FEEDBACK: Impact Wrestling "Redemption"

Leave us your feedback and questions coming out of Impact’s “Redemption” pay-per-view.

Did you order the show? Why or why not?

Are you keeping up with the Impact product and what are your impressions?


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Chase from New Orleans

I am buying this PPV (actually ordering with FITE credits) after not having watched Impact in a long while. I kind of keep up with the reactions to the promotion, but tonight was the first time in a while that I’ve watched it myself. I have an idea on how I feel after watching the show. It’s kind of long, but I really want to hear you guys’ perspective on it.

I thought this was a fine show. It was good, even with a great main event. But I think that Impact has such a bad history and lack of consistency that they can’t just be “good”. There is an overabundance of good to great wrestling today and almost none of it carries the baggage that Impact does.

Again, this was a fine show, but there’s really zero reason to watch it over the numerous great options that exist, and it’s not enough of a notable or talked about product to overcome the quality deficit it faces. There’s nothing standout about it.

I really think Impact lacks an identity in 2018, and they need to find something that is uniquely their own. Otherwise, they are just a collection of mostly fine to good matches when the wrestling world is filled with those elsewhere.

Do you guys agree with this assessment? If so, how can they solve this issue?

Tom from Virginia

I got this show for free with some FITEtv credits I had left over from their Mania Weekend invite a friend gimmick. I enjoyed the main event and the six-way, everything else was decent. I honestly didn’t know Petey Williams still wrestled.


Is Impact still working with NOAH? Because Kenoh is one of my favorites in the world, and Impact could really use some extra top level in ring talent, even if it is just for the occasional show. He elevated everybody that faced him for the GHC Title when he held it.

Dunno if they are still working with Noah, but if they are there is huge potential there with matchups from the better guys from LU (Like Penta, Dragon, Fenix, Cage etc) and some of the incredible talent in NOAH. Maybe not for your main events but you can put together some ultra hot in ring opener and midcard matches there. I’m sort of watching Impact from afar, not ready to jump in but I did love that main event. I even liked the opener (Drago and Aerostar are great, they needed more time though), And the story telling with Sami and Eddie Edwards was great. I don’t care what Jim Cornette says, Callahan is great. Not a huge fan of hardcore wrestling, but if its done well, it doesn’t bother me.