FEEDBACK for Sep.14 Edition of NXT

Hello! Recording a new upNXT Thursday with Davie & myself, post any comments or questions for the show here!

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So NXT thoughts tonight:

  • The Full Sail parking lot is now officially the most dangerous place on Earth. Io beating down Candice with a kendo stick (which I will talk about the implications a bit later), and Roddy burning furniture. Wow.

  • Dream vs Reeves was okay, I guess?

  • Same goes for Bianca vs Taynara. I still feel like Bianca is missing a personality, but unfortunately for me, that ties into a later point.

  • Cole vs Myles was okay, but I don’t think ANYONE expected Myles to win, so that sucked a bit of air out of the match.

  • As for the announcement of the triple threat #1 contender’s match happening on the first live episode, I have to think Bianca Belair is winning, barring Rhea Ripley being added to the match. Absolutely no one wants to see Mia Yim vs Shayna Baszler again, and I think Candice is going to fuck Io over in some fashion. Given if that happens, I fully expect Candice to lose the feud in a strong and decisive fashion. And while the chances are very slim, it seems like the audience loves Io a lot more than Candice, so her screwing over Io could result in an inadvertent double turn, regardless of WWE’s intentions.

Small update on above: WWE is spinning the attack as payback for Candice’s assault on Io from last week. Not as an incredibly heinous act by Io. Candice had also sent out a tweet last week talking about getting revenge for her loss at Takeover, which is an oddly heel thing to do.

On a side note: Have you guys checked out Asuka’s new YouTube channel yet, Kana Chan TV? It’s pretty wholesome.

Eva from London

-audible sigh-

This was a lame episode of nxt. Only three good moments, the hype package for rhea vs shayna, strong setting dream’s couch on fire, and the main event was decent.

Fashion police are lame and their new song is awful. Cameron Grimes is awful on the mike. Kona is indeed wrestlings version of the room What is the point of hyping up rhea and shayna to this extent only to go "yeah rhea on the first usa show rather than putting you in in a title match or a contenders match, ill put three women who have each lost to Baszler multiple times (io 3 times, bianca twice mia three times). And this after regal told mia to fuck off? What? Go forward with this shayna rhea story you have lightning in a bottle. Dont get any of the other women involved until that feud concludes. But whatever there’s still one more week before the USA launch. Regal could add her to contenders match if she performs well against the queen next week.

With all that said i am confident NXT will win the Wednesday Night Wars. Sorry for the rant their boys. Keep up the good work Bray and Davie!

Question have you seen the commercials theyve been airing to promote NXT’s move to USA? One word: Awesome

Chris Thunder from Down Under.

A good episode of NXT, I still don’t buy into Belair as a creditable challenger after she lost to Basler twice at Takeover’s.

Excited to see how Ripley goes making the move from NXT UK to NXT (US), she had a great match this morning versus Piper Nivin on TV.

Seven “Flaming Couches” out of Ten!


  • Davie, how closely do you follow the Brit-Wres scene outside of NXT UK?
  • And is the overall scene in trouble now with a lot of smaller promotions closing since NXT UK became the major promotion over the past few months?

Andrew from Cape Breton

I never thought that in less then a year, Roderick Strong would turn someone into a bloody flip flop and set a man’s couch on fire. I definitely didn’t think that would be Roddy’s 2019 but here we are. I would make a joke that Chris Jericho shops for jackets at the same place that Rhea Ripley and Shayna Baszler do, but I already made that joke on twitter and Rhea vanity searched herself and responded, saying she makes her own jackets. I’m guessing she doesn’t make them for Shayna. If I was semi famous, I would probably vanity search myself so maybe I shouldn’t judge. Lastly, I guess Breezango aren’t going to go the serious direction and have full on embraced the fact that they’ve been strippers this whole time. 6 Best Friends gimmick infringements out of 10.

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It’s Breezan…go ……. oh …. no……, a stripper-cop costuming. They look like they are on the way to perform at a hen party (as also suggested by Nigel.) Kill me now.

Latest NXT police (not the stripper kind) blotter will show that Mia Yim is not the only NXT contractor to be guilty of felonious assault. I wonder if the judge (like Vince McMahon) will require Io to speak English?

Wish Dream v. Reeves was before a different audience.

Thanks for playing tonight, Kona. Your can pick up your parting gift of a case of Cheez Whiz at the door.

Taynara gives the impression of making progress, but it is slow progress. Yet she’s only 24 so she’s got time but I hope WWE don’t type cast her anymore. Taynara should have gone to Japan for a couple of years before going to WWE as she’d be farther along in skills and might have had a character that was more than just a “judoka”.

So the first live show has a women’s triple threat? Great. But how does Io not win it? Io ought to win it as Mia is played out as a Shayna opponent, and Bianca most certainly will follow her husband to which ever show the Street Profits will grace.

I wonder what other big things are in store for Sep 18th.

Ahoy! (She never had to commit felonious assault, she just stole hearts.)

the girls all have bangers for entrance music.
that triple threat is gonna be a banger.
i hate everything about cameron grimes now.
there is one person in the crowd with the most annoying screech.
i hated that person too.

the good neighbour is good but have you guys tried the coffee pocket by the PAC?

Ari from montreal
Quick comments
Fuck beth she has to shut up her commentary ruined the main event.
Question: whats worse? Arsen or attempted/possible murder? I only ask because Rody has done both now.
Seriously will the profecy be done on sept 18th?

This week seemed to be the week of building up the lesser known/lower ranked members on the roster with Conti, Reeves, and Myles getting in competitive matches against more experienced opponents. Now I don’t think Reeves goes anywhere from here, but I like that NXT tends to keep even losers looking decently strong in many cases as then it means something when they get beaten.

Not a fan of Breezango going with the Fashion Police gimmick as it seems way more a main roster gimmick than one that works win NXT, but they add depth to a very shallow tag division.

The women’s triple threat announcement seems a bit odd, with Ripley facing Shayna next week, in a non-title match? I’m not sure as they did not say, but Regal said the winner of the triple threat faces Shayna. If it is non-title and she wins shouldn’t she be facing Shayna for the title, or at least be added to the Triple threat? If the match next week is for the title shouldn’t regal have said faces the winner of Shayna and Ripley. This just seems like a rush into the Ripley match, which makes me wonder if this is just a one off match and Ripley is staying in NXT UK and was just around for this taping.

Jordan Myles vs Adam Cole was nowhere near 123 Kid vs Bret Hart.

Taynara Cutie always makes me happy. She just needs to improve her transitions I feel. For me, that was her best match to date.

Ange from Chino Cali,

With Dream vs. Strong being announced for the 18th, does the first NXT show end with the prophecy in the ring doing their pose? What would you guys want to see Dream do next if he loses?
Thanks fellas.