FEEDBACK: IMPACT Wrestling - March 23rd 2021

Allo, allo, allo! Davie Portman here requesting all of your feedback for tonight’s episode of DEEP IMPACT, where I will be joined by Andrew Thompson to talk all about tonight’s edition of IMPACT Wrestling featuring Kenny Omega, TJP vs Ace Austin for the X Division Championship and Eddie Edwards vs Karl Anderson in the main event!!

We will be recording DEEP IMPACT LIVE on Twitch, not long after the show finishes. Or you can listen by searching for “upNXT” wherever you find your podcasts!

I might be the only person irritated by the forbidden door stuff, because I really feel like Trey’s whole new presentation, character, and this story/feud/team with Sami is the stuff that puts him over the edge and gets him to the main event. When Impact was on fire IMO Sami’s feuds always made the person he feuded with hotter and more over: Eddie, Cage, Tessa, whoever. I think this story is going to do the same for Trey (hacker stuff included), and I really hope the Kenny stuff doesn’t stall his progress when he should be a main eventer. Even his facial expressions all of a sudden make him feel like the the most sympathetic underdog on defence and lightning on offence.

I know that Kenny being here only draws more eyes and guys like Trey have forever to reach the main event, but let’s be real: guys like Trey, Chris Bey, and Ace Austin aren’t going to be around in 3 years, since one of the big three will surely have scooped them up by then. I’d really like to see those three aforementioned guys become the AJ, Joe, and Daniels of the new Impact before they have to try and fight with the immense rosters of NJPW, AEW, and WWE.

Anyway, show was alright, but always remember: less Good Brothers = more Good show.

Whatever the smoking weed equivalent is to “cheers” to you, gentlemen.