FEEDBACK: IMPACT Bound for Glory

If you have feedback for IMPACT Bound for Glory, post below.

The POST Show will be available later tonight for all patrons.

Not sure if this will be in before you guys are done recording, but I was there live. The building wasn’t very full unfortunately, I’ve seen several black and gold nxt shows there in the past and the place was packed. Crowd was hot though and I hope that came across on air. Most matches were great with my highlights being the X-Division, men’s tag and the main event. Unfortunately some questionable booking did hinder my excitement and the presence of Bully Ray does not excite me to watch in the upcoming weeks. All in all a fun time though.

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Glad you guys did this and can’t wait to listen tomorrow! Some friends of ours had a birthday tonight so it’s the first BFG I haven’t watched live….ever. Hopefully it was a great show for all!

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