FEEDBACK: IMPACT Wrestling 02/16/21

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Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for this week’s episode of IMPACT Wrestling featuring NJPW’s FinnJuice and TJP vs Josh Alexander for the X Division Championship!

I will be recording a new episode of DEEP IMPACT with Andrew Thompson on the upNXT Twitch Channel at 10:30PM EST. Or you can listen to the show by searching for “upNXT” wherever you find your podcasts!

Anthony from Melbourne

Didn’t watch the show (off to a great start) but that’s why I have to thank you Davie. As a long time TNA-iMPACT fan 2004-2013ish I feel out of the loop with their product and even stopped checking in on their big shows but now thanks to you, I have a way to keep up with the show, so THANKS!

Question - Will we get a payoff to the Hardy/Private Party “Bounty” that keeps being mentioned about the tag belts?

I think there is a possibility Tony Khan has put a bounty on the belts as part of the inter-promotional storyline, it would make sense why Hardy was so determined to acquire the belts.

Chris Elliot
Obviously the big story coming out of tonight was the debut of FinJuice to Impact. A decent showing from them and its good to see them on the show. Its interesting that it looks like they’re going straight to them and the Good Brothers. Do you guys see them taking the titles for a little while or is this just a short program for Gallows and Anderson?
Also with TK saying he has a present for Omega, I just assume it’ll be the Moxley rematch, however do you think Khan saying this is tryi f to capitalise on what Meltzer said over the weekend about Okada going to the States?

Good show, don’t forget to brush your teeth before bed.

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