FEEDBACK for Nov. 20 NXT

Hello! Recording a new upNXT tonight post any comments or questions for the show here!

Jake from The Windy City

Wednesday has become my favorite day of the year where Monday and Friday has become mehhhh at best. Someone please tell me a better match this week than Undisputed Era vs The Revival. How the hell could you possibly? I wish The Revival were allowed to have matches on Raw or SmackDown. The chemistry they had in the ring with Undisputed was off the charts. The Observer better rate that five stars.

I’m still not fond about this whole “brand” supremacy angle for Survivor Series. There are just no big stakes on the line for me to be emotionally invested in this program. What’s the point? I had to laugh at Rollins getting booed and got the “Seth’s not cool” chant.

P.S. Thanks for your take on the whole Cornette thing. At this point, he is just no better than Vince Russo. They both deserve each other and can f*ck off.

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Terry from Colorado.

Man I hope you two can compose yourselves tonight after that tease of Kairi and Io. But damn what a night of great matchups especially that tag match. That is one of the best matches of the year imo. Fk WWE screwed us of a great triple threat. No shade at the new day but I was pumped to see revival in that one. Who do you guys think will be the last member of team ciampa? Great shows as always fellas loved the Wu Tang review.

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Very disappointed WWE teased us with Kairi/Io again, and then yanked it away from us. Also maybe it was just me, but I legitimately thought Kairi was Nikki Bella for a moment until the headbutt. Maybe they will interact at Survivor Series, or Worlds Collide (Worlds Collide is taking place during Royal Rumble weekend instead of Takeover as of right now according to travel packages).

Also Seth’s credibility as a babyface is completely shot if even Full Sail boos him.

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Paul from New Jersey

The show kicked off pretty hot with Becky Lynch. It was certainly interesting seeing her on the away team getting mixed reactions. Two negatives 1. We know neither Lynch or Ripley will job in this situation making it impossible for me to get invested in this match 2. As an IICONIC’s mark. I had to watch them get a beatdown from Mary and the Duke this past Monday. Would’ve been nice to see them jump the horse women with Becky. Liked the fire from Dakota Kai & I would totally smoke a J with Kay Lee Ray. I’m going to keep doing these until you tell me to stop. I have to say this might have been my least favorite NXT on USA thus far. The run ins just become jarring and it’s very reminiscent of late WCW. Question, with all of these cross brand interferences, will we see an attack from the BDE on the Post office? It would only be appropriate. Keep up the great work gentlemen.

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Sango from Malaysia here.

I was ecstatic to see Kona Reeves make his official USA debut, and I was furious to see Ricochet steal the match away from him. Hope the FINEST will send that bald fuck a receipt the next time he shows up. Gotta admit, though, that cannonball through the ropes was tremendous.

UE-Revival delivered on the hype. Found it weird seeing Scott Dawson get a hot tag, but other than that, it was a blast seeing these four go hard, all day and night. Having these teams face each other in front of a hot Full Sail crowd probably turned out better than putting them in the Survivor Series triple threat to an uncertain crowd.

Good night, sleep tight, don’t let NXT off the air as Ciampa continues to fight.

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Its a me, Luigi!

Wednesday Night Wrestling rules. Another great show, and stoked for this weekend. I don’t have many thoughts aside from everything was good tonight. Who is better at Mario Party 2, Braden or Davie?


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Ahoy! (#StillLoveMyPirate)

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