FEEDBACK for Sept.11 NXT

Hello! Recording a new upNXT with Davie tomorrow, so post any comments or questions for tonights NXT here!

Eva from London
Solid NXT up and down the card with chemistry abounding. Garza and Dunne had a workhorse match, Johnny Shane (not the best in the world) was cheesy but worked to perfection, and then that main event. Just great catch wrestling and reversals. Yeah it was a dq finish, but Shayna and Rhea showed they have the capacity to put on a classic if given time. Dont know how regal will justify it but Ripley better be added to the contendership match next week. Doesnt matter because at the end of the title bout the announcer will go #AndStill NXT Womens Champion

  1. Do you think Rhea gets added to the contendership match?
  2. Thoughts on Street Profits bouncing between main roster and NXT? With the move to USA, do you think the Profit vignettes on Raw and Smackdown stop?
  3. Care to send good vibes my way? I got a meeting with my doctoral supervisors in the morning im anxious about. Dissertation methodology is kicking my ass
    Keep up the good work B and D

Brief NXT thoughts tonight (the last one before NXT goes live):

  • (All gimmick posting aside) Candice being added to the #1 contender’s match makes almost no sense at all. She reignited this feud with Io. All Io did last week was pay Candice back for attacking her the week before. I got “CAN I SPEAK TO YOUR MANAGER” vibes from Candice while she was talking to Regal, and it makes her look incredibly whiny, and its hard to believe that anyone could see Candice as the babyface here.
  • Rhea is quite possibly the dumbest “babyface” in NXT right now. She just threw away a shot at getting a title opportunity.

Anyways, who do you guys have winning for the announced matches next week?

Howdy y’all

Decided to try and get in the habit of watching NXT live on Wednesdays before WW3 on Oct. 2

Idk how familiar u guys are with my celebrity crush Megan Thee Stallion but she’s an especially tall, curvy woman therefore she is a stallion. Tonight it clicked BY GAWD RHEA RIPLEY IS. A. STALLION. She is now my fav wmns wrestler!

That is all. Love you guys. Keep up the good work.

Hey guys
Long time first time!!!

Anyway, quite a packed episode of NXT tonight

Damien Priest v. Boa was short and thats fine, Priest continuing his undefeated streak.

Thorn and Gargano should be excellent, I mean Johnny Wrestling meshes well with everyone.

Dunne v. Garza was excellent. Im really impressed by Garza.

Grimes can really jump high to pull off that double stomp. I was skeptical of it at first but he’s making me a real believer.

Excited to so that Dakota Kai will be returning soon.

Not sure where they are going with Ripley and Bayzler. I kinda feel like this feud will go on the back burner for now.

Just one question for you guys. Do you think the prophecy will be fulfilled next week?

You guys are great, thanks for always being entertaining.



Commentator gripe: During the Priest-Boa match, Beth starts off a sentence with “We’ve seen this before…”. This is a WWE-ism, I detest it.

Is Angel Garza really 2 pounds too heavy for 205 Live?

Always good to see Dunne.

Grime’s top hat needs something. How about a feather?

Rhea - Shayna: my type of match up. I’m fine with Rhea sitting out the qualifying match since Candice will be in it.

Whatever happens to NXT, I hope you guys continue with your journey in podcasting. When upNXT started I didn’t really know what to think of you two, but over time I’ve grown to appreciate your honesty about what you like and don’t like. Now you’re one of my favorite wrestling podcasts.

Speaking of the future of NXT:

So NXT is changing. Will 205 Live blend in with it?

One thing for sure: with about a 50% increase in show material for the weekly NXT shows (note that commercials will take up the rest of the extra time so that an NXT show will have about 86 minutes of material) that more stories will have to fit in each episode. More stories means more things to resolve in the big specials (previously called “Takeover”). And so the specials will be longer.

Also, if as Meltzer reports and that there is no “Takeover” during Rumble weekend (instead there will be a “Worlds Collide” series), does this foreshadow NXT matches to be combined in Raw/NXT PPVs?

I wonder about this because if the likes of Kevin Owens and the Profits are going to make NXT appearances, then whatever stories these Raw stars involve themselves with on the NXT TV show surely need to play out in front of the PPV audiences.

(I presume Smackdown talent will be quarantined on Fox as the major networks will want exclusive access to talent. So if Owens does NXT appearances, he’ll be sent to Raw in the coming draft, especially since Shane has fired him on Smackdown.)

Parting words:

[to be read by Davie, as Hamlet Hearst Helmsley:]

Alas, poor NXT! I knew him well, my dear upNXT.
A show of infinite fun, of most excellent wrestling.

NXT hath borne me on its card a thousand times;
And now, how abhorred in my imagination it is!
My throat goes dry at it.
There hung those lips of Io that Braden desired to kiss - I know not how oft.
Where be your Street Profit jibes now? Your gambols over the top rope? Your songs by obscure rock bands? Your flashes of strobes? All that were wont to set Takeovers on a roar?
Not one now, to mock your own diehard fans?


Ahoy! (Remember, even Hamlet was captured by a pirate.)

Pappy in Dallas

Question: With NXT going live from next week onwards, there will be no such thing as “reading ahead.” Is the theme song for this show going to be revised, because the line “I don’t read ahead” won’t make sense anymore.

They really need to drop the Archer thing from Damien Priest, his presence to me comes across way more like a Razor Ramon like character than some supernatural archer. Also why did they play up the size of Boa when he is smaller than Priest.

It is good to see them using the guys from the breakout tournament even if for the most part they were taking losses to more established opponents.

Not sure I am a fan of Candice being added to the #1 contenders match, she hasn’t really done anything to earn that shot besides get beat up by Io. Also makes it seem likely that they take each other out to let someone else win. Which if that is the case just have Candice run in and beat up Io during the match rather than be entered in a match she has no reason to be in. Which leads to the odd ending to the main event with Ripley getting DQ’d. Is she now not in the #1 contenders match? I guess that could be good if they build the feud over a longer time, but honestly Ripley is who I want to see in the title match the most right now as she is a fresh challenger for Shayna.