FEEDBACK: NJPW Dontaku from Fukuoka

Please leave us your feedback to for either or both New Japan Dontaku cards from Thursday & Friday in Fukuoka, including the Kazuchika Okada vs. Hiroshi Tanahashi main event from today.

Wai & I will have a Patreon bonus show covering both events later today for members of the POST Wrestling Cafe.


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Lara from Vancouver

An excellent two nights overall. The big matches all delivered with the exception of Ibushi/Cody, which I felt that was well below their Wrestle Kingdom match. Frankly, after a hot start to the year Cody has really started to regress in my eyes.

Page is really starting to start to shine and as someone who boarded the Hangman Page bandwagon early I couldn’t be happier.

Kushida/Ospreay was great, but the “stomping the neck in attempts for a ref stoppage, only for Ospreay to immediately mount his comeback and win a minute later” finish did not need to be repeated. Ospreay’s new finish is a huge, huge, huge improvement over the Oscutter though.

Okada vs Tanahashi was an instant classic and a top Match of the Year Candidate hands down.

I had said back at New Years Dash that I needed Jericho to get a Los Ingobernables de Jericho shirt and low and behold there it was, and even better it actually says Lista Ingobernables de Jericho. As in Ungovernable List of Jericho. Brilliant, loved it and can’t wait to get one.

On the down side, as someone with tickets to the Cow Palace show, seeing Omega/Okada 4 , Naito/Jericho, and even The Young Bucks vs Sanada/Evil all being booked for Dominion, I can’t help but be a bit deflated about the potential of the G1 Special actually being a big show. I had really hoped to get that Okada/Omega match but it feels instead it’s likely going to be Omega/Cody, which already just took place in the US and frankly under-delivered. Maybe I am being hasty but I literally can’t think of anything big left to book at the Cow Palace now.