Hello! Recording a special Hangover edition of upNXT tomorrow at 11 with Davie & I! Post any comments or questions for the show here!

Eva from London
I was at Takeover and unfortunately could not leave feedback for your live show as I was on a bus back to the forest city. Here are my quick thoughts on the show, since hangovers are basically a recap anyway.

  1. Breezango was fun live. That was my first time doing the fandago hand gesture in a live crowd and i nearly laughed at how infectious it was
  2. Breakout match was good for what i saw…i was too busy using it as an excuse to practice taking pictures with my phone for the main card. Since you guys werent there i can attest an actual this is awesome chant broke out
  3. Tag title match. Fun opener, great action, and on the hangover nigel spotted just as you did and I did O’Reilly was not the legal man.
  4. Shirai vs Lerae. Match of the night nothing more to say
  5. Triple threat North American. Great match but not as good as i expected. Loved dreams heel work throughout, was hoping Roddy would win.
  6. Two things. I get Baszler is not everyones cup of tea and i get Mia Yim is not that good of a babyface. But 1. Baszler was why i put down my money to go to this show. So if your not going to cheer or boo, dont spend the entirety of the match talking right into my ear about how both wrestlers suck (this is for assholes who sat behind me), do so before the belll and only loud enough for me to hear. And 2. I watched this match back on the network. Was it the weakest match on the show? Yes. Was it still a good match? Yes. Shaynas selling has gotten amazing. Id arguably say shes probably one of the top sellers in the entire WWE female roster. Yim and Baszler worked together well enough, just with Baszler being polarizing and nobody carrying about Yim, most people checked out without giving it a chance. Deserved to be on take over. Also this and the shirai finish were different. Shirai did it as a submission finish nothing more. Baszler transitioned into the leg lock because her arm was too injured for kirifuda showing her ingenuity.
  7. Main event. Overall good match throughly enjoyed myself. Thought the cage stip was a bit overbooked and that Gargano should have come out as Puck instead of Wolverine but on the whole great especially since this was the first time i had seen either wrestle in person. Solid takeover. Keep up the good work BDE. See you next week jobber cops (which included smash owner Sebastian suave). Riddle flinging his flip flops off was awesome

Rich from England now in Toronto

This is not so much feedback but questions for you both.

With Bayley challenging Candice on Twitter to a fight at clash of champions, does that hint at a Gargano call up to Smackdown as the WWE doesn’t like splitting up couples? Or more concerning, a Gargano call up to 205 Live and Candice to Smackdown.

With the potential/almost certainty that NXT will move to FS1, will we also see an increase in the number of NXT pay per views to once a month like the main roster? I certainly hope not!

How much will we see Pete Dunne in the coming months? I felt like they were teasing a feud with Dream as he screwed him out of the win at Takeover. However, if the Undisputed prophecy happens, where does Pete fit in if they want the belt on Roddy? Also, Pete doesn’t seem keen on a permanent move to the States, but he is a star in my opinion and wasted if they keep him in NXT UK.

Look forward to hearing your thoughts… Cheers!


Kudos to the Bruiserweight for giving Cathy Kelley a bit of respect, for it seems the others backstage really resent her. He’s such a gentleman.

Io’s promo video makes her out to be a star, and I love it, but……… (and there’s always a but):
Apparently this week when Kairi came out on Raw, for her tag match, she wasn’t smiling and that got a lot of attention online. She was likely signaling that she and Asuka would lose again. This brought about some internet chatter, which led Bryan Alvarez on a long rant that Vince isn’t really racist, but Vince does prefer blondes, and that the really important fact is that Vince demands that his top stars speak English (at least decently.) And thus foreign talent such as the Japanese never are looked upon as top stars (though they will get some TV time and some shine if they are good otherwise.)

My perception is that Io is as good as any talent out there, male or female, and if I had a promotion I would make her the top star regardless of gender. But I am not Vince (thankfully).

So, if it really is true about that hard rule regarding English, does this not doom Io, no matter how great of a worker she is? What do you all think is Io’s likely upside, given the realities of WWE?

Moving on… Myles of Smyles is fun but I don’t know what he really does next. I hope he goes after Dream.

Ahoy! (May whoever made Kairi unhappy sit on a mound of fire-ants.)

P.S. I don’t know why folk are hating on Shayna. Not only is she better than many of the female talent on Raw and Smackdown, but her portrayal as a heel has been one of the better heel acts in WWE, which notoriously have a hard time getting a real heel to get real heel heat (rather than go-away heat.)

(Pappy in Dallas)

Couple of points about this Takeover:

1.) When it comes to the Women’s title match, I felt your post show put all the blame on Mia Yim. Have you guys noticed that since Shayna won the title, her title defenses on Takeovers are usually the worst matches on their respective cards? I’m not sure why Shayna gets a free pass. She can’t work and she can’t carry a match, which is why she should have never been given a Women’s title run in the first place. Her in-ring skills haven’t improved either. She’s the female Baron Corbin, Vince should call her up to put us NXT fans out of our misery.

2.) This comment is ESPECIALLY to Bray D: Have you listened to your Takeover post show? Do you realize that you all crapped on this takeover because the prophecy didn’t happen on this show? Do you realize that you sound like crybaby marks who didn’t get the kayfabe result they wanted? Of course we’re all entitled to our opinions, but I think most people who watched Takeover worldwide thought it was an awesome show. People on reddit were losing their mind Saturday night about how great this Takeover was. You guys talked it down like it was Takeover: San Antonio, and as far as I can tell, the only reason you guys crapped on it is because you had it in your head that Undisputed Era were winning all the men’s titles and when they didn’t, you decided it was just an okay Takeover. I love you guys and love the show, but holy hell did your post show come off like a bunch of whiny babies simply because the guys you wanted to win didn’t win. I’ve listened to every ep of this show and years of whatsNXT, and I’ve never heard this reaction from you. I’m going to chalk it up to the fact that when you got another Takeover in your city, and Undisputed Era were in all the men’s title matches, you reverted to your five year old self, fantasy booked, and when you didn’t get your way, threw an “Alexa Bliss tantrum” in your head and then crapped on the show once your tears dried up. Would love to hear you own up to this BrayD. Own up to the bias in your assessment of this Takeover.


Pappy in Dallas

(Not all WWE couples are together)

I also think that takeover was not the best ever. Io/Candice was brilliant, the tag match, the triple threat were really good. I did not enjoy the main event (not my type of match, way too long). Shayna is like a lot of brawlers in WWE, she needs a high flyer to run around her like Kairi. Shayna vs Mia is like Roman Reigns vs Elias, for example, it doesn’t work.

So thaaaaaaats what happen before TakeOver :joy:
Tailgate > Hangover

Also, I kept saying this all weekend but the breakout tournament had no heat because it felt like a bunch of no names. Literally NO Names from the Indies. I would have cared way more if it was a BOLA esq tournament with names I had heard of instead of all repackaged guys who had no proper introduction.

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