FEEDBACK: Impact Wrestling Slammiversary

Leave your feedback and questions for Nate Milton and I and tune into the Impact Wrestling Slammiversary POST Show later tonight.


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Andrew from Cape Breton

I wanted to check out the show tonight. The wrestling world is really interesting and Impact seems to be in a weird spot. ROH has lost a lot of steam this year, and right now, it seems that Impact has a much better roster then ROH despite ROH obviously being bigger and more successful even in their rough state. The show was good tonight, but it wasn’t blow away, and I think that is one issue with Impact. They’re shows are always good, but it’s rare that they get the wrestling world talking. The only real surprise was the return of Rhino, who I guess isn’t under contract anymore. I do like how they’re trying to play dumb as Rhino has a distinct shape to him. It also reminded me of the old LAW days and Jason Agnew’s weird obsession with that Rhino children’s song. The main event was definitely interesting. Tessa is one of their biggest stars right now, and I’m wondering if they will end up putting the belt on her by year’s end. Overall, the show was good, 14 out of 20.

Brandon from Oshawa

I feel like I have the longest love/hate relationship in the world with Impact. I’ve been on and off for so long with their product, finally after tuning in to see the great Disco Inferno, I realized that they’ve got some pretty solid stuff going on right now. I’m really enjoying the product and its a very easy watch.

I did not order the show, but I got home from work and was able to catch some of it by alternate means. I caught Cage/Elgin right in the middle and enjoyed what I saw. I think Elgin has been killing it as a bad ass heel monster and he’s even been solid on the mic. What I didnt like was Rhino making his return. I dont understand why they need to keep going back to these ECW guys. They dont need them. No one is clamoring for an Elgin/Rhino feud. Josh Mathews was also terrible.

Callahan/Blanchard has been one of my favorite feuds on Impact and I totally expected Tessa to go over, but I’m glad they went with Callahan. He’s been so great in his role, but he seems to always come out on the losing end, so he needed this.

Where do you guys think they go with the BFG title match? It feels like they have a lot of different options they can go to. Should Disco Inferno come back and win the world title?

This year’s Slammiversary marks one year of consistently good to great Impact PPVs and this was no exception.

Match of the night was Elgin vs. Cage. Performance of the night goes to Moose who managed to carry 2019 RVD to a good match and Moose took some wild bumps along the way.

Thought Blanchard should have won. She is on fire right now and Impact should go all in with her.

The Lucha Bros. are gone and LAX probably just wrestled their last Impact match. With these departures and the fact we know some talent like Killer Kross wants out, do you think the much more competitive North American wrestling scene will soon catch up with Impact and seriously weaken a product that I think has put on good weekly TV and PPVs since Callis & D’Amore took over?


This is the first Impact PPV I’ve purchased since the very first TNA show back in 2002! I’ve watched a few shows on Twitch and have enjoyed it so I figured I’d give it a shot.
The show itself was above average I thought, but just slightly. A few thoughts:

  1. I already enjoy Impact TJP more than I ever did WWE TJP.

  2. The Tag Match seemed short. If the injury to Santana was legit I could understand. The North seems like a great fit for the title holders.

  3. The Killer Kross Promo was good! Kross looked like Se7en when he made his entrance. Edwards character seemed like a knock-off Tommy Dreamer. Negative points for the use of blood capsules.

  4. RVD’s promo was weird. Moose has poor fashion sense but is great in-ring. I’m assuming he’s the new No.1 contender.

  5. Should you really be proud of being the First Lady of Slam Town? All the characters in the Monster’s Ball match were great. Innovative thumbtack spots.

6.Of course the Johnny Nitro/ Swann match was good. I really liked Johnny Bravo.

  1. Cage v. Elgin was my match of the night. I was not expecting anything like the match they put on. I feel bad for not seeing Cage wrestle before, I judged that book by it’s cover. The whole big man moving like a cruiserweight concept is cliche’ but Cage is very smooth and believable. Both guys worked really hard in this match. I hope they stay away from Rhino, I’d rather see Impact grow their own talent.

  2. I was worried that putting the intergender match on last was just to say that Impact did it first but I’m glad it was the main event. Tessa looks like a star. I’m not sure how she can go back to wrestling women though. I’m glad Impact stayed away from the whole “Women belong in the kitchen” angle.

Over all I’m glad I purchased the event but I don’t know if I’ll be buying their next PPV. I probably won’t wait 17 years though.

11 out of 20.

I didn’t see the show so can’t comment on any of that but I did want to share this 2 cents:

In a world where top guys include:
Rollins and Reigns
Omega and Jericho
Okada and Tanahashi

It’s hard to imagine Impact taking the next step behind Cage and Elgin. That’s not to downplay their in ring quality but the names Impact has don’t exactly scream main level wrestling company. As an Indy it’s great, but as a company stuck between MLW and AEW it’s a bad spot to be. (Same with ROH for that matter)

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