Hellllllo! Davie & myself will be recording a new upNXT Thursday morning- post any comments or questions for the show/this week’s WWE NXT!

Jesse from the 6

I’m not selling what you’re buying on Lars, Braden. He’s just Snitsky 2.0. If he shaves off that stupid point on his chin and grows in his moustache like a proper beard, then we’ll talk. And why did Mauro say Lars is like Man City? City won the Premier League playing cultured, free flowing, possession football. If Lars were a football team, it’d just be a route one, ‘lump it up to the big man’ type team.

Now Kairi Sane. THERE’S a cultured wrestler. Why? Because she can SELL. That’s a traditional wrestling skill. But you wouldn’t know anything about that, would you Braden? You Millennial. You just want to see big man power moves and flippy bellends. Bah!

Seriously though, wasn’t the Mae Young Classic booked by Hunter and his NXT creative team? (Which is just one other guy, I think). It’s weird because they seem to have reversed course on the booking of that tournament. Sane won but they’re clearly higher on Baszler right now. And what’s with Lacey Evans? I would have thought that a mother and former marine could get over easily as a babyface. It’s odd.

Take Care

First time poster I found the podcast after Takeover New Orleans and am so glad I did; I love the show keep up the great work.

I live in central Florida and attend the NXT takings each month; I enjoy watching them on the network to see what they hide and what is added for extra context. For example Kairi lost her hair extensions during the match with Lacey and they did a good job covering it up on tv. I’m with Davey btw Kairi is amazing and the future of the division. Glad they’re keeping her away from Shayna for now to let her build up new talent and make their eventual match for the title down the line mean even more.

Overall glad to see multiple story lines in the women’s division. Wish they would unleash the tough cupcake Candace LeRae from the indies instead of the Mrs Wrestling she’s playing now; all in due time I suppose.

Pappy in Dallas

Can we please stop espousing the rhetoric that this is the golden age of NXT? If this were the golden age, all divisions would be red hot like in 2015. The men’s division is VERY strong, and the tag team division is on the rise, but the women’s division is a joke. The NXT Women’s Champion is the worst, greenest wrestler on the women’s roster. The matches she is involved in are terrible and boring because she drags them down with her lack of skill and polish. Yes, this is developmental but she is the champion! Champions should be able to wrestle and put over their challengers. The most credible wrestler in the division, the Mae Young Classic winner, well, she just lost clean on television to a woman so irrelevant that Brayden can never get her name right. And then you have the most polished wrestler in the division, Candice freaking Lerae, and you bury her in the Gargano storyline instead of showing off her insane wrestling talent.

Until the Women’s division gets a serious reboot, this cannot be the Golden Age of NXT.

P.S. If they wanted to get Lacey over, they didn’t have to do it at Kairi Sane’s expense. There’s a reason Aliyah still has a job in NXT. Just sayin.

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It was pretty good. I can’t wait till Lars gets called up and gets stuck in a tag team with Braun.

I wonder how long the Gargano vs. Ciampa feud is going to last if there seems to be no plan to call these guys to the main roster for the moment. It has gotten to the point that there is no reason to think that they could co-exist on the same roster or have a feud with somebody else while they are working on the same brand.

I hope this is not going to drag for many months and that it is settled by the end of the summer. This feud is very good and it would not benefit from having many more matches. It needs to be over soon in order to stay memorable. It’s already been a year since Ciampa’s turn and, although he has been injured, he has had no feud with other wrestlers.

I’ve read somewhere that there could be a possible Hell In A Cell match, which would be the end of the feud (As well as a legitimate reason for that type of match)

I’m guessing that it will end at The Summerslam Takeover.

I’m also guessing that Takeover will see Candice challenge Shayna Bayzler for the Women’s Title. At the minute Candice is needed for the Gargano/Chiampa feud and it also allows Bayzler to feud with others 1st

Candice’s bump did not make any sense.