2 things. One joke. One serious.

Joke one: Will Jen Walters meet a variant of herself so that Tatiana Maslany has to play a scene opposite herself?

Serious one: the wedding that wong mentioned a few episodes ago, was that Strange marrying Clea?


Burak from the UK.

Another fun episode of She-Hulk. Can’t say it advanced the plot a lot, apart from the last 30 seconds where we the serum being made.

The sub-plot with Mr Immortal was excellent. Jumping out of a window to avoid dealing with a difficult situation? What a Hero.

Question: Could Mallory be in on the whole Intelligencia thing? As she asked Nikki not to mention it to Jen.

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Mannie from pacoima

Welcome back Karen sensei!

Very fun episode, as with all wedding episodes craziness occurred. The thread of Jen slowly embracing she hulk continued as she showed up to all eyes on her, only for Lulu to shut it down and ask for just Jen. There was a part of me that thought the entire episode would consist of Jen being paranoid that Titania was out to get her thus making her look bad in the process.
Instead we saw her pretty much tend to every chore Lulu left for her, but a fight did occur. Once again Jen’s delivery when it came to the comedy was great

The Nikki and Mallory team up was great as well and for a second I thought Mallory herself was going to breaknthe fourth wall when she signaled for her team to huddle up. Apart of me wonders if Mallory is also involved in the she hulk hate or if the background music just made it seem that way. Guess we’ll find out soon as it looks like business is about to pick up.

Also osnthe art at the end of the episodes canon? cause there was a picture of Ched and Lulu kissing!!

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Magan from Ottawa, ON

A weekend away for a bridal shower in a sitcom would’ve been filler but She-Hulk’s effervescent charm keeps it from feeling like it, despite the runtime hamstringing the story. Tatiana’s ability to convey Jen’s tug of war within herself over her human and Hulk form makes her insanely relatable and the wedding setting was a suitable place to drive it home.

The B-story with Nikki and Mallory’s case with Mr.Immortal was entertaining (the bit where he jumped out of the window unscathed was hilarious)

With three episodes left, the impending threat is starting to come into focus. A shitposting website masquerading as a secret group that wants Jen’s blood.

I bet Bruce better check his phone before long…

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I wonder if the guy she’s chatting up is after her blood in Jen form.

Another excellent episode, although I was disappointed in no follow up to the Daredevil tease last week, it was still a lot of fun. Also intrigued by who is trying to mess with her blood, presumably to try and create a super soldier serum. 8/10

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Jay from Colorado

Had a lot of of fun this episode, and loved the joke about it’s timing. It’s true, weddings always happen at the worst times.

I especially loved the Mr. immortal stuff, does he play any significant role in the comics?

Blonsky’s return to the forefront was a welcome one as She-Hulk steps away from the A-story/B-story format where Jen gets an emergency call about his escape. Tatiana gracefully tackles Jen’s insecurities about herself and her gamma form when her budding romance with Josh (from Lulu’s wedding) hits a snag after her ghosts her for days without as much as a text back.

The episode is about self-healing as her new rag-tag group of friends including the obscure Man-Bull and Blonsky put her on a much healthier path forward. The ending was pretty unnerving as it reveals that Josh has an agenda to steal a blood sample and he snaps a nude of her to add salt to the wound. Hell hath no fury and her name is Jen Walters. The homestretch is in sight.

(Did anyone catch Slott’s name on the towing truck?)

Side-note: Thoughts on Armor Wars becoming a film instead of a limited tv series?

Mannie from Pacoima

Damn you Josh!!!
Great episode. Jen feeling unwanted and scared because she finally met someone who we assumed liked her for who jen is, I think is a story we can all relate to. It definitely must be hard to feel unseen as Jen and be adored as she hulk but we finally got to see her at least come out with some healing.

The other members of the retreat had such great chemistry, I hope jen recruits them to form her own super team. Did anyone notice the sign behind blonsky that said “Abomaste” (namaste)?

Do you think jen will encounter josh in battle? Or just through a conversation leading to jen smacking josh and sending him flying?

This show is fun and the cast is just awesome. I am looking forward to more Hill and some more action as the tensions all build.