FEEDBACK: Friday Night SmackDown 11/22/19

Leave us your feedback and thoughts on Friday Night SmackDown and WWE’s first of four consecutive nights at the Allstate Arena in Chicago.

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Paul from New Jersey

Formulaic. Wrestler A comes out to call out wrestler B from another brand & chaos ensues. Glad to see a finish in the Ripley/Charlotte/Banks match. Hope Seth Rollins enjoys the CM Punk chants because I have a feeling he’s going to be hearing them for the next three days. 4.

Brandon from Oshawa

Of course Ali would lose in his hometown, because why not? Baron Corbin really needed that win. I’m getting a bad feeling about NXT on Sunday. They’ve been winning a lot of these TV matches, I can see them getting nothing on Survivor Series. Raw needs to look strong, like every year.

Andrew from Cape Breton

The show was ok tonight. I thought Rhea Ripley looked great tonight and loved the clever finish in their match. It feels like Ripley and Charlotte could be a great attraction at Wrestlemania this year. The lowlight was the replacement of the Intercontinental Title. I still hate the fact they changed the Winged Eagle Title 21 years ago. After Cody won the NWA World Title at All In, I loved seeing the side by side pictures of Cody and Dusty with the same title. WWE has such a long and storied history that I wish they would have never updated the titles. By the time the Winged Eagle and the most recent IC Title look were around, WWF had been so established in the mainstream and those belts were what people recognized as the titles people wanted. But this could just be me. It’s cool seeing classic wrestlers holding the same looking title that current ones do today. Lastly, what a great babyface Daniel Bryan is by not screaming in terror at the Fiend. He’s cool. 6 out of 10.

Ventak from India,

The show was pretty good overall. The finish to the woman’s triple threat was very clever. The new intercontinental title looks pretty good, but i really dug the white strap from the older one. The Bryan v Fiend interaction was done much better than the Seth one. The show closing brawl was fine but it’s now been one too many times.

A 6/10 show for me.