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Ari from Montreal (long time been a while)
Overall an okay episode. I wont go through every match but i was underwealmed with the breakout tournement match as like Braden i thought this could have been the final. Other than that in an alternative booking universe would u guys see Bobby Fish as a pirate? I donno he just looks like a pirate…his last name is fish…and could have his finisher named Davy Jones Locker. Also would u guys think O’Reilly would be better off going for the North American title…just to change things up? I kno it wont happen but I can wish it.
Cant wait to watch almas and gargano with you all in the 6

Not gonna lie. I did not care about this episode of NXT at all. Everything felt underwhelming. And it seems like its all but inevitable Mia is getting the next title shot against Shayna (with the way that commentary was playing it up, and Mia’s little speech afterwards), and I cannot say I’m even remotely excited for that. Especially since they did her no favors tonight when she struggled to put away Aliyah. I’m gonna make a really bold statement here, and say that unless the Yim/Baszler stuff heats up quickly, its going to be one of Shayna’s least interesting title defenses since she joined NXT.

Even the Breakout Tournament stuff wasn’t notable this week.

Honestly this is probably an unpopular opinion, but NXT has been very weak over the past few weeks with bright spots few and far between.

Eva from the Forest City,
So with no Shayna “Queen of NXT” to carry the show how did it fair? I think decent is the right word. I was underwhelmed with the Mia Yim match though id chalk that up to Aliyah’s not being charismatic and somewhat green. I also didnt buy her challenging Shayna from the announcers desk. It came off a bit wooden.

Kushida vs Kung Fu jobber was an ok squash.

I loved everything about Scott vs Grimes. I had seen Scott before in season 1 of LU never had seen Grimes but color me impressed. I especially loved his finishing midair stomp. Just short of Garza Wilde but still mint.

Bianca Belair is like a female Cesaro with her strength this may be an unpopular opinion but that braid needs to go. It takes me out of her matches it was a good oneoff but she needs to let it go.

Main event Strong breeze have good chemistry, alright match with stellar as always backbreaker from strong.
Question its looking like Yim Baszler in the 6, and despite the underwhelming nature of the feud so far, my gut is telling me Shayna drops the belt to get the callup. Removing horsewomen from the equation, when should shayna be called up and who should she feud with first? Great show as always on your end Brayden and Davie #FaleforG1

The master of sushi goroshi

Long time not first time

Quick feedback

Regal go to sleep man … I was afraid he was about to sleep while talking on the mic , they need a new gm I think .

Who the fuck is the smaller version of Killian dain… did you guys created him in 2k19 and the blue fairy granted his wish to become a real human… he looks like shit … they sold his lariot like it was the shit , sorry guys it was real shit …

What a great re introducing of Bianca Belair , I’m so sorry but people can say what they want about the fact that she is ready or not but for me she is miles away in front of mia yim and other female roster on the main roster for me .

I love Roderick strong so much , every time I see him on my tv he always reminds me of how awesome he is . So underrated .

I’m so sorry bray plz don’t ban me but the kush doesn’t do it for me for the moment . He is just meh … why is he wrestling 1 minute if this guy is awesome as they made him look with the signing vignette .

Final thing I never watched anything but Wwe , I just saw the card for evolve and I don’t even know half of the wrestlers there , should I give a shot anyway ?

This comes as no surprise, but William Regal is the best. Not sure if you caught it, but when the forgotten-ones confronted him in his office, Regal carefully placed his left hand in a particular location - it was almost out of frame but not quite.

NXT seems a bit derailed and I wonder if that is because of the random call-ups McMahon is doing without letting the NXT writers time to set up the departures?

Kushida has always been a favorite of mine in NJPW but in NXT I have to wonder what his real purpose can be on a WWE show. He seems like another great wrestler destined for the desert of 205 Live.

And speaking of call-ups, is Bianca long for NXT? Since WWE now wants to keep couples together I expect she will be gone soon, if indeed Heyman wants the Street Profits on Raw and has convinced Vince to do it.


This episode was not exciting. I just thought Bianca’s squash was the best squash match I’ve seen in quite some time. I wanted Fandango to show up at the end and reform the Fashion Police.

The Adam Cole segment was really good.

I definitely feel like Angelo Dawkins and Aaliyah are the ones that had been lingering around nxt the longest, it’s like football at school when there is the two left that no one wants on their side. So now with Dawkins getting the call up my question is will Aaliyah ever make it onto the main roster?? Let’s face it braden you’re already on your 3rd co-host & counting since she’s been in nxt. :slight_smile:

Michael from Newfoundland.

Adam Cole trolling Johnny’s old neighbourhood is one of the best things on WWE tv in a long while. He has absolutely no reason to do it other than to be a dick. It’s great.