Feedback for upNXT Movie review: Logan

Hellllllo! The BDE will be recording an upNXT movie review: LOGAN

This show will probably have a lot of super nerdy X-Men discussion- spanning all the movies up until X-Men Dark Phoenix.

Post any comments or questions here!
We will be recording next week.


Not a typical superhero movie which is to its benefit. Has a lot more depth to it and relies more on better acting. Hugh Jackman will be difficult to replace as Wolverine. Can’t see anyone doing half as good a job as him.

Jalen from Pickering,

Undoubtedly my favourite X-Men movie. The R rating gave us what felt like the most realistic version of Logan as a character, with the more graphic violence and casual swearing bringing us into his miserable world. I love how him, Xavier, and X-23 come together as a family. Their deaths felt satisfying and Logan’s got a couple tears to fall.
Favourite scene has to be when Xavier loses control of his powers, you could feel the struggle.

Eric from Sudbury,

I grew up with the X-Men film franchise. I must of been about 2 when the first one dropped, so Logan really felt like the conclusion to something that had been with me my entire life. I really don’t think they could of nailed the finale any better. This was in my opinion, the best comic book movie that’s ever been put out. The acting is fantastic, the action is exactly what we’ve wanted from a Wolverine film all this time, and I don’t think any film has ever made me feel as emotional as the end of this one.

I can’t really think of a franchise that has been all over the place in terms of quality as much as the X-Men. I mean, you have an almost equal amount of great movies, and bottom of the barrel trash in this franchise. I haven’t watched Dark Phoenix yet, but my expectations are low.

(Also sidenote, a few years ago one Braden Herrington went to my highschool, and was doing the tech work for a presentation on the dangers of gambling or something. Felt the need to share. I won a nice pair of gloves. Good times)

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I have only seen the very first X-Men movie and Logan. While I thought the first movie was good I just never got around to seeing the others. Watched Logan based on recommendation of friends. Thought it had a few parts I liked but over all I wasn’t a huge fan. I know it is not part of the MCU but I would put it in the same category as the first Hulk in enjoyability.

andrew from cali

Logan was a terrific film, the best x-men film they have ever made. I don’t think they should replace wolverine but if they did, what do you guys think of John Snow (Kit Harrington) taking over the character? People love the John Snow character and would right away give the movie a large audience. The next 2k stream you guys do Braden needs to get a few wins or else he’s gonna be the Kona Reeves of 2k. Thanks for the reviews!

Do people love the Jon Snow character…? Was a complete buffoon for the last two seasons because he wanted to sleep with his aunt. Whipped beyond all repair.

Bang Bang!

Scrump from Pro Wrestling Tees.

If you’ve ever wanted to see a 25 going on 26 year old man cry, just put on this movie.
I love it.
It’s my favorite super hero movie and a beautiful ending to the Hugh Jackman’s portrayal of Wolverine.

One of the most interesting things about this movie is that it’s set in the timeline of the original X-Men, years after Wolverine fixes the timeline in Days of Future Past.
Another interesting thing is how they leave it vague as to how the mutants all died out.
In the “Old Man Logan” comic, Mysterio tricks Wolverine into killing all the X-Men but here they make it very clear that Xavier killed “7 mutants along with other students” which is why his brain was classified as a weapon of mass destruction.
Add to that you have Zander Rice using slowly wiping out mutants and the X gene by tainting corn syrup with a “cure” for the X Gene, virtually stopping any natural births of mutants.

A fun theory I always had was that the person on the other side of the border in “Eden” is none other than Jean Grey.
Hear me out, at the end of Days of Future Past you see 8 mutants prominently featured(Beast, Kitty, Cyclops, Rogue, Ice Man, Storm, Cyclops, and Jean) and the news makes mention of 7 mutants dying.
My theory is that Jean Grey would’ve been the only one strong enough to survive Xavier’s seizures and had spent the time since finding and recruiting her own team of whoever’s left to finish our Xavier’s vision.

Sorry for the five paragraph essay about my love for Logan.
I’ll see you guys Summerslam weekend where we’ll possibly record our review for Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie?