FEEDBACK: IMPACT March 9th 2021

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling!

I will be joined by Andrew Thompson LIVE on Twitch at 10:30 to talk all about tonight’s show or you can listen on the “upNXT” feed!

I thought this week’s Impact was a bit of a drag to sit through. I found myself losing interest until the Ace Austin vs Chris Bey match. That was one of the best matches I’ve seen on a weekly wrestling TV show so far this year. Great action, great near falls. Really got me interested in those two. Thought the end was a bit crazy and took away just a smidge from and otherwise great match.

Sacrifice looks like an interesting show this Saturday. Kinda tempted to get Impact Plus, especially now with the stipulation that Swann vs Moose is a Unification Match and then the winner gets Omega at Rebellion? I think I’m more interested in Impact now than I have been in several years.

Andrew from Cape Breton

So I’ve been missing Impact recently due to work, but I might be able to watch Sacrifice this weekend. So I wanted to dedicate some feedback to one of my favourite wrestlers, someone that Davie seems to not be the biggest fan of being a newer Impact fan, and that’s ODB. I first saw her when I would download bit torrents of OVW shows. She had been working unsigned attempting to get WWE to look at her, despite WWE completely changing their women’s division in recent years. Triple H and Shawn Michaels came down in 2007 to look over the school and told ODB that there likely wouldn’t be a spot for her in WWE based on her style and look. Soon after that, she ended up in TNA’s newly expanded Knockouts division. Women’s wrestling at the time was very formulaic. The only gimmicks women had were happy go lucky nice girl and mean, catty, bitch heel. That’s all WWE had. So when TNA brought in this drunk redneck who kept grabbing at her tits, it was something different for national television.

One negative now is ODB’s gimmick only works in front of a crowd, so she falls flat for empty arena shows. She would probably be a lot better received in AEW. She’s not the best wrestler, but she was always a crowd favourite and even got the only reaction during the Women’s Casino Battle Royale. That was mostly due to the terrible format of the match, but the fact she came out with 4 other people and got one of the loudest reactions showed that she was a memorable and beloved part of TNA. I feel I’m going long but ODB is definitely an important part of Impact history and reminds me a lot of Jazz in that after WWE completely changed their tune on Women’s wrestling with the Diva search, people like ODB, Jazz and until recently Mercedes Martinez were left out in the cold. So shout out to pro wrestling’s One Dirty Bitch.