good match thanks to NXT No.1 underused talent Raul Mendoza. And finally…GOD DAMN that main event was hot. Love the new tag team 1-2 name and how all 6 men worked. I cannot wait to see what happens moving forward.

Question…Handicap match i assume means Dream runs out on Ricochet but Are we heading for Lars vs. Black? I may be the only one who won’t mind that as it gives Black a decent underdog match up while pushing Dream/Ricochet that we got a glimpse at today.

Cheers guys, keep it LIT