Feedback for upNXT Movie Review: El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all your feedback for the brand new Netflix Original Film - El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie. Braden and I will be diving back into the world of Breaking Bad this Wednesday!

Ryan, from Death Valley
Just finished watching it. While not in any way essential to the story of Breaking Bad, it is a great return to that world.
Seeing how Pinkman gets out of Albuquerque might not sound like the most interesting thing, but the simple plot gives it an easy forward momentum. And the performances are all great. I don’t know if I can say more without giving it away. But 9 out of 10. Now I gotta go rewatch the entire series…dammit

Brandon from Oshawa

Definitely did not need this, but it was fun to revisit this world and see what everyone is upto these days. My highlights were the scenes of Jesse with Walt & Jane. I would have liked to see Walt Jr get in this somehow, but I guess he didnt have much to do with Jesse, so it wouldnt have made much sense.

R.I.P to Robert Forster who was also great in this and was phenomenal in Heroes as well.

Eric Marcotte,
I don’t know if I’ve ever had less to say immediately after watching a movie. I don’t mean that in a bad way either; the cinematography was beautiful, the acting was fantastic, and it was nice to see all these characters again.
This movie felt completely unnecessary, nothing really happened that you wouldn’t expect to happen after watching the final episode, but it’s like I didn’t really care? It was just a nice epilogue.

Elephant in the room: Fat Todd. Sort of took me out of his scenes a bit. Still a great acting performance and all, he just looked significantly different.

8.5/10. Breaking Bad’s finale is still perfection. Skinny Pete and Badger are ride or die homies.

I watched it last night - and if anyone was going to watch it I would definitely recommend rewatching the series first. I couldn’t remember enough to really follow it

That said - I enjoyed it even as just a stand alone film. Shot really well. Jesse was great. And brilliant to see all the characters again


Brian from New Jersey

First time long time. After binge-watching all of Breaking Bad a few years ago in addition to watching Better Call Saul, I was really anticipating this movie, not sure what to expect. I felt I received a very nicely done epilogue. Solid story told in a somber way, well-made with great acting. Jesse Plemons looked older and fatter in the flashback scenes, but he was still great as well! Three stars out of four.


My dearest lads

The movie was great but the car is better

how do you feel about Ontario’s influencers becoming a part of Doug Ford’s inner circle

It was unnecessary and it doesn’t stand up on its own when seperated from the series but I don’t think it was designed to. Overall it felt like more of a long episode of Breaking Bad rather than a movie. Was still a good watch that served to remind you how good the series was. 7/10

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My thought before watching this movie: is this going to be like Solo, which was “A Star Wars Movie” but wasn’t really Star Wars. That is, El Camino “A Breaking Bad Movie” is just pretending to be B.B. but will not really be Breaking Bad (after all, how can you have Breaking Bad without Walter?)

Well, then there was Walter in a flashback, so I guess this must be Breaking Bad.

The end of the movie left me feeling a bit detached. This movie was about the journey of Jesse Pinkman so we can all know what happened to him. Yes, there could be sequels based in Alaska, but I’m not really interested in them. Pinkman was a good character as a contrast to the overly cerebral Walter, but on his own Jesse Pinkman doesn’t come across to me as that compelling of a story.

My rating: 5 Erlenmeyer flasks out of 10.


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I really enjoyed this. Nothing totally major happened and there were no big surprises but it was a good couple hour epilogue to round off a fantastic tv show. Todd is a great villain. I feel he’s underrated compared to some of the other heels in breaking bad.