New upNXT with Davie & myself- post any comments or questions for this week’s WWE NXT!

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Tyler from Orlando

Another easy hour of NXT, the most consistent wrestling show IMO.

I was kind of expecting TM61 to do something heel-ish on tonight’s episode because I recently saw them working heel at a live event against Undisputed Era.

Belair dead lifting Candice LeRae from the ground and then proceeding to do reps with her body was legit, she is something special for sure. The clean win over Candice did surprise me though.

Main event was a tad under-whelming but my eyes will still always be glued to the television when Pete Dunne and Roderick Strong are on it.

I’ll give tonight’s episode 6 finer things out of 10.

Chris from Melbourne, Australia.

Long time listener, first time poster for upNXT. Congratulations Bray & Davie on the new show!

Great to see Shazza McKenzie back on NXT after 3-years, but sadly I can’t say the same for “TM-61” (Will-O-Wisp). After seeing them either spending time out injured or just floundering in NXT mid-card since 2016 I don’t have very high hope for them. Personally I feel that they would have been better staying with Noah in Japan, hell even the Australian branch of “The Mighty Don’t Kneel” are better off away from NXT working in NJPW, Progress, & PWG.

A good showing overall again from NXT, are we possibly on the verge of another “Must Watch” era?

7 “Have Percy” outta 10.

Carlos from Sunny Scotland…

Well after the GRR i thought WWE could not get another embarrassing moment for a while but well done to Kona Reeves for proving me wrong… WTF.

Enjoyed the opening with UE again.
TM61 im onboard for, great team so mybe this is what they need as we dont have a mid card heel team.
Miss Belair continues to impress but still needs work. Interested with the Dakota Kai/Bourne skit.

Loved the main event. Told a great story and was hard hitting. That chop Strong gave Dunne on the outside made me shout out!!

Question…Is there more to Burch/Lorkin now Burch is fully signed? Will they be the face tag team? And now Nixon Newell is ready to go, can you see her have a big debut on tv as solid challenger in the womens division? Cheers guys.

Daniel from Brooklyn

After watching that intro promo, I’d believe it if you told me Braden and Kyle O’Reilly were brothers.

Kona Reeve’s tan is almost as bad as his gimmick. Loved how the crowd was rooting for the jobber. I was almost expecting this whole thing to be a Dan Matha-level swerve.

Who is Vanessa Borne? Maybe I just missed her previously, but I feel like I’ve never seen her before and now she’s in the title picture mix? Where is Nikki Cross?

Kairi’s elbow is great. UpNXT is great. Keep up the good work. See you at ALL IN?