FEEDBACK for NXT August 21

Hello! Recording upNXT Thursday morning with Davie & I chatting all about the new NXT to USA network news- and this week’s NXT!
Post any comments or questions here!

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Chris Thunder from Down Under,

First Time in a Long Time! Yes, I’ve finally renewed my WWE Network Subscription since I canceled shortly after WrestleMania.

While I enjoyed the match between Shane Thorne and Bronson Reed I was underwhelmed by the crowd, because if this was anywhere in Australia the crowd would have been red hot.

Mauro had a nice line of “these Men At Work From A Land Down Under”, but “Meat Pie offence” What The F*** Nigel?

I’m still hopeful for “The Mighty” to be reformed in NXT with leader Shane Thorne and tag team Bronson Reed & Brendon Vink as they were all part of TMDK in Australia, plus Rhea Ripley would be a perfect fit fighting for the Women’s Championship.

Sanity couldn’t do it, Undisputed Era can’t do it, I still want my faction drapped in NXT gold damn it!


  1. As no TV deal has been announced for NXT in Canada I assume that you will soon be watching 2-hours on Thursday Nights and recording on Thursday Nights / Fridays Mornings?

  2. If you were booking NXT for the first week head-to-head with AEW would you treat it like a Full Sail Takeover and load the card that night with championship defences?

Eva from London,
Unlike most, I do read ahead so I knew the results tonight, and was only really engaged in the Dain Riddle match. I am excited for Lee Djakovic 2. With that in mind my questions are around the move to live TV

  1. Do you think VKM will take control from HHH? Personally I dont think he will, at least not long term. As John said on RAR what has vince been grooming hunter for if not for this moment.
  2. On either the debut broadcast or on the Oct 2 clash with AEW, do you see either of the two NXT belts ( Cole and Baszler) changing hands to pop ratings? And if so who picks up the live victory?
  3. Do you see NXT as basically now main roster ie for example even if she drops the title soon, I dont think Shayna will be coming up from NXT, at least not this year. With them now in primetime a move to raw or Smackdown for Shayna seems more a parallel shift than a minor to major leagues callup. Then again, I wonder what Vince would do if NXT started drawing better than RAW
  4. I know we are all wrestling fans here but if you had to choose a side for this Wednesday Night War what side are you taking and why?
    Keep up the good work gentlemen. #WeareNXT

Not thrilled about the Mia/Shayna feud potentially continuing. Big oof.

Also a complete lack of Io in tonight’s broadcast disappointed me. Hopefully there is something next week.

Ari from Montreal
So i guess you guys are also getting your main roster call ups?
An average episode…but excited about the keith lee and dominic dijak feud (not gonna even try to spell his wwe name haha)
2 questions:

  1. Do you guys think because of the move to us network maybe they knew of time of this decision and thts why they didnt do any titles changes in the 6?
  2. John and Wai were talking about maybe Zayn and/or Nakumura going back to nxt, however as they said “its akward like you going back to.high school after you graduated” Also as we have seen main roster guys usually are sent to put current roster over. Tht being said who would you want to see on nxt after the move (fantasy booking)
    And who do you think will end up going?


NXT vocabulary statistics: “Opportunity” word count - four occurrences within first 10 minutes. McMahon-speak is just a turn-off for me and I fear it’s only going to get worse.

My reaction to Mansoor - a bit of a downgrade for him to be losing on NXT after winning the 50 Man Battle Royal, don’t you think? Even if NXT now is no longer seen as “developmental” and some of the experienced talent may just spend the rest of their careers in NXT, I think Mansoor is good enough to make it on Raw or Smackdown and should be given that chance.

Now to the elephant in the room (which I expect you to have discussed at length before getting to the feedback section): the imminent changes to NXT. Watching Thorne v. Reed I was struck about how generic these two guys are. It was underwear model versus the big boy; both guys would rate as good talents for your local pub wrestling show, but on a major network a match like this just seems a little too bland. I was not engaged in the match, though initially I was curious to see if Reed had anything more to offer than what we saw in the Breakout tournament.

So, can the new two-hour NXT get away from these type of developmental matches? I think they have to get away from those types of matches if they are going to draw eyes away from AEW. Matches like Thorne-Reed or Yim-Bourne cannot compete with the likes of the Young Bucks or even full on Joshi matches (which I expect to see once in awhile on AEW.)

Ahoy! (Wishing WWE will trade a pirate to AEW in exchange for a librarian.)


DavidGeorge91 from Manila, Philippines

Hello BFFs,

i’ll make this a short feedback as I’m still sad of what happened at TakeOver (specifically Miya Yim, and Johnny Wrestling).

The first match is kinda of a mediocre to me even though he[Manssor] is still new in this town. He has a lot to learn in NXT nonetheless keep it up until you make it to the top. Sidenote his suicide plancha kinda sparks to me on what Edge did to José Estrada Jr. years ago, see the similarities?

Great to see the two Aussies fighting each other in the ring. Good match.

Great, brutal but shocking main event theres no question about it.


*Is Cameron Grimes related to Rick Grimes?

*What hapenned to Taynara Conti? What is her status?

*How do you compare Damien Priest finisher to the one by Cody Rhodes.

*Any word of inactive wrestlers as of now.

PS: Can’t wait for NXT to become a 2-hour weekly show, let’s hope that I will be a success like before. Also, that’s an awesome UpNXT theme you got there, the intro tune reminds me of the one by Austin Aries (WWE one).

Keep up your good work Besties, Take care, God bless you all…

Good show overall,

Easily the best Damien Priest has looked, nice to see him move more toward a power game with less striking (other than close range knees), he needs to drop the Archer thing though it adds nothing toward making him interesting.

Good to see the Breakout guys getting used as well.

Main event was awesome and having Dain win is the right choice for now, a damaged Riddle can afford a loss, it makes Dain look like a monster and the feud can continue giving them both something to do once NXT goes live. I mean having that main event on one of the early USA shows would definitely draw interest.

The only down was the Mia v shayna continuation. Mis struggling a bit against Borne was no good, but especially she should have done something with the stupid sticker after the match, shove it in Borne’s mouth, or knock out Alyiah and stick it on her. Leaving it one made her look dumb, then the continuation of her feud with Shayna isn’t interesting unless she is going to start a faction to fight back or something. She has lost to Shayna twice now, clean.