Hellllllo! Davie & I will be recording a new upNXT sometime tonight… Post any comments or questison for tonight’s episode of WWE NXT!

Alex K from T.O

Hey guys,

Good episode of NXT as they set up Takeover. Sullivan laying out Black was a good way to make us believe Lars could win although this really feels like a big guy getting fed to Hogan during his WWF days.

Dakota Kai really felt like an afterthought when Nikki Cross showed up and beat Shayna. If they are trying to make Kai the next version of Bayley I think they are going about it the wrong way as she was nothing more than a glorified jobber during the match.

I like the segment on Bianca Bel Air and Lacey Evans interview but I think they are building up the heel side of the female division too much and the babyface side very little. What do you guys think?

Hey thanks for the shoutout on the last episode I’ll do my best to chime in with feedback from the NXT live tapings when I can. Looking forward to your discussion of Pusha ethering Drake, I know you have love with the Toronto connection but man that was maybe the strongest beef track of all time. It will be very interesting to see how/if Drake ever responds.

This was an interesting episode; it was the end of the first night of tapings so the crowd was dead for most of the night but they snuck in the Ricochet-Dijak-Dream segment from the middle of the second night randomly. They usually keep things in chronological order maybe they felt like that segment would add a pop in the middle of the show that was dragging a bit. Ricochet and Dijak had an amazing 15 minute dark match at Full Sail a few months back and have been tearing up the NXT house show scene (along with Ricochet-Dream previews) I really hope they give Dijak a character and run him into Ricochet again in the future.

They really played up EC3’s annoyance at Gargano interrupting; maybe he’ll interject during the street fight and turn heel? I think he needs something to keep him from becoming main roster Bobby Roode; maybe a jealous cowardly heel character is a good approach (so basically NXT Roode) and run him into Gargano at Takeover Brooklyn.

One last thing; Aichner’s splash off the top rope to the outside was one of the wildest moves I’ve ever seen in person. Rewatch that part of the match or check out .gif of it if you can here’s a link to the NXT twitter post about it ; he gets crazy height and comes down nearly head-first. I’m surprised they didn’t show more of it on the show. I think Aichner will be a good addition to 205 live eventually. Looking forward to the show keep up the great work.

Dan from Florida

Alistair is a cool champion but he should work on his promo skills. Someone that cool looking shouldn’t sound like a normal guy. When he’s brought up to the main roster, he shouldn’t talk. He should just kick people in the head. I can see the Daniel Bryan concussion angle now.

War Raiders do good work. I should seek out more of their older matches.

EC3 gets snubbed. HAHAHAHAHA

Johny and Ciampa are having a street fight. That’s kind of lame. But I’m sure they’ll turn it into something special.

Ricochet and Dream have a fantastic segment. The match in Chicago should be great.

The woman’s devision is a bit lacking these days but that’s okay. It is developmental after-all. Baszler does show promise. I like her “I can fuck up anyone” attitude. Another positive is she is being given time to actually develop her “sports-entertainment” skills. In my opinion, Rousey, being such a well known name, is at a disadvantage because she can’t go somewhere to work on her promo skills. However, Baszler has time to make mistakes and improve.

Dustin from Maui:

Big fan of the podcast. Great NXT episode. Ricochet is a legit superhero. And it was great to see Donovan Dijak finally debut.

Question: With the rumored newest signees: Keith Lee, Toni Storm, and IO Shirai, being added to an already stacked roster. And the rumor that NXT might be moving to FS1. Do you guys want to see NXT episodes expand to 2 hours?

Thanks again guys.

The Ricochet-Velveteen Dream segment restored my faith in all things wrestling. For selfish reasons, I hope these two stay in NXT forever or until Vince retires.

The return of Nikki Cross to the ring was awesome. Do you think she’ll get the belt or are they going to make Shayna a destroyer?

This episode was great but needed more Adam Cole.

The end of the episode reminded me of Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania IX with Dakota Kai as Bret Hart.

Carlos from sunny Scotland…

Sup gents, The past few weeks my posts have been missed as i have posted too late it seems!!! But i have been right in my predictions for the Takeover Matches. Another great outing from WWE’s flagship show.

Black should not need to work on his promo skills as some viewers have said as he should not need to talk much. His character is closer to Undertaker than anyone has come in a long while so why make him speak…Tho i do love the underdog match up we are seeing with 5 Star Lars.

Question…Is it time for NXT to add 30 mins or an hour now they are hoovering up so much indy talent and the product is so hot? Seems with a FS1 deal looking likely this may happen…

Cheers boys