FEEDBACK for NXT December 2019

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s episode of NXT featuring Finn Balor vs Adam Cole and Rhea Ripley vs Shayna Baszler!

We will be recording upNXT LIVE on YouTube at 10:30EST.

Hi everyone. Not much to talk about tonight, so here are my thoughts:

  • Finn Balor lost to the shock of no one. Thanks to Johnny. I had a feeling this was coming.

  • Very sad Cameron Grimes got his hat back.

  • Io won her match and it was nice. That being said, I wonder what a fan yelled at her during her entrance? Because she turned around and called them a bitch shortly after her music stopped.

  • Rhea being NXT women’s champion feels a bit…weird? I mean I thought she would win, but it feels like they booked her like a superwoman in that match, and I don’t like that. At all. Especially in NXT.

  • As an aside, the Kairi situation at TLC was pretty awful, and I feel like it was a combination of management and Charlotte being incompetent. I remember Mark Henry bringing up that Charlotte doesn’t like Kairi apparently and is very reckless with her in matches.

Question of the Week: Hey BrayD, are you okay man? Mauro dropped the news that Io Shirai is engaged to EVIL. There are plenty of other fish in the sea, bud.

Okay okay, actual Question of the Week:

With Rhea being champion, who do you see dethroning her when its time? I think it’ll be Io when its time, maybe move her into a badass tweener role.

Paul from New Jersey

Also very sad Cameron Grimes got his hat back.

Full disclosure, I just don’t care about Priest Vs. Dane. I can’t remember why they are feuding. Something about nut shots. The good news, Io Sharai is back on Tv with an excellent showcase with Santana Garrett. Bad news, she’s getting married and it’s not to the BRAYD. Some genius she is. I’m sure it’s a rough for the Shayna super fan, but this had to happen. Ripley has been built up in phenomenal style & it’s time for the queen of spades to win the raw women’s title, the SmackDown women’s title and hell throw the Intercontinental title on her while you’re at it. She’s that damn good.

if you haven’t already, can you guys discuss the TLC main event? I was thinking how cool it must be for Davie to watch Kairi headline a main roster pay-per-view, but that match took a scary turn. Thoughts? Never forget, you are the superior brand.

Good show overall despite the outcomes of the 2 main events being somewhat predictable. I thought Rhea and Shayna tore the house down and Rhea is super over with that crowd. It was great, but as soon as they were on the turn buckle at the end I knew what was going to happen, avalanche riptide for the win, albeit a bit sloppy.

Matt from the 604

Well, you boys were right and called both title matches.I am excited for the women’s division but am worried about where Finn goes from here. So, on to the random question of the week:

What’s the best and worst Christmas present you have ever received?

Remember the Ealy brothers?

Wrasslingram remembers.

Eva from London, yes the shayna superfan.
Rest of the show was stellar cole balor delivered, dain and priest was a surprise decent match, banks dunne good, main event phenomenal (except the “crowd” filling the ring i thought was hokey and a third of the match happened in commercial break).
First, Imo this was the right call to make and the right person to make it with. Not Io not Bianca not Candice, Rhea. She is over and provided the perfect foil for Baszler, and i look forward to seeing what the mosh pit kid does with the belt Shayna held with pride
Second, twice during the match they had me bite on Shayna winning (the chair ddt and the kirifuda arm drop spot). As someone who called Rhea winning since her you haven’t beaten me promo, I’ll admit i got worked.
3. Looks like Shayna’s headed to Raw or Smackdown after the holidays. Iyo should she debut ASAP or should she debut in the rumble?
4. As a Shayna superfan this was bittersweet. Its nice seeing her move on (hopefully) to bigger and better things (cmon WrestleMania) after being the staple of the NXT womens divison for over a year, but that belt will never shine as bright as it did around the waist of the Queen of Spades.
Keep up the good work boys Merry Christmas
PS read Paul from NJs post, could not agree more

Harry from Houston,

Sorry I haven’t been able to leave feedback since NXT went live, I’ve been taking night classes every Wednesday for the last semester but now I’m going to be able to watch live again.

All I have to say right now is that Shayna vs Ripley might be in serious contention for match of the year in NXT. Everything from the entrances to the celebration had me on the edge of my seat and was one of the few matches in recent memory that forced me to stand up from my couch in anxiety as Ripley was in the clutch. The whole presentation was pure magic and made the whole Shayna run worth it. Rhea will be a great champion and I hope she gets a solid run with the belt because she’s quickly become one of the hottest babyfaces in the entire show.

Nas from NYC (not the rapper)

Condolences to Davie for results last week from across the Atlantic. I hope the news right down South here helps.

This show though. These 3 months run of NXT has to be the best wresting on TV since the SmackDown Six. Just unreal. Last week I said that the middle of the show felt flat. So they give us 3 superb matches sandwiched by the two Championship matches. Grimes vs Kushida and Dunne vs Banks were so so good. And always good to see Io Shirai. The depth of this women’s division is scary. Santana Garrett looked very good. And that lass who turned up on Raw, Deonna P, to face Asuka was good too.

The two Championship matches were predictable. But I like when wrestling is predictable because it means that it also makes sense. Genuinely popped for Rhea. That title feels like the most prestigious title in all of WWE. Felt huge.

Also happy to see that Mr NXT is back.

The referee should also have passed the information to the other girls in the match.