Oh I know, I remember watching Grey’s Anatomy with my wife (girlfriend at the time) when he played Denny lol.

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Robbie from London, Ontario.

Another great episode, I absolutely love this series! It’s so much fun and goes by so fast! Can’t wait for next week. Is that it for Bruce in this series though? Certainly seems like more surprises are to come, it’s already one of my fav Disney+ shows!

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Haha that’s the first time I ever noticed him as an actor, too.

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I’m liking this show a lot so far. It feels like Wong’s rationale for breaking out and training Abomination in the fight ring could be preparation for both Thunderbolts and a World War Hulk square off down the road. Also, therapeutic for Blonski, since he’s a fighter and soldier that has matured as a person through environments of conflict.

Tatiana Maslany is great, her fourth wall breaks and facial expressions scene-to-scene is reason enough to watch the show and enjoy it.

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Speaking of lookalikes, Noah Centineo could easily play for hulk’s son.

Mannie from pacoima.

This episode was great.
Loved how we started with Jen breaking the fourth wall as the car drove by itself. The comedy was great and well paced and we got to see Jen successfully win a case. The dennis case did feel like a guest of the week which added to what Jen was referring to at the beginning of the episode.

Wong was a boss as always and now that he admited to forcing amil to leave against his will I wonder if the sorcerer Supreme will be looking for a lawyer very soon. Who is looking to get some of Jen’s blood? Lastly " I will kill for you megan thee stallion" had such a great delivery I couldn’t stop laughing

Magan from Ottawa, ON

I liked this episode. It’s settling into a nice groove. Adding Wong does elevate the show an extra step and it gives the show a nice juxtaposition between the legal and mysticism. I also dug how the show pokes fun at internet trolls and misogyny in the workplace (Dennis is a grade-A creep).

Tatiana Maslany continues to deliver and Blonksy’s parole does open the door for him to appear in Thunderbolts.

The PS scene was harmless fun. YMMV on Megan thee Stallion, but I digress

Robbie from London, Ontario

Another superb episode and again when it was over I was begging for more! Now who will show up next week! Just absolute excellence so far 10/10

A very nice episode of Ally McBeal.

Burak from the UK

  • Wong getting The Sopranos spoiled for him is my highlight of this Episode. This was a great big bowl of comfort food after the weekend of wrestling drama we have had.

Mannie from pacoima

What a way to start this episode than with the mcu debut of damien Sandow as Donny blaze jk.

Another fun episdoe this week, loved seeing
Wongers and She-Hulk teaming up. Hopefully we get more of that in the future whether it would be in the show and future movies.

Also Wongers and Madisynn need ther own spin off the chemistry during the post credit was hilarious.

Lastly it was kind of sad to see Jen get dumped after dude realized she transformed in an out of she-hulk. Looking forward to next weeks episode and the situation with Jen being taken to court.

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She-Hulk sings when it leans into the slice-of-life format and episode 4 does just that as Jen re-enters the dating scene as herself and her gamma form. Wong’s scenes are downright hilarious as he’s trying to binge watch Sopranos in his downtime only to get spoiled by his new friend, Madisynn. Also, Donny Blaze (played by Rhys Coiro, Kat’s real-life husband, best known for his work on Entourage) is using the sling ring for his own personal gain.

The balance of legal and derring-do antics help this show stand on its own two feet.

Titania suing Jen for identity theft is a good hook for the rest of the season. I’m chomping at the bit to see how Jen will get out of this case (hopefully with some assistance from an avocado at law from the Kitchen?)

A strong, twitter-bulletproof outing.

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Missed opportunity by not having david otunga play the magician’s lawyer.

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Random thoughts not worth reading on air:

It might just be how how they did her hair but Madisynn reminded me a lot of Elizabeth Olsen.

Guy gone in the morning when he sees her without her (CGI) makeup. A little on the nose but apparently that happens a lot?

Will they do a who’s-on-first donny blaze/johnny blaze bit?

Somewhere in the multiverse there must be an odd couple sitcom of Wong and Madisynn. I’d be so happy if a fake ad for that show was a post-credit scene for the next multiversal film.

I really like the voice and humour of this show. I love that they’re openly joking about Wong in an episode is a week of Twitter relief :slight_smile:

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She-Hulk hums along with another consistent, albeit a little formulaic, episode. I wanna give the creative team their flowers on making Titania such a major part of their marketing and Jameela Jamil embraces Titania’s self-absorbed wit with such zeal. I dug the courtroom scene as Jen’s series of dates take the witness stand to testify for her.

Pug and Nikki’s B-story was entertaining and Gonzaga and Segarra’s chemistry is delightful (Iron Man 3’s are a nice shoe name). I didn’t mind the lack of a post credits scene because the ending sets up a helluva one-two. Jen getting herself her a supersuit and Luke Jacobson, her new tailor making an order to one Matt Murdock. (Free Melvin Potter!)

Looks like ol’ Hornhead is going (going) back (back) to Cali (Cali, Cali) and I cannot wait!


Mannie from Pacoima

First things first, much love to Rich Fann for his amazing work as interim mcul8r host. Ive been enjoying yours and W.H.'s conversations these past episodes. Just don’t get squashed in 3 minutes when the legend Wai Ting comes back.

Pretty enjoyable episode but it did feel a bit like filler.
I honestly didn’t think the battle for the she hulk name would be just one episode, but the testimonials from she hulk’s dates were a nice touch of laughter.

The episode definitely focused more on jen’s battle with her two identities and her coming to grips with maybe liking the name but also with the struggle of she hulk seeming more desirable than plain old Jen Walter as one of the dates pointed out.
It was great seeing griffin Matthews in this episode and the chemistry between Nikki and Pug was great. The end of the episode revealed the helmet for one dare devil!!! What brings him tothe streets of LA? Does he have a firm of his own here??
I’m not much of a sneaker head but would either of you buy a pair of iron man 3’s?
Also I’d like to add that as a L.A. resident in-n-out is overrated. The burgers are ok and I’m not a fan of the fries except for when I order them as cheese fries.

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Robbie from London, Ontario

Another solid episode, really enjoyed how they dealt with the lawsuit, seeing the dates return was a lot of fun. The costume designer was tremendous fun and that reveal at the end! Exactly what I’ve been dying for, yellow Daredevil! 9/10


Jay from Colorado

Another solid episode with some great humor. I was particularly struck by the end credit title drawing where Pug is showing Nikki the different shoes in his collection. I know these things aren’t canon, but holy shit he has shoes for a ton of heroes we haven’t seen including Cyclops, Deadpool, Cable, Nova, Gambit, and the Thing. I love the little details in these end credit sequences.