FEEDBACK: MCUL8R - What If? Season 2 (Episodes 1-9)

Place thoughts on any of the episodes of MCU’s “What If?” Season 2!

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I put this in another post but the line “I am the watcher… what the hell is this??” made me laugh. So did the line “shut they mouth” today.

What a tease with the iron mask!

Michael From Newfoundland living in Korea.

Episode 9 of What if…? season 2 was some comic book-ass, comic book shit. And I loved it.

Looking forward to Echo next month.

Keep up the good work. Love the Marvel review podcasts.

Happy new year to the bringers of brap! I hope all of you fine gents are ringing in 2024 with… wait for it… a crisp, ice cold, Canada Dry!

When it comes to What If, I haven’t been a huge fan of the series overall. It’s hard to pinpoint, but there’s just something about it that hasn’t lived up to my expectations from the start. With that being said however, these nine episodes have shown a vast improvement over the first season. Using Captain Carter to thread an overarching storyline helped a lot with this. Perhaps it’s no coincidence then that her episodes were some of my favourites. Contrasting her story of love and loss with Strange Supreme’s was a great choice as they are perfect foils for one another. It gave this season some much needed gravitas that the first was lacking for me.

My other highlights include the Nova Corps episode, having older characters from the MCU take charge of the 80’s Avengers, the fights in the Hydra Stomper episode, pretty much everything about Kahhori, reimagining the Avengers in 1602 and the action figure mashing of the finale.

Beyond that, some quick thoughts:

  • Hella and the 10 Rings was a borefest. Not sure if that’s a hot take, but I just didn’t connect with anything in this episode.

  • I’m over the trope of variants quoting their multiversal counterparts word for word. This makes What If feel cheesy to me.

  • Same goes for scenes that play out exactly the same way as in the MCU… just with a variant. The concept is more interesting when things are vastly different from a similar starting point.

  • In season one, Tony Stark died several times and this season it was Thanos. Who are your picks for most deaths across the multiverse next time out?

Anyway, that’s it for me. Hope all of your holidays were grand and until Echo, Make Mine MCU L8er. Brap brap!