Feedback: Impact Rebellion

Robbie from London, Ontario….but live from the show! I had an absolute blast, once the seating was figured out as that was a bit of a mess. But we upgraded from the stands at Sacrifice to 2nd row for this. But it’s probably the live bump, but i thorough enjoyed this m, the main card was great, everything was great, or at the very least fun and entertaining. Main event was well deserved and at least sent this fan home happy. I’ll be back next month in London and this time, front row! 9/10 show

I thought both main events showed out and IMPACT really made something good out of a sucky situation.

I liked Trey eliminating both Gresham and Speedball; those guys are talked about as some of the best in the world, and if you watch the indies he’s on, Trey is believably up there as one of the best wrestler’s going right now. Time Machine versus Speedball Trey and Gresham is happening at tonight’s tapings, so I can see a Bailey/Gresham tag team coming out of all this.

I think Nick Aldis is a good challenger to go with now. I don’t think he works long term because his wrestling is a bit plain, but he cuts an excellent promo that can build a match quickly and he has the gravitas as the modern NWA champ that he can feel important right away. I think doing a match with him and Maclin is a good idea any time before Slammiversary, but I think he loses steam as a main event guy if they do it any time after.

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