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Jesse from the 6

Man, Johnny Wrestling losing the title on his first defense is wack.
But even though I didn’t like the result, I loved how they got there. Gargano-Cole 1 may have been more emotional, but I think Gargano-Cole 2 told a better story as a pro-wrestling match. They told the story of each knowing the other’s moves and subsequently second-guessing themselves perfectly. And they both sold their respective injured limbs sensibly and consistently.

I think we’re all fortunate to be able to watch a generation of wrestlers who grew up watching and loving wrestling and who approach their craft thoughtfully and creatively. And often these wrestlers perform in front of crowds who are not “marks” to be conned nor fair-weather fans who are coming just because the proverbial circus is in town, but rather lifelong fans who approach the product knowledgeably and emotionally. The result is we get the greatest wrestling ever.

Having said all that, how dare these nutmeg snorting ass-clowns boo Johnny Wrestling. This is why Connecticut can’t have nice things.

Take Care

Jake from The Windy City

How Vince McMahon responds to AEW: Brock boomboxing and dancing, a whiny Dolph Ziggler promo, and an awful Memorial Day party segment.

How HHH responds to AEW: Makes the word “wrestling” seem legit by putting ANOTHER superb and exciting Takeover with matches exceeding the last Takeover.

To be honest with you, I thought this Takeover was just gonna be a filler show with not much going on because of not a long enough time to build it up. Boy, was I so deluded.

After the ladder match, I though we already got our match of the night but ma,n this main event is ridiculous. Everything about it is white hot. However, I thought the ref bump made no sense since the rest of Undisputed never came out but other than that, was legit surprised and popped when Adam won clean. Especially the crowd reactions. The crowd deserves some praise too. There is nothing better, as a live entertainer, than performing in front of a white hot crowd for the ENTIRE NIGHT.

I just saw a cowboy wai ting sign during the tag ladder match.How awesome!

Very disappointed Io lost, but I’m fine with the post match angle. Do you guys think the feud is over? And if not, do you think it’ll result in a rematch being set for Toronto with some sort of stipulation attached (Street Fight/Hardcore/I Quit/etc)?

It was very interesting that Triple H mentioned (in the post Takeover Q&A) that Io is likely dropping the sportsmanship like aspect of her personality and going to start using violence to get what she wants (the title, according to her tweets).

Jalen from Pickering,

This was a nice show after not watching wrestling for a couple months. I find it comical - and at least for now, nonsensical - to have Mr. NXT, who took 2 years to get here, who gave you the best NXT storyline ever, who has probably half of the best Takeover matches ever, lose in his first defence on an anniversary show. I’m also just not a fan of those Cole vs Gargano matches, they both felt indyriffic to me.

The Dream could and should be a mega star and top guy in the industry in like 5 years. This dude has it all and needs to be in NXT until Vince is gone. I would love for him to be the equivalent to Nakamura in NJPW, and be a top guy who elevates that secondary championship to be his.

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Jamie from Royal Leamington Spa

Colour me very shocked at Cole winning! A pretty solid show, but felt a step below recent takeovers. Not that the show wasn’t good, but nothing stood out as blow away amazing; in particular felt the main event was excellent but had too much ‘Johnny Kickout’ and as much as I like Shayna, it feels like she has the same match every time now and I’m just waiting for her to lose so that we get something fresh.

Ladder match was fantastic, really glad for Street Profits, and very eager to see where they go. Breeze and Dream also had a banger and I’m hoping we see more from them.

BG from St Albans

The wrestlers always find a way to do new spots in Ladder matches, and some of the old ones never fail to pop me, like Montez springboarding on the ladder at the end, sheer magic.

Glad to see Adam Cole pick up the win, but where does this leave Johnny? Please don’t call him up and then fuck him with ‘good shit’ booking Vince!

Really enjoyed the show, long live Shayna bitches!

Amazing show! You both are great keep up the great work! Missed meeting you both in New York maybe in Chicago or sometime in future! Bigppc Phil C

Brad the Dad (from Halifax)

Just wow, This show is so much better than the main roster it’s almost unfit.

First, we get logic. The only non-title match went first in our evening.

Second it was a great fast one on one opener and then an amazing ladder match to follow for our tag titles putting the titles on a new hot team.

Tyler breeze is criminally underutilize! why is he not the guy getting a shot at super Showdown against Seth Rollins instead we get ‘Boring’ Corbin?

The main event had great storytelling with an ending that makes both guys still look strong .

Bring on the reign of Triple H as WWE overlord. This is the better show, yes even better than AEW. Yes I said it. Why? 2 1/2 hours of perfect! In, out and oh so good.

P.S. Watch the first two hours with my 11-year-old son who is a huge Adam Cole fan. But he fell asleep in the main event :frowning: can’t wait until the morning to see him running around my house screaming Adam Cole bah-bah. 8.5 out of 10

Excellent show. Ladder match was brutal. Women’s match post match angle has me hooked. Superb main event. Johnny wrestling is on another level. Don’t let vince get his hands on him. Andy, West London, UK

Harry from Houston,

Mixed feelings on this show.

The opener was perfect and was everything you wanted out of one.

The ladder match was awesome and all but street profits as nxt tag champions feel pretty weak to me. I think Montez is great but the team overall feels like a solid midcard team, not the champions.

Dream/Breeze did absolutely nothing for me. Boring match with a crowd still recovering from the ladder match and the finish made breeze look like an idiot. I’m like the only guy left that just isn’t sold on dream as his matches are very hit or miss with me and I still think he needs to be carried.

Io/Shayna was fine but I would have had Io go over and be done with it. I don’t know why this feud needed to be extended.

Gargano/Cole was MOTN and almost as good as their New York match. I’m pretty disappointed gargano lost even though I said he felt cold after winning the title I think he should’ve been given a solid run as champ at the very least. It kind of devalues his win in New York IMO and I’m never a fan of these super short babyface reigns in NXT. Cole is over as fuck though and they need to turn him babyface

7/10 show, not one of the stronger takeovers but a solid one.

First time long time! I always anticipate UpNXT & enjoy all the awesome content you guys produce. Maybe/hopefully you guys’ll come down here to Tampa for Mania next year to jam out to some good karaoke!

NXT Bridgeport was magnificent. All matches, to me, had all my attention & I enjoyed them. I’m 50/50 on the crowing of our new Undisputed overlord but I know it’ll be great.

Question: When you think of the current NXT Championship scene, you obviously think of:

Adam Cole
Johnny Gargano
Matt Riddle (possibly)

That’s a short list, in my opinion. There really aren’t anyone else for the Main Event scene right now. So my actual question is: who should be built up to that status? I’d personally go with:

Keith Lee
Jaxson Ryker

Chris for Carlisle, England
Brilliant show as always and not wanting to repeat anything anyone else has said.
Although NXTUK Takeover Cardiff on the same day as NJPW Royal Quest at the Copper Box in London and All Out… Can’t help but think they’ve done that on purpose. Thoughts?

Gaurav from India.

Another epic Takeover.
Roddy and Riddle was an intense opener.
Tyler Breeze exceeded expectations.
IO and the post match beatdown got me hooked.
Adam Cole vs Gargano 2 delivered bigtime.
The ladder match was my Match of the Night.

Kyle dying multiple times made me scream at 5 in the morning and ended up waking roomates up.
It’s going to be a fun day

Out of all the 25 takeovers there’s been which one is your favorite takeover my personal favorite is takeover respect

Charbel from Victoriaville

Best takeover ever … for real this time

Every match was incredible

Best riddle match …

Best ladder match I ever seen blew the North American ladder match of last year or so

Best shayna match I ever seen her in … I hate her … I hate her so much … when she won I was so fucking mad … I hate everything about her ! She is the most heel female wrestler I know … she is just a pure heel ! Perfect I love her !

Best match I ever seen in my fucking life cole gargano 2 … I don’t know what to say just wow … my favourite match of all time

When I saw the logo of gargano cole 2 … Toronto will be the third. I’m coming for the tailgate