Hello! Recording a new upNXT after NXT, post any comments or questions for the show here!

Holy shit boys. Thought I was gonna write in about how great a main event that was but damn! Did not see that heel turn coming. Guess those are the best ones. I’m left stumped after that one. Awesome show as always keep up the great work fellas

Paul from New Jersey

Stoked Nox and Kai beat the UFC jobbers. It seems that lately, performers have been able to cut promos in there native tongue which is fantastic. Asuka and Kairi sounded like Gogo from Kill Bill. Good stuff. Did you guys catch the woman spazzing out screaming “Go to hell!” after Balor turned? Florida is a fun place.

The Finn Balor heel turn was excellent. Same goes for the triple threat. However, lets talk about the big matches for next week, and what I feel is going to happen.

  • I feel like Kairi and Asuka are going to retain the tag titles next week.
  • I dunno how Io/Candice is going to shake out, to be honest. I think Io is going to win, or if she does lose, it will be in an incredibly flukey fashion (rollup), which will feed into a later bit of speculation I have.

Theory/Speculation for next week: If you didn’t know, Io recently had an interview published (in a Japanese pro wrestling magazine) talking about how her heel turn (and current creative direction) is her idea, and that she wants a faction (of women who can stand next to her). I think the Kabuki Warriors will retain next week (either winning outright, or losing via DQ), attack Dakota and Tegan after the match, Candice will attempt to make the save, just to be intercepted by Io. Ending scene will be the Kabukis and Shirai together. They all have history with each other (Kairi worked with Io in STARDOM, Asuka teamed with Io as part of Triple Tails a long time ago), so it makes sense.

Maybe I’m overthinking that, but I don’t think WWE booked a women’s tag title match on NXT for just a simple title defense either.

As an aside, if I never have to see Bulk and Skull (Jessamyn/Marina) wrestle again, I will be very thankful.

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Braden, why did you girl have to come out and try to mess with my girl’s match tonight? All joking aside, everyone looked great in the post-match segment of the Rhea vs Bianca match. Well, except for Belair.

Did you guys know that Matt Riddle and Cameron Grimes are who we thought they are? Was Mauro reading Beth Phoenix’s part of the commentary? I wish the crowd had been more creative with the Riddle chants and chanted Bro-berg instead. This needs to become a thing. #Broberg

The six-man was incredible and better than I expected. I guess you could say I was Swerved. John Pollock better not steal that one.

The women’s tag match was alright. Duke and Shafir’s screaming during their entrance looked like a couple of kids imitating wrestlers and I feel is a little too much. I bet Davie is looking forward to seeing his girl return to NXT to defend the titles with Asuka. Wow, Kairi and Io on the same show again next week, what will you guys do?

I loved the triple threat tonight especially the numerous tandem move spots. Roddy had great in-ring chemistry with Lee and Dijakovic despite forgetting to wear a hoodie to the ring. I liked most of all that he won without the Undisputed Era’s help.

Good solid show with a great lineup of matches that kept my interest throughout especially the ending segment with Balor turning. Glad Balor has a clear path ahead. Now, it’s time to go watch that other show and hope Jericho doesn’t take up all the TV time this week. Keep up the great podcast and have a good night.

Chris From The Roc- This my first time in a long time posting here

Wassup guys didnt have to work my night job and was able to watch live this week and im happy i did, another great show, I was hoping we would get a heel Balor, him and Gargano feud is going to be great I loved that ending, Roddy Fucking Strong is great that tower of doom spot was crazy Im glad no one was hurt from it cause that could’ve ended bad for him

I love the show I wish u guys all the best keep up the good work

Decent show, up until the surprise turn at the end I was leaning toward this being the weakest of the NXT shows thus far. It wasn’t bad but I felt the matches were fairly standard fare, and the finish to the main event was super predictable. When Balor came out I started thinking “ok they are setting up war games, who else is going to come out now?” Thinking maybe we were getting another big return. Instead it was a big turn with Balor laying out Gargano. I’m wondering what the explanation is going to be, I was half expecting him to put up the UE sign as he walked up the ramp. But that would feel a bit off with them all having titles and him without a title, especially as he is the biggest name.

Eva from London
Yes the Shayna superfan with a new segment, random Shayna fact nobody asked for of the week: Shayna Baszler can play the Cello along with the bass guitar

In all seriousness great episode of NXT
Rhea Belair Great…and Io’s interference meant nothing!

Grimes Riddle was a sleeper hit. Loved Bate punching babadook in the face.
That six man tag was one as well.

Womens tag match alright. Hot take: I think duke is improving but shafir looks to remain the same. Knew the outcome all along because Asuka and Kairi are heels

Main event out of this world (has roddy won on nxt with that Knee before)

And then that heel turn…i thought it was setting up for the wargames match but then that pele kick from nowhere…the real rock n rolla.

Question: at this point what do you think the wargames match at wargames will be? Who is in the drivers seat to challenge Shayna for the title? And Balor vs Gargano at takeover for the Mr NXT moniker? What was the wine this week?
Keep up the great work Mr. H and Mr. P
PS C3p0 made me cry

Sango from Malaysia here.

Regarding BrayD’s question about our Prime Minister last week: He’s 94 years old. It’d only take one male model to end it all.

This week’s NXT felt decent up til the banger of a main event, which helped lift up the whole show.

It was great to watch Bianca and Rhea going head-to-head; not often do we see two female powerhouses going at each other. Io’s run-in with the 619 was sublime, but I’m eager to see how Rhea will make her pay after that attempted interference.

Looking forward to seeing Riddle do Goldberg’s entrance next week.

The 6-man being great was no suprise; Swerve makes every match one to watch.

Garza-Gallagher was solid. Lio Rush was surprisingly not good on commentary; he needs to bring back some of the swagger from his main roster run, especially now that he’s champ. I also feel Gentleman Jack’s been floundering ever since he stopped coming out to Carmen’s Overture, but I don’t see how he can get a push in his current state.

Nice to see the women’s tag champs will finally defend their titles down at Full Sail, especially with Team Kick as their challengers. Still not used to heel Kairi, though.

Not surprised to see Roddy retain, but at least I got to see the Monstars demolish him beforehand. The Spirit Bomb/superplex spot was out of this world, as was the Feast Your Eyes/pounce combo and Keith Lee’s majestic topé con giro.

I thought they were taking years off Adam Cole’s life when he had to hear Ciampa, Gargano and Bálor’s music one after another. At least, not before Bálor’s surprise attack. Finn made himself out as a bastard for that, but I don’t get the feeling he’s aligned himself with Undisputed Era just yet.

Here’s to more good shit from NXT and BDE!


My boys , Dragon Dave , Lucha Bray, first time in a long time brothas

This is just what I need to see from NXT, just keep cranking out great matches and angles. I absolutely loved the show tonight aside from the mma Horsewomen I can’t complain. Question is finn officially in the Era? An will you guys be streaming any wwe2k 20? Because I would love to see you guys walk through the career mode.

Side note Braden if you think that Walter theme remix needs some bars hit me up. CHEERS BROS!


Tyler from Orlando,

Another Wednesday, another fun show at full sail university! Obviously the main event was insane we were so loud for that match, my voice still hurts! The Balor heel turn legit caught everyone off guard, I found myself grabbing my friends arm because I was distressed from the turn. Not sure if they showed it on camera but the Undisputed Era were all doing their hand gesture while Balor walked up the ramp. I’m hyped for Lio Rush & Angel Garza, 8/10 show for me boys.

I loved that episode, so much good stuff. Cameron Grimes vs Matt Riddle, what a match ! Balor’s turn was unexpected and thank god, we get to see the women tag champs on NXT at last.