FEEDBACK: Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special (MCU L8R)

Leave your feedback or questions here for our next edition of MCU L8R covering this Marvel Special Presentation. WH and I will be joined by the Christmas movie expert himself, John Pollock, on Thursday Dec. 1st.

Also taking feedback on the Guardians 3 trailer!

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Robbie from London Ontario,

After all was done, I loved this. I’m a big Christmas guy regardless, but this was beautiful. I will admit I wasn’t thrilled for the first bit. Drax and Mantis antics looking for Kevin bacon seemed more random fun, but once they had him, the rest was brilliant. The final two reveals, Mantis’ to Peter, and Peter’s reveal of the end of his Christmas story choked me up, tears were floJust the right amount of laughs and feels. Great watch!


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I have to say that was absolutely phenomenal. One of the best holiday specials I have ever seen. I laughed and i cried


Jake from the Windy City

Two for Two on these Marvel Special Presentations!

Didn’t think Werewolf by Night would’ve been topped but here we are! Even The Grinch and ol’ Ebeneezer Scrooge would find it difficult to resist the sheer, shameless unadulterated Christmasness of this silly, charming and even rather emotional return visit to the world of the MCU’s most unlikely superstars. It did a great job finally making Mantis a likable character. She and Drax were a good tandem. I would say the only thing I didn’t like was the fact that Groot looked like he was in a foam suit. But a heartwarming conclusion to Phase Four.

9 “Bob Iger returns to Disney” out of 10


D.C jermaine from Chicago. Hello guys, welcome John pollock aka Johnny Christmas to mcu later.
I really enjoyed this gotg Christmas special. The chemistry between drax and mantis was really good. Feels like they could get a Disney plus show.Groot is on that ivan putski program,looking really rip. The songs were well done. Only logic flaw Is that they can buy knowhere fix it up but are being really lax about finding gamora. We’ve seen the gotg twice and not one mention of finding gamora. Lastly, my main man James Gunn seems to handle these characters the best. Congrats to James, he is off to bigger and better things. We all love to see what he will do with other heroes in the future. Merry Christmas to all, even to Wh good bye

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Taking your feedback on the just released Guardians 3 trailer as well: