FEEDBACK: Heels on Starz (Turning Heels Podcast)

Just a quick plug in case anybody is interested in a companion piece for the new show Heels with Stephen Amell, me and B Detroit will be a recap podcast every Monday afternoon on the upNXT Podcasts network! If there’s any feedback on the show or overall thoughts, you guys can leave it here and we’ll read it off starting on the next episode! Thanks for listening!


Has anyone seen Episode 1 yet? If so, thoughts?

Sorry @wai0937…I actually looked for a thread about the show but for whatever reason I missed it. My bad.

Watched Episode 1 last night.

Took a while to get into it and shake off the fact that Stephen Amell was not playing Oliver Queen.

Then it started to grip me with the storyline of Jack being the somewhat bitter, weathered small town indy promoter with Ace being the upstart star, who is also a bit of a dick like Jack.

The swerve finish at the end of Episode 1 was very ‘Montreal Screwjob’ and actually left me really pissed off, just like the actual one. So will be tuning in again next week to see how it develops.

A good first episode. Not amazing, but a good watch and happy to give an hour a week to watch it.