FEEDBACK: IMPACT Wrestling 01/19/21

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Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for this week’s episode of IMPACT!

Join Andrew Thompson and myself LIVE on Twitch at 10:15PM EST for a brand new episode of “Deep Impact” where we will be talking all about tonight’s show! Or search “upNXT” wherever you find your podcasts!

Andrew from Cape Breton

Impact tonight felt like probably one of the more important shows for the company in awhile, even with the Kenny Omega debut recently. It was a fresh start to the new cycle before the next pay per view and it’s great to see the roster start to beef up a little bit. A lot of shows with Impact had issues of needing to fill time with flashback moments of the week, and not just the ones on the Twitch stream. Private Party coming to Impact is also great as they are a team with potential but need some work. I think more up and coming stars from AEW should come over as it benefits AEW with them getting more ring time and benefits Impact with keeping the shows fresh. One issue I have with WWE is their repeat matches every week due to their small rosters. Highlights of the night was Ace Austin burying Matt Cardona and seeing Tony Khan and Jerry Lynn play the roles of Vince McMahon in Pat Patterson from Memphis in 1993. Also, Chris Sabin made fun of Jerry Lynn for being old back in 2007 so he finally got his comeuppance. 6 out of 10 show.

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Chris Elliot
Really enjoyed tonight’s show, much more than I did the PPV on Saturday. Private Party coming out was a hell of a surprise and we got a decent match in the main event. Tony Khan turning up was fun and I get the feeling he wants to emulate Vince turning up in Memphis in the early 90’s. Hopefully they keep this going as it’s interesting to watch.
Taya’s write off wrapped up the shooting angle nicely and Dreamers lines about where she’ll end up were hilarious.
Commentary was good and a hell of an improvement over Josh Matthews and Maddison Raine.
You guys were talking about how unprofessional that Fire and Flava - Havoc and Navaeh segment, it was shot and lit so badly, you could see the shadow of the boom mic on the wall.