FEEDBACK: Impact Bound for Glory 2019

If you saw the show, please leave your feedback and any questions for Nate and I for tonight’s POST Show.


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Brandon from Oshawa

This was a solid show, with what I thought was some very questionable booking.

I thought the battle royal should have been either Kylie Rae, to set up a new challenger for Taya or Eddie Edwards, to set up the obvious rematch to what I thought would happen at the end of the night.

The show really picked up for me at the Marifuji/Elgin match, but while it was great, unfortunately for Elgin, I dont think its going to be considered match of the show, let alone match of the year. This would have gotten over much better in a G1.

The X-Division ladder match was great. I fully expected Tessa to win, to set up another challenger again for what I expected to happen in the main event. I’m over the Tessa feuding with men story though. I was going to be pissed if she fought off all of oVe and won. I popped huge for Ace Austin “The Cuck Maker” getting the win. Its definitely the year of the cuck.

Shamrock was impressive, match sucked though and I feel sorry for him that he wasted this performance, in front of so few people watching. He would have gotten over bigger in AEW or WWE.

Main event was my favorite of the night, but had a terrible ending. You’d normally expect the babyface to come out on top of a story like this, but Sami is tremendous right now and there was more stories for him, coming out of this. He probably should have suggested a cuck angle, where Melissa Santos turned on Cage to go with Sami.


Good evening my bro’s been a minutes since we spoke. It is a pleasure to talk to the Rob Terry of podcasters Brother Nate. Show was interesting from the return of Mahabilly Shira to Ken Shamrock and his muscle suit he bought in Argentina at the same stemcell facility Nick Gage frequents. I love the women’s division hope they sign Kylie Ray cause she would only bolster it. Hope they don’t put the belt on Solomon Crowe


-Fellas what does Impact have in store for the TNA reunion show? Half of the impact legends work at NXT so Abyss can’t do a monsters ball legends match. My bet is Judas Macias gets the king of the mountain legends title over Danny Bonaduce

-will Steven Segal be the special unforced at Hard To Kill in January

-Big day on Wednesday In the wrestle wars with an nba double header and the World Series what do you fellas expect

Love you guys I’m outta here peace

First time paying for & watching a TNA/Impact Pay-Per-View since Bound For Glory 2014 from Japan.

Overall this didn’t live up to the hype or the $30 Australian price tag.

Honestly I can’t remember the last time when heels won almost every match on the biggest show of the year. Also is Elgin a heel as the crowd was quite during his match & Sami cut a baby face-esq promo just before his match.

The standout is still their Women’s division and being from Australia where intergender wrestling is more commen I didn’t have a problem with it.

1 “screaming owl” outta 10

Questions for Nate:

  • Should Tessa have won the X-Division Championship, the crowd was so loud for her.
  • Tenille Dashwood has been a brides maid in so many promotions and never won the big one, do you think she can lead the KnockOuts Division?


I was watching Impact regularly for most of this year but fell off recently. This show pulled me back in.

Marufuji vs. Elgin was my most anticipated match of the show and it delivered big time and was my match of the night. Too bad the commentary team didn’t mention the significance of Elgin beating Marufuji with the Burning Hammer.

Moose vs. Shamrock exceeded expectations. Shamrock looked tremendous and Moose is really an underrated heel.

Main event was also a pretty decent plunder match.

My only real criticism of the show was some of the booking. Edwards vs. Cage isn’t an upcoming title match that really interests me and how much longer is Tessa going to keep losing in these intergender matches? They have beaten her a bunch of them already. Time for her to win a men’s title if they are going to continue to have her in these types of matches.

Brandon from Texas

This was a uneven show. There was definitely some good-to-great matches with Marufuji vs Elgin, the X-Division Ladder Match, and the main event, while there was other matches that I would say are easily forgettable (Taya vs Dashwood, Battle Royal). I’m also surprised that there was only one title change tonight with Dashwood and Callihan wins being seen as near guarantees beforehand in my opinion.

Overall, not a bad show, but definitely the bottom quality-wise for PPVs since Don Callis stepped in, which is a high standard honestly with a lot of great-to-amazing PPVs. I give the show a 6/10