Hey yo! Recording a new upNXT with Davie tomorrow- post any comments or questions for the show here!

Jake from The Windy City

Seriously, Undisputed can never have a bad tag match, they are THAT damn great. I think there is a good chance that Matt Riddle is going to turn on Gargano in the near future and the next program for the NXT title.

Good seeing NXT put some steam behind Mansoor because the guy looks like he has “The X Factor.” Curious to see where he will go in times to come.

P.S. I would be fine if you guys decided not to review “Attack of the Clones.” I would rather watch paint dry up than that piece of shit movie.

Ari from Montreal
Soo i found some interesting things about the opening of this weeks show. First off Fish doesnt have any stickers on his shirt, second funny how cole didnt talk about roddy getting a title soon hmmm and a good attention of detail with riddle not coming with flip flops. Also when was the last time the undisputed era had a bad tag match? Mann are they good.

Question: With Io coming out with a kendo stick (which somehow made her hotter) do u guys think their championship match will be an extreme rules match? Or another kind of gimmick match?
Ps gonna listen to the pokemon review tomorrow on my way to work im sure im going to love it keep up the great work.

Jesse from the 6

Did y’all see Matt Riddle’s dirty-ass feet in that first segment? Did he only own one pair of flip-flops? Has he been walking around barefoot all week since Strong stole them during the course of his attempted murder?
Btw, that kinesio tape must work wonders if it can heal stab wounds.
Riddle and Strong will be great, but please give me an iron man match between Riddle and O’Reilly.

They really be building up Mansoor for Takeover Volkswagen Jetta with a win over the K-Mart Uso.

Great to see Prince Pretty again in front of a crowd that respects a Canadian legend.

For thebrayd - Have you heard Dave & Fredo’s collab “Funky Friday”? Best UK hip hop of 2018 for my money. Also, I followed Kinny from Bristol’s advice from last week and checked out Headie One. Pretty dope.

For Dragon Dave - When Braden was slagging off the Norwich accent last week, why didn’t you explain that most of East Anglia is inbred?

Take Care

P.S. Everybody check out thebrayd’s insta story. My mans remix of the Allegro from Dvořák’s 9th Symphony slaps harder than an Io Shirai kendo strike.

Hi there.

Io beating the everliving hell out of the MMA 4HW with a kendo stick was incredibly badass. I’m sure BrayD was shedding a tear of joy watching that.

Like I don’t think there is any way to sugarcoat it. Io just went completely insane with that kendo stick. You could see it in tatters at the end of the segment.

Hey Lads, really excited for takeover next week but after watching Money in the bank, I can’t help thinking that if Adam Cole won Money in the bank with the help of UE, that would bring a lot of excitement to WWE. I love UE but after this Gargano story , I can’t see them staying on NXT much longer.

Harry from Houston,

I’ve been catching up on the tapings lately and as a die hard Gargano fan I have never been less interested in him. Now that he’s won the title it feels like his story in nxt has largely already come to a conclusion and now we are in the awkward epilogue of him finding Ciampa’s replacement and casually feuding with TUE. The Cole rematch feels kind of cold to me and the storyline of “I got the first fall so in a normal match I would be champion” is just lame and lazy. With TUE standing tall tonight I’m going out on a limb and guessing Gargano retains after Strong turns on Cole and moves on to a Riddle program. I looked it up and the only time an NXT champion lost on his first title defense was Joe in his second reign, so it’s pretty damn rare for that to happen, which tells me Gargano is probably winning.

Howdy! Got a new job working at Yellowstone national park. All of my coworkers and I go to karaoke every Monday and i was told I stole the show one night (my roommate wasn’t there but he sings a great Sanatra). The song I sung, The Bad Touch by bloodhound gang. I never thought I’d love karaoke but now I understand the hype.
Onto NXT, and roddy v Riddle is my sleeper match announced, that should be a suplex fiesta. I want Shayna to retain, because I still think Candace larae should be the one to dethrone Shayna. They’ve done nothing with Candace and it could give her the long needed push in the right direction. Cole v Gargano is odd to me. I don’t think they can top their last match. The forgotten sons will probably win the ladder match, giving The Undisputed Era a win at takeover Toronto to go with the idea y’all had. Dream vs Breeze will be the most glorious, flamboyant display of combat since Jojo part 3.
Are you going to watch/review Double or Nothing?

Kinny from Bristol, UK

A wicked episode of NXT. Starting off nicely with the beef between Gargano/Riddle and The Undisputed Era. Main event was equally as good. The chemistry between this group is fire.

Good to see Mansoor get some shine. Do you think there is more confidence in WWE pushing talent from South Asia and the Middle East with the rise of Ali?

Great to see the return of Prince Pretty to Full Sail. The exchange between Dream and Breeze was sik. This match is gona be really good. Do you think some other talent from the main roster would benefit from a stint in NXT and who would be your first choice?

Io Shirai in those hot pants… Jheeze!!! Sorry but Io over Kairi Brother Portman.

Bless up from your boi from The BS5 :facepunch:t5:

Sugs :speak_no_evil:

So although it was another great episode of NXT we all know why i’m here!

Roderick Strong & Kyle O’Reilly were ‘popping tags’ with their fresh out of the packet tees again.

Even better than this Roddy liked my tweet about my 40th birthday tee still having it’s sticker on (5th Member of Undisputed Era “Suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggssssssss”).

RE: The episode

Why did Riddle do a run in with no shoes? are we meant to think that he just never wears shoes at all?

Hold Tight Lads

Peace out


Maluta’s codebreaker from the top rope only gets a two count ? If that’s not a finisher, I don’t know what is.
I thought Reina Gonzalez was very green/sloppy in her match, I like her though. She has potential.
Very pleased to see Tyler Breeze in NXT.

DavidGeorge91 from Manila PH


It’s very rare too see Undisputed have a awful tag match, in every episode they are always great, especially this one. I can sense that Matt RIddle will turn on Johhny Wrestling in the future. I hope his move is unforgettable, but awesome.

Good thing they took seriously on the mid-card wrestlers like Mansoor. He is the potential to become a champion soon because of it’s performance, IMHO.

The womens match is good, no questions asked. What’s interesting to that is their size stature really makes it a women’s “David vs Goliath”. Hmmmmm Reina Gonzalez gimmick reminds me the one from Justin Hawk Bradshaw. Oh one other thing, thank you for the save Io Shirai, you are really a Guardian Angel to them against three rascals, God speed to the Title match at Takeover

Welcome back Prince Pretty, I hope you will become a Prince Champion once you dethroned Ovaltine[Velveteen] Dream for good.

No Questions for now, very busy this week.

Take Care for both of you Besties :wink:


I was too slow on getting my Pokémon feedback in but,

I Remember being about 9, and here in the states Burger King was giving out a life size pokeball with a hard plastic gold mue2, an in the 5th grade you had too have this too be cool. Us 90s kids are so lit, please guys do more of our movies.

But anyway nxt was amazing, can’t wait too see breeze an dream go at it. That main event was a absolute banger.

I checked out nxt UK also an Dunn vs Walter 2 was fire, even with the fuck finish, Walter Is slowly becoming one of my favorite.

Side note - sad news I have too sell my Takeover ticket. my girlfriend is making me keep my promise to take her too Vegas instead, so that sucks. An congrats to Sir Davie Of house BDE, great job on the GOT review

Cheers bros!