FEEDBACK: Impact Wrestling's Slammiversary

We are looking to hear your feedback on Sunday’s Slammiversary pay-per-view from Toronto and overall thoughts on the Impact product.

Nate Milton & I will have a review of the show posted later tonight, and will also be joined by Wai Ting for his live report after attending the event.


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0 voters

Went in with no expectations. Show was entertaining start to finish. I don’t usually get into the hardcore matches, but I still thought those were pretty good too. I hope impact keeps this quality up.

Overall it was a great ppv. I think it was better than any recent WWE ppv. Impact feels like it has its own unique identity finally.

It’s 2018. Unprotected head shots have no place in wrestling. Completely took me out of the whole show. First match was a pretty good, old school x division spot fest, so at least there was that.

Tonight’s show was fantastic. From open to close it was one of the better events i have seen all year. Impact is definitely on the upswing. It was nice to see color in hardcore matches for once (take notes WWE). Do you think they should have put the title on Moose? He has been a very reliable performer in ring and is a clear fan favourite.

Jalen from Pickering,

Was there live. Crowd chanted, “Thank you Impact” as they went off air, God damn we are very Canadian. Strong show with a great crowd that treated the last 2 matches like the biggest deals on the show. I’m happy Aries won too, as I feel Moose needs to improve a little bit more for that spot. For negatives, the KO title match was nothing, and I don’t enjoy chair shots to the head in 2018.

If you heard any “12” chants during the main event, we were mocking how young the ref looked.

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That is the problem with “fans” these days. Why is that even a thing that someone would think of chanting and why is that a thing that any of the sheep would follow along in chanting? Its not cool, its just dumb.