FEEDBACK: G1 Climax 28 Primer w/ WH Park

This week’s POST Puroresu will be a G1 Climax 28 Primer with me and WH Park. Similar to our Wrestle Kingdom Primer released earlier this year, the podcast will aim to offer an introduction to the G1 concept while taking a look at all the participants in this year’s tournament. The show will be released on Wednesday on the main POST Wrestling feed.

Leave any questions you wish to ask WH about the G1 here.

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Hey guys,
One of the things I like about New Japan is how they have a Mr. Something, Goto is Mr. New Japan Cup and Masahiro Chono is still known as Mr. G1. I was wondering, is Chono still part of New Japan and the G1? And do you see him ever losing that name? If so who would you pick/guess?
Thank guys.

Over the last few years of extensive coverage by Jon of the G1 (Wai you are a great man for assisting this year), it seems that in recent years, the G1 has become more and more intense with the amount of matches, dates, injuries etc etc. When did this trend begin, why did it start and in your opinion what would be a good balance for the future health of the wrestlers?

Daniel from London

Jesse from the 6

Hello, I’m hoping W.H. (or Wai if he knows, too) could explain the significance of New Japan running Budokan Hall.

I get that Budokan was traditionally All Japan’s territory, but why? How did Budokan become All Japan’s and New Japan get Sumo Hall? (If that’s correct.) And why did each respect the other’s territory? And especially, why has New Japan waited 18 years since All Japan was last a major player to run Budokan?

Take Care

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I was disappointed that Will Osprey was not included in the field this year and had hope he would be after dropping the IWGP Jr title. Is there any junior in the past who has been included or been introduced as a heavyweight by entering the tournament?

Also, similar to how we’ve seen Chris Savanna this year be including in BOSJ, has New Japan ever included an outside talent in the G1 to expand borders. One guy that came to mind was Punishment Martinez given his win over Ishii. I’d have considered Hangman this type of guy but he’s been in New Japan a lot at this point.

Thanks and I cannot wait for your coverage and the tournament this year!! Was a real highlight of 2017 for me and now with Wai on board even cooler!

Who do you think the new standouts will be this year like Elgin in his debut year and the year juice had recently
Will hangman page bring it?

If you could pick 4 roh or foreign guys to be in this year who woukd they be and why?

Id take out two guys in each block and put an roh guy, or noah person or even promote a junior up.

What say you?

Stefan from Ajax

In my limited research, for all of the 2010s (and possibly longer), the wrestlers that meet in the Tokyo Dome main event are never in the same block in the preceding G1. With that in mind, who is your dark horse to win this year? For example, while it’s not at the top of my list of likely outcomes, I can totally see Tanahashi winning the tournament and going up against (and ultimately losing to) Omega at the Dome.

Does releasing the match listing for each night in advance kills some of the drama of the tournament? It’s almost like you can see how the tournament may flow especially knowing the main events of the final night for each block.

So just for anyone who might be viewing for the first time;

  • Can you give a brief history of the G1 Climax,
  • When the Tokyo Dome main event briefcase was added,
  • And why this month long tournament is so important in the NJPW calendar?

Also explain the why the G1 Climax winner ever has some briefcase defense matches?